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Listen to FunnelHacker Radio to get actionable advice and incredible insights and secrets of the world’s best internet marketers. They uncover the mysteries of what it really takes to build a sustainable monthly income doing what you love. They reveal how they built an 8 figure business in less than 9 months with physical products being sold through a simple online sales funnel (episode #2). They discuss what is working and not working in their business. They will help you avoid all of the land mines associated with using paid traffic, social media and how to “double over” on your ad spend. How one marketer almost lost everything yet turned it all around into a Million dollar business within 1 year using webinar secrets (episode #3). You will see how a simple online sales funnel software has allowed users to sell over 75 million dollars of information and physical products within 18 months. Your host, Dave Woodward gets these entrepreneurs to “pull back the curtain” to their business and show you everything all in less than 30 minutes. If you are new to online marketing or been doing it for years, their secrets will quickly help you become more successful. Find show notes at
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Jan 31, 2018

Why Dave Chose to do this Podcast by Himself:

Dave Woodward wants to discuss with us his own entrepreneurial experiences and then relates them to the pain each of us experience as entrepreneurs. He gives 3 secrets to his success and that of others who have fought the solo-preneur battles and come out on top.

Key Points in Dave’s Podcast:

  • When your doctor tells you back surgery, although your worst nightmare, is an unavoidable prospect what do you do? (3:08)
  • We’re all by ourselves as entrepreneurs most of the time, but we don’t need to have every hat resting on our head. (6:04)
  • If you work alone as a solopreneur and you’re not going to masterminds you’re not living your full potential. (6:51)
  • As an entrepreneur, there are an endless number of things that provide value to you. (9:40)
  • Asking for help is never a sign of weakness but it assuredly will help stimulate growth in your business. (10:24)

Quotable Moments:

“I just want to let you know that there is nothing wrong with reaching out for help.”

“Find out what area do you need the most help with this year and focus on that one need and join a coaching program or mastermind for that.”

“Don’t wait until things get so bad that you literally have to have surgery in your business where you have to cut things off and go with something super drastic.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave doesn’t like to divulge a lot about himself, but through talking with a personal coach of his he felt opening up about his past experiences would have potential with helping others know they can be successful as well.

Dave is a believer in capitalism. He’s fanatic about the fact that small businesses have the potential to rule the world.

Links Mentioned by Dave:
Alex Charfen’s Momentum Podcast

Jan 30, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Josh Ryan:

Josh Ryan lives in New Zealand. At the age of 15 he started playing around with Instagram. 3 years later he now has millions of followers. He details the steps he uses to gain engaged followers and how he uses Instagram for his personal business and now for his clients. His steps are things you can use to build an engaged following on Instagram.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The definition of engagement through Instagram. (3:02)
  • Working out how you can get more engagement on Instagram through a Call to Action. (5:05)
  • Dave and Josh discuss the vitality of using your Instagram Stories for connecting to your audience. (6:07)
  • How can you use Instagram, an algorithm solely based around pictures and short videos, to sell products and grow your business? (8:15)
  • We need to warm up our audiences on Instagram so they will spend their time and money on us (9:18)

Quotable Moments:

“Starting again, I probably would’ve built it more around me because it’s just so much more powerful and impactful.”

“It’s much easier to sell if you build a big audience on Instagram then take it to a Facebook group. That’s what I’ve tested most recently and it’s pretty powerful stuff.”

Links Mentioned by Dave and Josh:
Josh Ryan’s Instagram

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Jan 26, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

ClickFunnels is one of Zapier’s top ten fastest growing apps. Zapier now has over 1,000 apps. In this episode Julie Stoian shows you step by step how to how to use Zapier and ClickFunnels together to make you more productive.
Here are 3 of the Zaps she walks you through:
1). Inviting People Into Your Facebook Group After They Buy a Course
2). Create New Sales Pipeline in Trello When Leads Come In
3). Following up with Attempted Failed Purchases.
This was recorded on a Facebook Live and you can find the video on our FunnelHacker.TV YouTube channel.

Tips and Tricks You can Use in Your Own Business:

  • Julie lets us in on how Zapier can help us track the leads we get through ClickFunnels (5:16)
  • Through combining Zappier and ClickFunnels Julie has found it easier to access lost payments (10:10)
  • Julie answers questions from the audience (15:36)
  • Dave and Julie dive into how you can automate your business through apps (17:00)
  • Julie breaks down why integrating Zappier with ClickFunnels is so simple and beneficial (19:23)
  • Webinar Integrations (21:54)
  • The audience asks about zappier and ClickFunnels (24:00)
  • Important Question: Is Zappier trustworthy? (28:56)

Quotable Moments:

“Pretty soon, developers are working on it, you’ll be able to push information into ClickFunnels instead of just out from it. So that’s coming out soon. Date to be determinined.”

“If you take nothing away from this training except this one key point: if you have a new contact, a new purchase, or failed payment those are the three ways that ClickFunnels can send trigger information going out.”

“The truth is that automation frees you up so that you can connect with your customers more and stop doing all of the little tasks that are getting in the way of your day.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Trello is the glue that holds CickFunnels’ productivity together, and Russel Brunson’s love affair of a software.

Julie uses Zappier to send her texts every time she makes a sale. This way she has excuses to bust out into the happy dance throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a good reason to do a happy dance?

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:

Other Links:

Jan 24, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Tyler Shaule:

Tyler is a 2 Comma Club award winner and the Executive Director of a Christian children’s summer camp in Canada, the best job in the world if you ask Tyler. But as his camp faced shrinking enrollment numbers he saw that moving marketing and registration online would be a good move for his business. The only problem was he didn’t know how to do it.

He eventually found our ClickFunnels software and began applying the “offline” principles he was familiar with to drive up the online sales (about $1.12 million in 8 months) for camp sessions. Tyler has even been able to receive an award from a national fundraising association from his donation funnel.

Not only has he found success in increasing the revenue for his summer camp, but other businesses have reached out to know how he did it. Since most of them are “offline” coaches and service he finds a lot of relatability to their struggles. Tyler has been able to help these new clients of his make the same trip he did to getting their own “online” clients. Now he has his own consulting business where he gets paid up to $10k per client.

Almost forgot to mention this last part, 5 years ago he was a high school math teacher. Now what was your excuse for not following your dream again?

Tips and Tricks You can Use in Your Own Business:

  • From Math Teacher to Camp Director to Online Marketer (1:04)
  • Tyler’s $1.2 million funnel logistics (4:29)
  • Increasing retention when you only sell a week-long camp trip (8:41)
  • Tyler Turned his “Free+Shipping” Funnel into a “Donor-Conversion” Funnel (14:06)
  • Starting up a Camp-Marketing Consultancy when everyone wants to know how you’re doing well (17:36)
  • Getting in contact with Tyler Shaule (19:38)

Quotable Moments:

“If I can do it with a summer camp in Canada, you can do it with anything.”

“In our industry, the buyer’s journey is like 6 months to 8 months long. So, we kind of have to walk with them throughout that whole time.”

“That’s what I want to do, I want to put that word out, encourage regular people like me to just jump in, and get ready for the success that can come when you have the right Mentors, the right tools, and the right mindset to just really get in there and do it.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

As Tyler’s business relies on their ability to invoke trust in customers so they can see why it’s good for the kids to attend the camp and why it’s safe to leave their kids at this camp. He was able to solve this problem through the use of social media posting of other families.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Tyler: Tyler Shaule’s Facebook

Jan 23, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Talk about the Secrets of Emotional Connection:

Recovering from recent back surgery has created a couple of learning opportunities for Dave. He reveals what Russell taught him about how to truly connect with your audience. He introduces the concepts of feel, felt, found and how they relate to the people you want to serve. He also dives in to how you can use the concept of emotional connection in your videos and sales copy to increase your connection with your audience.

Tips and Tricks for You:

  • Russel helped Dave realize the importance of breaking down your own walls in relationships inside and outside of business (1:30)
  • Don’t give other people the impression that you only care for service-level relationships (2:46)
  • Using “Feeling Words” (4:09)
  • True Empathy (5:21)
  • Selling people on emotion will backfire if you’ve built the emotion their feeling on misconceptions (7:17)
  • Dave cares a ton about people yet struggles in how to correctly convey this to them (9:36)

Quotable Moments:

“One of the reasons that you’re struggling right now with trying to connect with more people in your stories is you never will let people know how you’re really feeling. You won’t allow yourself to let the walls down and be more vulnerable.”

“It’s fun having Russel as a business partner but also as a dear friend. We’ve known each other for over a decade now and it allows us to just be like brothers sometimes.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave briefly touched on how Jason Fladlien broke down how he felt during one of Russel’s Webinars after he had already pitched to increase Russel’s sale rate and decrease the refund rate. Jason spent nearly an hour going over this and helping people resolve concerns before they even thought they had any to solidify their resolve of needing this product. After they had realized the need they had for the product, they were then able to earn back the money they spent twice as fast as before because of the emotional drive that they had also been sold on.

Links Mentioned by Dave: Dave’s Email

Jan 18, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

People are always asking me what they need to do to fix a funnel that is not working the way they thought it would. Julie Stoian outlines the steps that she uses on hers and her client’s funnels. Realize almost all funnels when you first create them do not work as well as they should. You will want to listen to this one a couple of times. There is also a transcript of this episode so you can print off the details.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Your funnel can “break”. When it does, you’ve got to look at your numbers (1:21)
  • Fixing copy (4:17)
  • Sorry you have to hear this but you have to be willing to light a match to $1,000 for your funnel and ads (9:08)
  • Know that if your front-end funnel breaks even or has some percentage of profit then that is a successful funnel (10:52)
  • Change your funnels step by step and look at the numbers after each step (13:12)

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re just working on a $100 budget, it’s going to take a long time to generate the traffic to even determine if the funnel is working or not.”

“I would say the very first thing you do is tweak the copy. And if you’re tweaking the copy so much that it sounds like a different offer then there’s information there.”

“You have to be willing to spend $1,000 at least on a funnel and in ads. If you’re not willing to spend that then you’re not going to get enough numbers going through to see if it’s really working or not working.”

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:

Jan 16, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Bryant:

Bryant Garvin has been running ads for over 12 years. He is the ads guy at "Purple"Where he spends more in a Day than what most companies spend in a month. He knows what he is talking about. He explains how to make partners out of your vendors. He reveals his strategy on using multiple networks to scale ads. He even discusses his top 3 hidden networks no one else is using.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Bryant has realized over the years how overly obsessed people get on one advertising outlet (1:16)
  • The price of focusing on one platform through looking at the cost to reach 1,000 people [CPM] (2:24)
  • The scaling of Purple Mattress to be able to spend $50k/day on Facebook ads and remain profitable (4:38)
  • Bryant breaks down why Youtube can be more valuable than Facebook for your videos (7:44)
  • If you’re looking to migrate your videos to Youtube, Bryant has some words of advice (9:38)
  • Brand lift is super helpful, luckily if you’re like us and have never heard of it Bryant gives us the low down (13:00)
  • Other than YouTube and Facebook, Bryant has 15-16 other advertising channels going for his product (20:36)

Quotable Moments:

“They’ve gotten in trouble with putting all of their eggs in one basket. And, really, it’s about strategically growing across all platforms and becoming OMNIPRESENT.”

“So we’re always looking for a unique place where everybody else isn’t playing where we can still reach the people we want without having to compete with everybody else.”

“If you are stuck in one channel and that’s all you’re using to drive your revenue, something will happen eventually: and you will go out of business or close to it so you’ve got to diversify it.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Bryant Garvin and his company have helped Purple Mattress launch and become astronomically successful. You can tell just how successful they are by the amount of times you continually see their ads consistently on varying platforms.

Although this podcast is not a plug for using Youtube for ads, Bryant brings up several great points as to how it’s underused. While Facebook’s ads have recently received a 117% increase, Youtube’s have remained stable for years.

Bryant’s main wish to leave with all of us is for us not to all be “One Trick Ad Ponies”. If we all want to build a true brand then you need to be diverse. You need to be testing where your audience is to see where you should be pushing ads to. Once you see where your audience is you will then be able to see where you can afford to make efforts to expand your audience and reach.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Bryant: Bryant Garvin’s Podcast How to manage your Google ads statistics

Other Links:

Jan 11, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

Julie Stoian reveals her Pinterest Secrets. Pinterest has become a search engine more than just a social media site. Julie provides step by step detail on how you can use Pinterest especially if you have a product or service that can be shown through images. You will be surprised at the marketing opportunity that exists on Pinterest.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • If your audience is comprised mostly of women then you can’t afford not to be on Pinterest (1:23)
  • Not all of us have the eye for making things “Pinterest Worthy” but Julie has some tips for us to help up our game (3:49)
  • Using GroupBoards to get more eyeballs to your Pins on Pinterest (6:46)
  • GroupBoards have rules to follow, but they’re justifiable guidelines that you can follow and still generate traffic to your funnel (8:10)
  • Getting in touch with Julie to get a jumpstart into the world of Pinterest (10:32)

Quotable Moments:

“Once you have that image and your template you can just all different kinds of bridge pages and you only need one funnel. You could have 50 different bridge pages if you want but you only need that one funnel. Then all you need is different pins and put them on Pinterest.”

“Don’t get overwhelmed and think you have to become this massively cool blogger to get on Pinterest. All you have to do is make a couple of bridge pages and get on those group boards and you can start gaining momentum.”

“Along with you image being very beautiful you need to make sure your description is very keyword dense. Think about it like you would from an SEO perspective.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave comes forth with the fact that he’s not the most artsy person in the world.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie: Free Stock Images you can use on Pinterest Graphic Design Software you can use for Pinterest

Other Links:

Jan 9, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Share about his time at Genius Network:

Dave Woodward attended Joe Polish’s Genius Network November 2017. Here he shares the value bombs he learned in the 2 days he was there.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • You can’t read the label of the jar that you’re in so you’ll need to look from an outside perspective to see what situation you’re really in (3:22)
  • Focus is something that you do, not something you have. You have to continually work on it to maintain it(3:46)
  • Jason Fladlien reinvented using testimonials, content, and getting 150 “yes’” (5:56)
  • Randi Zuckerberg’s balance of work and life (8:26)
  • Tony Robbins wants you to get obsessive with finding who you’re selling to and why they would want to buy (11:10)
  • Fall in love with your customer, not your product (14:13)
  • Buying back time (16:53)
  • Be 100% in charge but with no control, give the control to others. Funny concept right? (19:10)

Quotable Moments:

“As you take a look at your life try and focus on what you can get exponential returns on. You’re really trying to maximize your time”

“Too often people don’t want to put themselves out there into stressful situations. You have to get out there, you have to live on that. You have to realize there’s so much left that you’ve got to give and get uncomfortable. Get use to being uncomfortable”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a [glass] half full or a [glass] half empty kind of person. It only matters if you are going to fill the glass”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave’s favorite one-liner from Genius Network was: “Life is easy when you live it the hard way and life is hard when you live it the easy way.” Dave is a huge enthusiast of grinding through the hard times so you can enjoy the finished product so much more as you feel the accomplished feeling coursing through you.

If you’re not throwing up once a month because of how hard of the intensity you’re pushing at then you’re not trying hard enough. Just don’t take that too literally. Randi Zuckerberg, the brain behind Facebook Lives, advised this to her audience purely as a metaphor to remind us of how much we really can do.

Tony Robbins told Dave and the rest of those at the conference that a belief is a poor substitute for an experience. How many people do you know that have an abundance of beliefs but little to no actions to go along with them? These kinds of people don’t have as sound of an understanding of what it truly is they believe as much as someone who goes out and acts on their thoughts own notions.


Jan 5, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian is the FIRST female Dream Car Winner Affiliate, she’s rocking her new minivan in style. Not only was she a Dream Car Affiliate though she is also a 2 Comma Club winner and even a member of Inner Circle. She has become the best at what she does and we’re excited for her to help you learn how you can do the same in your business.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • You can become the best in the world at what you do, if not the best than at least better than what you already were (1:50)
  • There’s importance with becoming obsessed with what you do (4:16)
  • The greatest in the world has mastered their craft to the extent where they are able to help others get to the same level they’re at (7:16)
  • When you teach others what you do, you can be learning more for yourself than you’re teaching your students (9:22)
  • The greatest success you can have is to mentor someone to the extent where they surpass you (10:06)

Quotable Moments:

“There’s only a limited ‘Best in the World’ slots. But I think a lot of people forget if you aim high, you’ll go a lot further than if you aim low.”

“I see this happen all the time with you, with Russell, and with all the people at ClickFunnels is this idea of obsession. People that become the best in the world become completely 1000% obsessed with what they are doing.”

“You see that happens when people become the best at what they do, they stop focusing on the money. They know that the money comes with the value and start to focus more on their legacy.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

How much are you willing to do for your business or clients?

Julie’s dentist told her a few years back about the importance of flossing, she had been told this her whole life and had little faith she could change this habit of forgetting to floss. However, she decided to take action and finally devote the time to develop the habit. Years later her she’s still flossing and she’s learned to apply this principle in her own business.

Life has more meaning as money becomes less of a focus and your legacy takes its place.

Julie has set the goal this year of becoming one of the best funnel building teachers in the world. She loves what she does and now that her dream has finally become a valid source of income she can really start to devote all her time into it.


Jan 3, 2018

Why Dave Chose to Interview Phil Singleton:

Ezra Firestone reveals his secrets to scaling e-commerce businesses. He has been doing this for over 12 years. He reveals what multiple you need to be at to be profitable. How to pick an industry and dive deep into a profitable niche. Most importantly he tells you step by step what you need to do to scale your business from startup to 6, 7 and even 8 figures. He consults on multi-million-dollar e-comm acquisitions and reveals his secrets in this episode.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Ezra is a firm believer in focusing on your product’s multiple as opposed to its initial price point (2:47)
  • We’re going to take a brief break from the value bombs of selling multiples to let you in on how Ezra got his business up to 8 figures (5:41)
  • Premium products is someplace that Ezra feels the most comfortable spending his time and resources (16:27)
  • Ezra knows that his business model is not the best one in the world, but it works for him the way that he wants it (21:15)
  • Sales Process, you’ve got to understand sales process if you’d like to improve the use of your ad spending (26:53)
  • Ezra’s last tip he wants to share with us is the importance of video marketing (28:15)

Quotable Moments:

“I lean now towards mass market. I want to be able to say this product is relative to anyone of this gender in this age range. That’s my ideal, right, and then you niche down from there.”

“What I’m trying to do is plant seeds, water those seeds every month for four months, and grow a mango tree that feeds my family for generations. I don’t want to just go out and spear a bunch of fish one day.”

“More things have failed than worked.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Ezra’s business may have a yearly revenue in the millions, but his heater breaks for unknown reasons at the most inconvenient times just like the rest of us.

Ezra learned that losing money on the short run for marketing is what catapults your business forward in the long run.

If you can sell 30 $5 ticket items that’s great, BUT Ezra wants you to think of how you’re going to pay for more ads to get other people to buy it. Will those same people come back to buy again? Not likely.

With transparency, your company can get the jump on this competition.

Ezra comes forth with his and Russel’s secret Ju-Jitsu vs. Wrestler square off they had in the kitchen at Pirates Cove. We are potentially going to be presented with a round 2 on Funnel Hacker TV down the road. Prepare yourselves for a showdown that’ll rock the internet harder than the release of “What Does the Fox Say” on YouTube.

Links Mentioned by Ezra and Dave:

Other Links:

Dec 29, 2017

Why Dave Chose to Interview Phil Singleton:

Phil Singleton has owned and operated a digital marketing agency since 2005. Now he has more business than he knows what to do with. He reveals why on this episode. He is an award winning author but nothing has given him as much credibility as being a Podcast Guest. He explains the SEO benefits of Podcast guesting, the things you need to do, the things you should not do and what you can do to get on more podcasts and get referred by the host to other podcasts.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Phil tells us why podcasting is so beneficial for SEO (1:25)
  • Dave gets Phil to disclose his secret of content marketing to go from a blog post to a kindle to a podcast earlier than he had planned (9:11)
  • Being multidimensional is key in your business and is something we use here at Clickfunnels (14:47)
  • Phil writes up other people’s show notes if they aren’t already just because of the amazing value it adds for him (20:31)

Quotable Moments:

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years, I’ve never seen any content marketing or SEO tactic delivered this much value and benefit for this kind of effort that we’ve put into it.”

“We were already going down this path because our whole thing these days is building people’s authority and separate them and try and make their websites look good in the niche they’re in.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Phil is an advocate for being a guest on a podcast to grow your reach. He even said how he kicks himself in the butt for not making his own podcast earlier.

Dave HATES writing out blog posts it’s just not his strong suit nor his interest as opposed to public speaking. Due to Phil finding this so relatable he gave us a few places to go to look for outsourcing these more tedious tasks to people more experienced than us

This podcast will be a test-run to being posted onto more social media platforms than ever. Of course, Phil was flattered.

Links Mentioned by Phil and Dave:

Phil’s Main Website

Phil’s Book Website:

Phil’s Podcast Booking Service:

Outsource writing resources

Other Links:

Dec 27, 2017

Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb have become the #1 Financial Consultants for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of their home offices. Their industry is plagued by red tape and regulations on what you can and cannot say. They have been able create a marketing system that pre-qualifies leads which cuts the typical 3 to 4 appointments down to 1. They reveal what they do in their business and also how they are helping others duplicate their system.

Show Notes

  • Ryan and Brad met getting out of a rat race in the corporate world
  • Employee to business owner to investor, a Ryan and Brad tale
  • Empowering your clients so they can make money instead of making it for them
  • Ryan and Brad have turned the investment industry on a side that it has never before been
  • New Opportunity Vs. Improvement offer: Which is your business?
  • Dave went through the application for Ryan and Brad’s Investment Service
  • It’s possible to hate selling to people but love marketing, you just need to do what they did first
  • If you customize your product in a niche enough, you will become the name for that niche
  • You can help all of your clients more if you automate your systems like Ryan and Brad have done
  • Ryan and Brad knew that financial advisors weren’t creative enough to make websites, so they found out how to make templates and sell them to their friends and clients in the industry


“The more you know, the more empowered you are.”

“It sounds cheesy and fluffy but it is the truth; because we’ve mixed it with our experience and our unique way of doing everything that we’ve really made this OUR practice and nobody else does it.”

“For us to be able to create a course, deliver a course, and give people websites that function and work that they could take our levels off and put their levels on was phenomenal.”


Dec 21, 2017

Lisa Wendler has gone from training horses to living her dreams helping other women live theirs. She attended her first Funnel Hacking Live event in 2016. Over whelmed with what appeared to be a lot of techno babble, she broke through and reveals how you can too.

Show Notes

  • This might be a different podcast for you
  • Lisa Wendler’s husband spent $5k on Clickfunnels and inadvertently launched his wife into it
  • Lisa, through clickfunnels has retired to do the job she really feels right doing
  • Lisa found her niche in a group of people she very easily relates to, depressed women
  • When the market crashes and you lose acres of land, you make a wedding venue, right?


“Behind the scenes, and I think that’s what most important is, understanding your niche, speaking their language and knowing where to find them.”

“Overcome those limits of saying ‘You know what? I’ll just be me and I can find my voice’ If someone loves me then they love me. That’s their projection and that’s their journey.”


Dec 19, 2017

This is the 2nd time I have been to Tai Lopez’ mansion in Beverly Hills. This experience was totally different than the first time. I reveal what I learned while there with Russell Brunson. The evening got started late and went till 2 am. I reveal the value bombs that were shared between Russell and Tai.

Show Notes

  • How much money would you pay for the process to sell a service as opposed to the actual service itself?
  • If you want to know how well your business is doing, look at your cost to acquire a customer
  • There are false beliefs that you can prove wrong to show the need for you?
  • Dave wants you to realize the importance of selling something you don’t have
  • Curate the product you are affiliating or even selling
  • You, like Ryan Moran, can be become known for using other people’s content well
  • Type “A” Players


“Document the process while you’re going through creating some of the content. The process you’ll find is, typically, more valuable than the content you create.”

“If you can identify what the false beliefs were and then identify what had happened to you to actually change those beliefs, that is how you sell anything.”

“A players are exponentially more valuable on your team than B players.”


Dec 14, 2017

Garrett J. White is the founder of Wake Up Warrior. He recently hosted his 2nd annual WarriorCon where Russell Brunson Spoke. While I was there I was so impressed with what Garrett has created. After being humiliated at the event I decided it was time to take notes. I am so glad I did. I reveal the 9 marketing secrets I learned.

Show Notes

  • CULTure
  • A good culture in a business makes you feel left out not being involved
  • You are going to suck at first, but you won’t be at that state forever
  • It is your audience, YOU should know them
  • What might be possible if I just believed?
  • You’re going to have to lead by example
  • Show your appreciation
  • Always change and always improve; both in your own life and your business
  • Surround yourself with people that have your vision
  • Go all in on those people who have helped you get to where you are and where you will be
  • Never EVER give up on family


“You’re going to suck, you’re going to suck real bad at first. What you’re going to find over time though is that eventually you’re going to suck less. And, eventually, you might even get to the point where you’re actually good.”

“You have to know your audience and be willing to call them out.”

“Because [Garrett] is leading by example, it is going to be very difficult for people following him not to be willing to do everything he is asking them to do because he’s doing it himself.”


Dec 12, 2017

Ricardo Leite Jr. is a college entrepreneur and immigrant from Brazil. Recently married and struggling to pay the bills reveals what he did to turn opposition into opportunity. Listen to find out how he is using ClickFunnels to split test products before he buys them thus drastically improving his success.

Show Notes

  • Ricardo was running out of funds for the month and was introduced to Amazon and soon had a near $3,000 surplus in his funds soon after
  • Fusing Clickfunnels and Amazon
  • Sell a product before you have it
  • Ricardo has learned from his entrepreneurial experience thus far that you need to take action


“We were talking about the principle of selling something, before you have it here.”

“If you have an idea that you want to pursue and you highly believe it’s going to work you should try it. If you fail it’s not a big deal try something else.”

“What differentiates the entrepreneur from the person who aspires to be an entrepreneur are the actions that you take.”


Dec 7, 2017

Fastest and best way to grow your business is by attending LIVE Events. After attending hundreds of LIVE events over the last 12 years, Dave Woodward reveals his secrets to attending live events. What you need to do before, during and after the event. He also tells you those things you must not do while at a LIVE event.

Show Notes

  • The people you will meet at live events are most often the best kind of network
  • Dave has always been a huge believer in investing in yourself by attending a live event
  • If you go to a live event you will be more productive even leading up to the event
  • The audiences you find at live events are one of the most captive audiences
  • Words of caution: prepare for the people you’ll be meeting and want to connect with
  • Dave wants you to know, people can tell when you’re not being authentic


“The majority of my relationships and friendships and everything else have come from live events.”

“Typically, the content you’re going to find at a live event are things that are working today, right now. It’s not something you read in a book or something that worked years ago. It’s not hearsay.”

“When you’re at a live event, it’s live. Meaning, you need to be alive. You need to be awake, you need to be aware, you need to be giving.”


Dec 5, 2017

Brian Page is one of the fastest 2 comma club winners we have had yet. He created a funnel that did over a million dollars in sales in less than 60 days. He reveals his 3 secrets and talks about his actual funnel and how he was able to achieve “2 Comma Club” Status so quickly.

Show Notes

  • In less than 60 days Brian Page made $1,000,000 dollars through a site on Clickfunnels
  • How do you generate a million dollars through a funnel?
  • Brian didn’t know how to do a webinar so, like all of us, he had to choose to learn
  • Brian Page uses affiliates lists to expand his own
  • Affiliates, they can be our connections to moving up in the world
  • Your network is your net worth, wise words from Brian Page
  • Funnel hack what others are doing that works so you can get your message out there


“I didn’t know how to do a webinar, I had never done one before. So I literally had to go home and figure out how to build a webinar presentation and I locked myself in a room until I could figure out how to do that first webinar.”

“It’s been exciting, it’s all happened really really quickly. But keep in mind I did work on this for quite a while before I made any real money with it.”

“I learned things at that event from successful people that were just like one or two “Aha!” moments where I’m like if I do that then I’ll break through. And that’s exactly what happened for me.”

Brian on Instagram
Brian on Facebook

Nov 30, 2017

Chris Brewer has been a running an agency helping business owners get the greatest ROI out of their traffic. They recently changed their agency tag line to “A Full Funnel Agency” to work with businesses on every part of their funnel. Traffic has been an obsession for years and in this episode Chris reveals the #1 traffic mistake and what you can do to avoid it.

Show Notes

  • Chris Brewer was one-upped by his daughter * cue dramatic music *
  • If you only use one traffic source you are then at the mercy of that one source’s conditions
  • Chris lets us know the importance of slowing down
  • Good funnels with the right pitch for the right audience is what will make the difference
  • Chris dumbfounds Dave with the amount of useful marketing platforms
  • Engagement Opportunities: Your branding is what’s keeping somebody on your product
  • We’re able to customize our audiences on Google
  • Optimize your email list
  • Chris Brewer tells the great story of a band using Funnels to track their fanbase


“A lot of people talk about diversifying your income, the most important thing is diversifying your traffic source.”

“The internet makes it possible to not Nike level branding opportunity but to have pretty darn close, especially in your niche.”

“The question to ask your buyers is: how do they use my product? How does it benefit or improve their lives?”


Nov 28, 2017

Jim Edwards created Funnel Scripts after reading Russell Brunson’s first book DotCom Secrets. He continues to update the wizards. Recently adding a Podcast/FaceBook Live wizard. He reveals the secrets he uses to create killer sales copy for any industry of niche.

Show Notes

  • Jim Edwards turned Russel’s “Dotcom Secrets” into a software
  • Funnel Scripts allows you access to a script for every and any funnel you want
  • The best way to kill it in the market place is obviously through killer headlines
  • Your headlines need to be tested, redone, and continuously tweaked
  • Jim has wizards, not the ones that shoot lightning bolts, sadly, but the ones that instead make you money
  • You can make a Video Sales Video modeled like Russell Brunson’s in 30 minutes
  • We are able to create astounding Intro videos for our webinar to increase sales and churn
  • Can you answer questions? Then you can use Funnel Scripts to improve your funnels, webinars, and master classes
  • Jim Edwards has fun with helping us improve our copy


“The hardest draft is the first draft.”

“This is a fact of life with funnels, the first version of the funnel you come out with is not going to be the one that makes you all the money. I’ve only had one headline in twenty years that I could not beat through testing”

“If you have something that sells a promise or satisfies a desire for people, then you can create an amazing webinar to help people get what they want.”


Nov 16, 2017

Dave Woodward visits Magnolia Farms and shares the marketing secrets he learned from Chip and Joana Gaines. While being there in Waco so many things became apparent he just had to share what he experienced.

Show Notes

  • There is an art behind going on a micro vacation, especially when it comes to us as entrepreneurs
  • Whichever direction your competition is going, don’t go that way
  • To re-edify what Russell always says, be an attractive character
  • Dave really does love urgency and scarcity
  • Going digital to physical, technically is a step backwards but really only propels you forward
  • If you can create authenticity and culture you hold your audience a lot longer
  • Create an experience your audience will buy into and not want to leave
  • The puppy dog close


“When you go against the grain, and kind of go in the opposite way of your competition, it’s what helps you stand out from your competitors.”

“I love seeing urgency and scarcity. Nothing sells more, nothing creates more, nothing gets more done than when people feel urgency and scarcity.”

FunnelHackerTV Youtube Channel

Nov 14, 2017

Dave Woodward taught BYU’s Entrepreneur Class. He revealed 3 secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. They are the same 3 secrets ClickFunnels used to blow bast 100 million in total revenue in 3 years.

Show Notes

  • Does your current job have anything to do with your major you got in college? Even if you say no, it was still important you got that degree
  • Speed limitation: There’s really no reason for you to go slow
  • A new strategy that you can try is selling the product BEFORE you have it
  • Getting something done is most often better than getting something perfect
  • Important point is to not finish (this really made the college students laugh)
  • With you hiring “A Players” you will save time and money believe it or not
  • If you want to become an “A Player” you have to compete and respond accordingly


“So often we set these barriers up just by saying ‘You know what I can’t do it'”

“Perfection is always going to kill your business, it’s never going to be perfect. Your business is never going to be perfect. Your funnel is never going to be perfect. No matter what you do it’s never going to be perfect so stop trying to make it perfect right now.”

“I’m a huge believer in the fact that ideas have fuses and if you don’t implement and get things done quick, that fuse is like a firecracker’s. It will just burn out and then all of a sudden you have a firecracker blowing up in your hand with nothing left.”

“By not finishing any of your copy or your content or things like that your mind subconsciously keeps creating it, so by the time you come back to it you’re able to pick it up much much faster.”

“It’s a stimulus and response type environment where you might not be able to control the stimulus but you ALWAYS can control the response. So I see that “A Players” have a much better ability at responding to things.”

FunnelHackerTV Youtube Channel

Nov 7, 2017

Travis Stephenson has earned TWO of our infamous 2 Comma Club Awards. In this episode he reveals the secrets behind chat bots and what he is doing with Chatmatic to decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates and increase attendance to webinars and LIVE events.

Show Notes

  • Fun fact of the day: you’re doing Facebook Messenger all wrong
  • Ask yourself if your bots are helping to stimulate a conversation
  • The more incentive we can put into Facebook posts, the more traffic can be directed to your website
  • What is more important: comments or views?
  • Using Facebook messenger as a notification center is king over Email or text
  • Travis Stephenson uses Facebook messenger to start relationships with his potential clients
  • Is Facebook Messenger replacing email? Not necessarily
  • Dave asked the golden question to Travis.
  • Travis figured out how to use his Chatmatic software to generate an 1800 people list for free
  • There is importance behind not using Chatmatic to send people things they don’t want


“By incentivizing engagement we are seeing an in increase in our traffic by over 35%”

“…that’s the way you should be formulating your post. Look at a comment and then send a message on the comment.”

“When you actually ask someone to say something [comment] think about, you know I try to tell people, think about what that phrase actually means. It’s really a cool experiment.”

“I use email more than I use Facebook messenger. Messenger is different. Messenger is a conversational platform that allows you to engage constantly with your audience with things they care about.”

“Right now it absolutely smashes because there’s so few people doing it that it’s very different. When people see it they’re like ‘Oh I can comment to get something?’. It’s a new call to action for them that feels different as opposed to clicking on some link.”


Oct 26, 2017

Noah St. John have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses offline and online for over 20 years. One of the things he has learned is the importance of dealing with the space between your ears. Nothing holds people back more than their head trash. He explains what you need to do to “empty the trash” and get back on track at lightning speed. We also review the book funnel he is using to get a 70% opt in rate.

Show Notes

  • If you can get out of your head you can finally get to that funnel you need to make to get you going
  • Noah knows 3 secrets that smart people don’t know and end up wasting their money
  • Did you know your only building half bridges because your “Head Trash” is preventing you?
  • Noah St. John knows a thing or two about the correlation between habits and money
  • Your inner game and your outer game need to be balanced in order for your company to break its glass ceiling
  • St. John needed a mentor to get out of his parents’ basement, he recommends you do the same for a specific reason
  • Your mentor needs to help you instead of just helping themselves make money off you
  • You are able to buff up your social proof without lying (“Don’t lie” – Noah St. John)
  • Dave and Noah go in and break down Noah’s Funnel


“‘Head Trash’ is that little guy in your head that says “I can’t do it because…” and then you fill in the blanks.”

“If you don’t have a mentor do not wait until January 1st to set a goal to get a mentor. I would go out today and get a mentor.”

“Basically that’s what the media is looking for, timely, topical and controversial. Just look at the news and go ‘okay here’s my take on that’.”


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