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Jul 11, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Ben:

Ben Adkins is a Licensed Chiropractic Physician who grew his Practice using Facebook Marketing. He then helped other local businesses do the same in a little town called Poplar Bluff, Missouri. His focus on small business development has catapulted him to becoming a Guru of Internet Marketing. Ben realized that other local businesses across the globe need effective marketing, thus he created Closer's Café; a resource for those who are looking to build their own ad agency so they can help their community thrive. Visit to get more information on: How To Build a Successful 6-Figure Facebook Agency From Home.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Evolution of Internet Marketing and technology (8:15)
  • Live and die by your calendar (12:38)
  • Helping Businesses within Social Media (17:00)
  • Knowing you Clients and foundation setting: (21:44)
  • Closer’s Cafe Blog: (28:16)

Quotable Moments:

"There is such a technology gap from there to here. We now have the ability to do things that we could never dream of before."

"You don’t have to create your course, before you sell your course."

"Its amazing all the things you can get done when you have a deadline on your calender."

"If you can just get that first win with doing some form of internet marketing and then you can start stringing together wins, it’s amazing what happens one to two years down the road."

Other Tidbits:

Ben discusses the importance of course creation and live teachings. He also elaborates on the importance of building a solid foundation by spending and planning your time doing the right things. Understanding the fundamentals is crucial to one’s success.



Speaker 1:     00:00     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Hey everybody. Welcome back. You guys are in for the ride of your life today.

Speaker 2:     00:20     So excited. This is a guy I've been following for years. I'm so honored to have been atkins today, so Ben, welcome to the show.

Speaker 3:     00:27     It is so good to be here in such an honor to be hanging out with you today like this was one of my favorites. This is one that comes down to the car. You know, sometimes you go to sleep by it. I think that's sort of the fun thing about these writers. We got people falling asleep listening to this stuff, but that's. That's a very intimate place to be right it.

Speaker 2:     00:43     If I'm in your bed, that's a good thing. I know. Oh No. I'm so excited. This is, again, for those of you guys who don't know Ben, Ben starting off basically as the, as a chiropractor, getting it at getting leads from facebook and really has gone on to become the guru guy, the legendary marketer here in the industry when it comes to really local businesses and getting mad massive amount of traffic and leads for local businesses. So I was so excited to have been on. We're going to kind of take this wherever it goes. But, uh, again, Ben, thanks so much for all that you're doing. Anything you want to add to that before we dive into this?

Speaker 3:     01:20     No, man, I'll tell Ya. It's like you were saying it's to have gone to school as long as I did to become a chiropractor and then to look up one day and realize, oh no, this is what you do. No, not that. This is your gig now this is, you know, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, that whole experience, but I tell you, it was a, it was an interesting path to get from there to now.

Speaker 2:     01:41     Well, let's talk about that path because there's a lot of people who are in your situation years ago. We're thinking, Gosh, you know, what else can I do? How else can I make that transition? Or, you know, I've got this skill set, but I don't know if it's really marketable and things. And again, we're joking around. I think a only because the fact that your son's turning seven, uh, you kind of figured that

Speaker 3:     02:00     2011, right? Right. So, you know, it was crazy. I, I got out of school and I did sort of the, uh, I moved pretty close back to where I was from and I only got into chiropractic because I'm, you know, I had a really good chiropractor where I was from. He seemed to be really successful and he seemed to have a cool life and everybody seemed to like this guy. People would travel from all over and I was like, you know what a cool gig. You get to help people and you know it. It's not like a crazy expensive business. Once you actually get into it, it's more of the expenses. Usually the marketing that's, that's the whole ballgame. Um, and I got into this whole Gig and I think I made the mistake a lot of folks I work for someone for a little while, decided that wasn't for me and you know, it real quickly.

Speaker 3:     02:46     I'm like, no, this is the whole reason I went to school with so I didn't have to do this. Uh, so I started my own practice and it was one of those things where, I mean there was not a lot of ramp up, but I had some money that I'd saved up. I had somebody that had borrowed from family because that's, that's always the best thing. Right. And, and I went out and I opened my practice up and um, you know, it's funny. It's one of those things where it was a oh crap moment pretty quickly I opened the doors up and, you know, I knew I had to do marketing, I had done some marketing, but the first week, like we're sitting there, we're getting the place sort of an order. And the only person that comes in is my account and he comes in and like the first week it was like, thank God my accountant who was just, I think felt sorry for we have Ed.

Speaker 3:     03:33     So I had one person that had come in and, you know, I remember going to that weekend and just being like sitting there with like, you know, I kind of expected that, but we're going to have to really get with it. And the very interesting part about it is, is when you open up a business like that and it's not busy, you have a little bit of extra time to really dig into some things. And so it was really, there it was, you know, those first two or three months I look back and the fear and not sleeping and then go into work and it kind of do the stuff that side. It was really sort of figuring out, okay, how are we going to get people through the door? Because also the other mistake is not built in a big budget for marketing. So I didn't have a bunch of ways to reach out to people, so I was on facebook, you know, I just happen to be on facebook.

Speaker 3:     04:14     This was sort of that time. Things were getting really interesting with facebook and uh, I started doing some things and researching all that everybody else was doing that was working. There wasn't really anybody in the chiropractic niche that was doing it. Um, I was following people like, you know, Russell and I was following the Kurds and you know, all of the big guys, the Internet marketing space and I'm like, if I can apply what these guys are doing over here, you know, we can do some interesting things. And so we started doing some things on facebook, doing some, you know, some other things with Google Seo, things like that. And I tell you it was, it was a right place, right time sort of stuff. Within about six months I had a practice that was rivaling those that had been there 20 years and how busy we were.

Speaker 3:     04:54     And that sort of the moment that I was like, well, this is interesting, but, you know, starting to get busy and I had a lot of local business owners that were in the town that I was in and said, hey, you know, can you, can you come help us do this stuff? I was like, sure, yeah, totally. That was taking a lot of clients and the probably the best thing that ever happened was my wife said, listen, the chiropractics one thing, but if you're going to work with other people and take time away, you better charge for best thing that ever happened. So the smart person in my life, you know, the one that's actually got it together, it says do this. And so I did this. And so I started doing that. And pretty quickly because the marketing was working by it, I was getting clients help that wanted my help with that.

Speaker 3:     05:36     I started getting really busy and this was sort of the big turnaround for me. I, I sat down and realized this stuff's working well. It's working well when I applied to other industries, um, I don't have time to take on more clients, but I would still like to make money, you know, helping other people. So I thought I was the first person to ever thought of this. I sat down in front of Microsoft word and started typing and I wrote down the things that we were doing that were working and he was selling it locally. Just people. I was like, dude, with you here, go read this. And then I, you know, you start to realize there's people all over the world and there's a much bigger marketplace and, you know, I won't bore you with the details of that. But within about a year I had a business selling that stuff that, uh, was dwarfing the chiropractic office because it was just a much bigger marketplace.

Speaker 3:     06:26     And you know, I think it's Kinda like Russell in the potato gun stuff that he talks about. It was one of those things where it wasn't like I didn't get rich at first doing that stuff but it. But it was something broke in my head and I was like, oh, this is what's going on. Okay. And so from there, you know, I, I hired someone to come in and to help me with the chiropractic side and, and I didn't mean for this to happen, but I was there, you know, three times a week. And then I was there two times a week and then I had not shown up in two months. And you know, and before I knew it was one of those things where I said, I guess this is my full time Gig and I tell you, I, I think the best part was somehow by the grace of God, I was blessed with the first set of customers that bought my stuff online.

Speaker 3:     07:12     Uh, were just amazing people. Of course, we all run into the stuff here and there. That's not, that's not representative of what this is. But the majority of the people that bought from us, we're just the most interesting people on the planet. And so I pretty, pretty quickly determined. I was like, this is, you know, the people that I want to help. But at the same time, it's funny, when I stopped the chiropractic office stuff, I kept doing this stuff with the other local businesses that were asking to. And so it was one of those things where I looked up one day and I said, okay, this was a really beautiful thing. I have people that are hiring me to do one thing and then I have a whole other set of people that are basically asking me to report on what I'm doing here and that's working.

Speaker 3:     07:54     And so that's, you know, a very, uh, short, I don't know if there's a short as it should've been, but as a short form of what happened to me between, you know, go into chiropractic school, graduating in 2000, seven to 2011. That's sort of what happened. And it was, it's been a crazy ride. It really has three. That's just awesome. So doc, as we take a look at this thing, um, I know a lot of people can say, well, Gosh, you know, ben started this thing at the very beginning where it was easy and now there's all this competition. Can someone really do the same thing now? Um, I tell you, you know, you get a lot of people that, you know, it's, it's changed. Like I couldn't go back. I couldn't do the same things that I did now to grow it, uh, that, that I didn't grow it back then.

Speaker 3:     08:33     But what's, what I think a lot of people miss is we have such a technology can technology gap from there to here. We now have the ability to do things that we could never dream of before. Like now I can know I can go in with the auto responders and things like click funnels, page builders and I can go in and do something in a matter of an afternoon that used to literally take me two weeks to a month. And you know, I think that's the really interesting. Forget that it's. Yeah. It's one of the things when you see what you currently have, you, everyone always thinks, oh, it's always been that way. I remember it took months to get a website up. My first website. I thought I was going to die. It was forever. And you know, even if you the template, it's something that's the thing that a lot of people miss.

Speaker 3:     09:19     Even if you had a template for something still copying that template over was it took forever and you know, we had wordpress back then, but it wasn't the word press we have now and you know, doing all those things was very, very tough. And you know, another thing that we discovered and you know, I want to give this one of the things that you think you've thought of A. I look over at Russell, I'm actually reading expert secrets last night because it was just the next on my list. And so I got all the way through expert secrets last night and I've noticed that Russell's been doing this. What are the other big things that we've started to realize was we can take the knowledge that we have or someone else has. And I think I discovered this probably in 2013, 2014 that it works for me is you don't have to create the course before the course is.

Speaker 3:     10:00     So, you know, and that's, that was a huge thing for us too, is you want going to repeat that for anybody who's listening to this thing, please, please, please listen. I've never been set at one more time. Sure. The key is you don't have to create your course before you sell your course. And that was the big thing for us too, is we go out and we'd be working with a dentist, let's say, and we'd get some great results with a dentist and I'd say, well okay, we need to create a product about this because there's a lot of people that will really be into it. And how we had been doing it for a long time, it's just been a monster for us, is we will actually open the door. Say these are the bullet points, this is what we're going to teach you, but it's going to be live with the first time and you know, we'll sell tickets to that and we'll sell tickets to an event that is live.

Speaker 3:     10:45     And what's really interesting about that is a lot of people would think, well, I'm not going to sell as much as I do it live. People really want to be a part of it the first time and be a part of the live thing. And they'll, they'll actually spend more money to be part of it live. And so a lot of what we've been able to do over the last few years is when we have great success, what was success with a local business or a method that we're using with local business, we're able to go out and say, okay cool, let's do something where we can teach this live now. And we make money teaching. It's very, very quickly without there being anything created because we do have the speed of, you know, of course creation they are, but we also have the speed of being able with tools like clickfunnels and Kajabi to build a members area or to put together the sales page is very, very fast and within a span, and this took some practice by the way, but within a span of maybe 48 hours, we can have all of the mechanics setup and ready to go and go out and tell people about it and it works.

Speaker 3:     11:39     I love it. In fact, it's kind of funny. Russell's on the process. We're in the process of creating his next book, traffic secrets. Nice. And it's again, because he's learned from her experience, her last two books, the only way he's going to do this is going to do a live event first and

Speaker 2:     11:54     teach it all. Now that's all been taught. Now we've got the curriculum and we can take that and actually write the book off of that. So I think what you're saying there is so key and that is live events are one of the best ways of creating products you can ever, ever imagined.

Speaker 3:     12:08     Yeah, that's the thing. I think that for me, I was always. I go back to the Jason Fladlien days. For those of you that don't know Jason Fladlien, Jason is amazing and hey, Jason always told me and I got some really great advice from him starting out. That probably changed my life forever. Jason says, if you can't sit down and create it in one sitting, it's over. That's over. There's going to be something that comes up. So what are the core things that we've really come up with? And this is whether I work with local clients and doing something for them or I'm working with people teaching, you know, the stuff that we're doing. It's always I've got to sit down at my calendar and say, this is the day, this is the day that this is going to get done, or at least my part of this is going to get done.

Speaker 3:     12:46     And whether that'd be a live class alive, a bit, whatever. And it's going to be done and so my part has to be finished and so it's amazing all the things that you can get done when you have a deadline on your calendar, you know, and it's amazing how you can stretch it out if you don't. Oh yeah. I think that that is the probably the most important thing for me is I live and die in my income, goes way up and way down by my calendar. And you know, we've got a lot of recurring revenue. We have a lot of those things coming in right now. It's very predictable. But in terms of if I really want to make the, you know, put points on the scoreboard, I know where I started, it's my calendar and I, it's like, okay, this has to be done by this date or you have to be ready to present it

Speaker 2:     13:25     live by the state. Now staff can take it from there. But that's super important. Oh my gosh. We are two comic callbacks program. We rolled out a funnel hacking live. It's all based on that one thing. And it's a flat to a promo is what we refer to it as, you know, it's letter, basically a letter, let her go and type of moment. And that is you're either gonna sure they're going to die or you're going to create it. And we, even today we were talking about it, we've got a large, you bet we have coming up here next month and it's the same thing. You look at our calendars and Russell just did a podcast on it where those deadlines, even though we are a successful big company, we still live and die by deadlines. It's not our team knows, you know, we were not pushing that out. It's going to launch here. So get ready. And that means late nights. It's whatever it takes, it has to happen. So I. Gosh, then it's so cool just seeing the success that you've had by living, by those principles.

Speaker 3:     14:18     Well, I think that's the thing. If you really look around, and of course there's exceptions to the rule, but if you really look around at those of us that have been around for a little while and we sort of see what's going on, but those of us that have stuck around, those of us that have not only stuck around but grown and you know, I think that's, that is a common theme that they very much live by their calendar and they very much live by, you know, being able to be speedy with how they put certain things out, but also maintain a level of quality even though there is a lot of speed behind the way that they're doing it. I think that that is a huge, huge key to the whole ballgame.

Speaker 2:     14:49     So yeah, I love it. So Ben, tell me what, uh,

Speaker 3:     14:52     what industries are you in right now as far as local business? I know you guys have dentistry, you've got chiropractors. I think you can do some legal stuff. I mean, you're all over the place. It's really interesting. You know, I, I have all these things that we like to do in terms of, you know, Internet marketing and teaching and things like that, but I always love the things that you can do that don't require a lot of your time. Um, but bringing in recurring income every month and people stay forever, I think. I think that's a, it doesn't matter how successful you get, it's always fun to have those things that you can set in motion, you can tip the domino and not really do anything else. And it's money that's gonna be for, for you five years down the road. And so we got into this thing and I had someone that was on our staff that we hired on that sort of fit this model once we started getting into it.

Speaker 3:     15:38     But we figured out, you know, facebook started to cut out all of the organic reach, four pages to the people that already liked them. Right. And so that was like a huge thing and so a lot of people kind of gotten this mode of okay, facebook, I don't need to focus on that. What they didn't realize, and, and we started seeing this because we had the local clients. What they didn't realize is even though that organic went away, there's still this really interesting thing that's happened and now people do, really, two things were there after a business, you know, especially in smaller towns that they do this, they'll go check it on google. So they go look at the website, but that's sort of a here's what the business wants me to see. And then they go to facebook, like I blown away by how many searches people are putting in because they heard it on the radio, they heard it through a friend or even just a city named chiropractor.

Speaker 3:     16:26     And then they'll go click on one. And so I, I didn't realize this for a while, but the facebook search got into a big deal. And so the one thing that has to be happening, uh, for a business, and I do this actually at least a few times a week, especially when I'm traveling, I'll get on, I'll search a place and if there's no content on the facebook page, I'm like, what's that? It not only is it dead on the facebook page, it's probably dead inside, you know, so I was making these really interesting psychological jumps and I said this is, this is the thing, and so we started going to businesses and we said, you know what, if we could go out there and help them with their social stuff everyday, and we, we built out this silly model of, okay, we've got 180 posts for chiropractors.

Speaker 3:     17:09     Great. They look great. Took forever, took the art department forever to put 'em all together, but they look great and how quickly can we brand them per office? Okay. And from there, how quickly can we put them into a software program that rotates? So it goes through all of the posts, two posts a day at the end of three bucks at rotates, because nobody's going to know three months apart, two posts a day, 180 posts it, it started and we started figuring out how to scale something like this. So we've got a hundred 80 posts. We use it for just about every office that we've got and then we step it for the office that takes you 20 minutes with, you know, a piece of software and then we put it into the mix. And this is something that businesses are more than willing to pay if you're not doing social media management.

Speaker 3:     17:51     Social media management is like a 500 to a thousand $2,000 a month thing, right? Nobody wants to. Nobody on a local level wants to pay that, but you go in and you charge them 100 to $200 a month for something like that all day. And so we got on this really weird tear of chiropractors, dentists, Jim's, you know, people that are everywhere. There's a lot of independence and it's not so much chains. And uh, we started kind of going into that business and you look up one day and you realize, okay, this is killer, like, and these are, and nobody ever asked for anything else. Like it's there, it's doing it. They're happy because they've got content all the time. So even if they want to post your own content, they've got some sort of bad is what we started really realizing pretty quickly with that is it helps them up in the search rankings and facebook which are becoming actually more important.

Speaker 3:     18:37     So what we have gotten into is I don't do a lot of lead Gen marketing just straight coming out and selling legion anymore. What I do now is I go in and we find businesses that will do like a facebook posting thing and then we have this bed of clients now that are paying us 100 to 200 bucks a month. And then we go in for the certain ones that had it, you know, they just got something special going. They're the ones that, you know, you can see out of all your clients, they really have something. We say, okay, we want to run a lead Gen campaign with, you know, this is going to be the one that's $2,000 a month, something like that because they can actually make it back. And so we've built this really interesting business and you know, we did this ourselves first.

Speaker 3:     19:17     This was something we wanted to get really good at. And then this is where the interesting thing started happening. I started sort of teaching it to my normal crew of Internet marketers and they started doing it and of course you had your crowd of people that are always the top performers. They go kill it, they kill it, they kill it right away. But what we also started finding is there were people that we have been helping for a long time. They just couldn't seem to put it together. You know, there's that crowd that you love them. They're just such good people. But they couldn't put it together. And a lot of these people were able to do this because I think it was a much more simple and you know, there wasn't a lot of variables with that. So I kind of got into this mode of I'm like, okay, we've got to have a whole section of our company that if I'm teaching email marketing and product creation and that's not for you, I can say go do this over here because this is the thing that if you start here, you're going to get your wind and I found that that is the number one thing with all that we do is if you can just get that first win with doing some form of Internet marketing and then you can start stringing together wins.

Speaker 3:     20:15     It's amazing what happens a year, two years down the road. If you're starting to build it up. Plus you got a little recurring income to start giving you a little more time. So that's. That's been the focus. The last little bit is really building out the systems for that so that. I mean we had it built into our business, but building out the systems in a way that we could give it to other people so that they could go do it. And so far I've been super jazzed because I have people, like I said, that were just years into this, couldn't put it together and now they're, they're successful with that, but they're also starting to put together other things that are much more advanced and they're getting winds. They are too. And I think that's the thing. It's with what we do. It's so confidence based, you know? So anyways. Yeah, that's the core.

Speaker 2:     20:56     This is why I love having, I'd love talking. You just drag vod value bomb after value by. So I seriously. So again, if you guys are, listen, this guy's stuff, whether you're a local business or not, I might. Gosh, the importance of getting a win for yourself, a win for your clients. I know for us at clickfunnels is one of the main things we're looking at doing right now is trying to add some quick wins for people that come on. I mean obviously as a SAS company man, we're always concerned about churn. We're always looking at that type of thing. But even as a local business churn is important to you as well. I mean, yeah, I love the fact that you've got this huge ground floor of success from people who are basically paying you on a monthly basis. You've got monthly recurring revenue coming in and then from that you just kind of pick, pick the clients that you want to work with that are your best opportunities and it's just what a great, great way of looking at a business.

Speaker 3:     21:43     Yeah. And you know, that's what's so great is once you sort of get past that initial um, you know, sort of getting to know your clients and getting the foundation set for them, um, you know, there are funnels that work, you know, and we built these originally on clickfunnels, you know, a couple years back, we started building these things and it's, there's things you can give away a local market, get people through the door and with the ones that we're looking to work with, if you can just get people through the door, it's over. It doesn't matter why they came in, if they can just meet the doctor, if they can just meet the lawyer, if they can just get in there the first time, you're good and they're going to be your people forever. And so that, that's the big thing is we had all these great legion funnels because that's what I used to do, you know, out of the gate.

Speaker 3:     22:23     That's what I used to do. But what was so great is now. Whereas I would walk into a business and the only reason I love this stuff by the way is, you know, sometimes it's hard to build your first product. Sometimes it's hard to sell a physical product, but there's a million chiropractors out there. Well not really, but there's a lot, you know, there's a million dentists out there and there's so many of these people that have tried to do certain things and they need help and they want help and if you put the right price tag in front of them, which, you know, low ticket but recurring, it's a really big thing for them. And then, like I said, you had get them some results there. They get happy with what's going on, it's super easy to now come in and say, well, we've got these funnels that have been working all over, um, or I know this, this chiropractor that has these funnels that have been working all over and to put them and implement them and now you've got their trust and they're willing to take a chance on things with you. So it's, it's been a lot of fun and it's been a lot of fun seeing other people be successful with it too.

Speaker 2:     23:15     So. Awesome. So tell me, I know in the local market I'm here a lot as far as, you know, reviews and things like that. Is that, uh, an opportunity? It's something that's.

Speaker 3:     23:26     Yeah. What's, what's real, what's not real about the whole review thing? What's interesting is, you know, I think a lot of, uh, a lot of what happens the local markets with, you know, people that actually have brick and mortar businesses is there's so much to do. And there's so many of these big companies out there that are, that are really targeting women, so there's, you know, like the high booze and the know, like the big, big companies that are really targeting them and they're pitching a lot of things at them. But I think a lot of these local businesses don't know really what matters. And so I think what we really try to extend out to anybody that we help or the, you know, we're teaching people to go help people. It's really lock in the things that they need to do and in what order.

Speaker 3:     24:06     Okay. So I think that's the key is you can do everything. You can do all these things. You can spend so much money just like with what we do. Right? But, but there's an order to things that makes a lot more sense. So we always tell people the first things that we do with local businesses, you've got to have your website looking great. And you know, it has to be somewhat seo friendly at least. But at the very least, it's got to be looking right because a lot of times the local market, it's just about someone telling their friend about something great and then they're going to go stock the business for a little while. So the first thing is you have to have that website looking great. That is such an easy thing at the at this point. But the second thing is you have to have your facebook page producing content because I think a lot of people miss out on how many people are coming there to get an inside look at what the business looks like.

Speaker 3:     24:50     And I, like I said, I got my phone right here and it's, it's crazy to me how I will not. I guess I'm lazy. I don't switch over to safari from the facebook APP and I'll just search for the business there. So those are things until those things are locked in that that's the big thing. Now, the only other thing I'll say is this, when you get into like your google my business listing, that is one of the easiest ways people get their foot in the door with local businesses to as they say, listen, I saw you here and I'm this. Something's wrong with this. And did you know it said this? And businesses are more than happy to pay someone to fix those things because they don't know how. It's not even that they haven't seen it. Most of the time they just don't know how to fix it.

Speaker 3:     25:31     And then you get into like if you want to get into reviews, that's a very interesting place to be right now because there's a lot of big things like Google just came down with a, hey you can't review gate. And that was something that was happening for a long time. And for those that don't know what that is, that's your inside an app, you know? Or like the company would send an email, hey, what'd you think? And they would select one of the stars and if they select the too low, they wouldn't send you to Google. But if you selected really high, they would send you to Google to actually put the review there and there was. So what was really interesting, so is there was a lot of that going on that's going away, but you've got a. you've got a lot of companies that are really on top of how important reviews are because I think we all, when we're googling things from Ron, yeah, we're all looking for that.

Speaker 3:     26:16     And I think a lot of times, you know, with local businesses where we tell them to do is say in your office, you've got this stream of people coming every day in your office, in your restaurant, you've got a stream of people ask, give them the opportunity so you know what we do a lot of times it's the dumbest thing in the world. Now. I used it even charged for this because we're trying to charge them for something else. But I say put up a sign that's it. Put up a sign that walks them through how to do this because the people are coming into your business everyday. I already love you. Let them fill out and fix that stuff, and so a lot of what we've helped with that kind of, but I think it's very good that you bring that up. A lot of what we do is literally we just have a step by step, this is how you go give our business a review and please go do it because it helps us and we put a sign up and it's amazing how you can shift the balance of things between a business and their competitors just by leveraging the people that love them already.

Speaker 3:     27:08     So yeah, I love that. Super cool idea. I love the idea as far as the whole review game because yeah, it's always fun. Anytime you take a look at the history of there was always some marketer out there, US included, who's always trying to assist him. At first we can provide this and eventually it all comes back to the whole black hat. White Hat. White hat always wins out in the end. Yeah, without a doubt. Just the way I think if you can start off being white hat man, matter of luck to you and your business. Yeah, I mean it's always one of those things where you have to be following the right people I think, and I think that the right people out there, they may piss you off from time to time, but at the same time you always respect that they're trying to do things the right way and if you're following the right people, you tend to, you know, it's always who taught you, you know, you always seem how to do something and so that's, that's one of the big things is I've always stayed away from reviews because I was like, something's not right here, you know, at the very least just tell people that like you to go in, but it's, you know, but I also can't fault anybody that's done that because if you have, if you didn't get an advantage getting advantage as long as it gets.

Speaker 3:     28:11     But now that it's against you get away from it. Yeah. Well you were kind enough as we were talking earlier, as far as put some different things together to help our users out. What was, you got to some offer you were looking at that to closers cafe or something like that. So we got this blog that we've been doing and what this blog turned into, it was a boy from any sort of document, the things that we're doing and you know, we, we, you know, you run into these things everyday that like, you know, or just these weird little pockets of the way business works or that weird thing and how this dentist's office work. And so this was sort of a place for me to start documenting all the things that I was learning and I've always found it very, very helpful to go back and see certain things as it's been sort of a marketing diary for me.

Speaker 3:     28:56     So closers cafe, we put that together and what are the things that we wanted to do for everybody that was listening to this. I think that there's always this ramp up of things in experience that you have to go through when you're in any business. And so, you know, we've been doing this local business thing for awhile and we've made lots of mistakes, but we've, we've nailed some things down and we've done some things in and so we have six funnels. We have some of our best things that have worked for local businesses. There's a chiropractor, if there's a dental, there's a gym, there's restaurants, there's a couple key funnels that. And just about every market we've ever run these particular funnels in. We've made it rained for businesses. You know, we've got people through the door, we've gotten results and we've actually changed what their business was like because of that.

Speaker 3:     29:40     So what we wanted to do is, because this is such a funnel centric podcast, this is like, and like I said before, when we first built these, it was all testing on clickfunnels to. So what we wanted to do is give that away to folks that you can go in and you can see it. And how this is sort of structured is it's not just, hey, here's the funnel. It's, here's the ad we ran, here's the targeting, here's the actual what the actual page look like. I, I hate when I feel like there's something that's cut out. Uh, so we put all this stuff together so that folks could go in and sort of see what we're doing, how it works, and even if you're not into local stuff or helping with digital services as we call it, this is something that you can look at it and you can start seeing the similarities between whatever you're doing and how it works with a local.

Speaker 3:     30:19     And you know, listen, I also think I know a lot of really great marketers. They all eat, they all go to the dentist. They have to go to the chiropractor. It's always nice to have those things to help the people that you love the most, you know, just by giving them that. So it's closers. Cafe a slash forgot her actually closers. Cafe Dot com slash funnel hacker. You'd think I'd never said a url before. We were talking about the closers, hacker and you can get our six best funnels and for, for local and like I said, that's been something that a lot of people will put those in action and we've seen people saved businesses before that we're having a tough time and that's pretty powerful. If you can make that sort of impact on someone that you like, that you're just so awesome.

Speaker 3:     30:56     So again, everybody has closers. Cafe Dot Com for those of you are new to the domain game, so closers,, forward slash funnel hacker to good. But again, Ben, I can't thank you enough. You're just always so generous. You so willing to give to our community, to others. If people want to reach out to you and get more involved with you, what's another way they can do that? You can always jump over to closers. Cafe Dot com and just say, hey there, we've got places that you can find us. You can contact us there. My email address is always a good one bid at three, three p dot CEO. That's, you know, one of those weird company names. That's the umbrella, right? Because we're all official. Even always send me an email and sometimes my email it gets a little bit clogged up, but I, I always like when people are reaching out there and we can have an email back and forth.

Speaker 3:     31:44     I, my goal was whatever I've done in this whole thing is, is big as we've gotten. I never want it to be so big that we can't have an email conversation with folks. So feel free to reach out to me there too and we'd be glad to help out any way we can. So your email one address one more time if you don't mind for sure. It's been e, you know, short, but equally hard for people to get just by you saying it, but you know, it's amazing. That can be that short and people still be like, no, what was that? So good stuff. Oh, well, any parting words as we wrap things up here now? I think, I think the key is that you know it, if you're in it right now and if you're listening to this podcast in particular, I think one of the key things you're trying to figure out is how can I take this stuff that I'm already good at or something that I'm really interested in and really grow it.

Speaker 3:     32:32     And I think the key is, is like we were talking about put something on your calendar so you know, I want to have when I'm trying to have done by this date and you know, I want to have it done because by this date I want to have this much income coming through the door. And I think that's the big key for me. That's the big takeaway is I started making the kind of money I wanted to make when I started writing it down and putting it on a calendar. And it's amazing how you start hustling when. That's the big thing. So, you know, I always used to say take action, but for me, taking action is always just, hey, look at the counter, what I had to do today. And big, big empires are built by what you do today and how each of your days sort of stacks up into a lot of days.

Speaker 3:     33:12     So I would say that you got tools, you've got the tools, you've got the knowledge, you have your expertise. If you don't have your expertise will go, go read a book, you'll get the expertise pretty quickly if you go do it. And I'd say that's it, just get it on a calendar, start moving. And I think that's. That is the secret. Literally it's dumb is that is that is the secret to my success, man. I love your secret. Well, love you to death then you're always so much fun to have to be around. Again. Guys, check out what was your forward slash funnel hacker getting closer, Forward slash funnel hacker. Follow Ben. Reach out in. This guy's been crushing it for almost a decade now online, but even more so than that as far as an entrepreneur goes and this guy just knows his stuff. So again, I can't thank you enough. You're just such a dear friend and appreciate all the issue for us and I wish you all continued massive success and everything you're doing. Thank you so much for having us in. This is fun. As always, this is one of the most fun things to be a part of. Yeah. Thanks Ben. Thanks.

Speaker 4:     34:11     Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don't mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I'm trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over 650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people. At the same time. If there's a topic, there's something you'd like me to share or someone you'd like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I'll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if you'd like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you so I can go to itunes rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

Jul 9, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Tony:

Tony Grebmeier is man of passion and the true definition of a team player. Although his journey to self-fulfillment wasn't easy- he has managed to turn his company into an eight-figure business: ShipOffers. Alongside his two best friends, Doug Roberts and Gil Gerstein, Tony shares his wisdom on how they are able to manage their business and friendship simultaneously in a healthy manner. Tony elaborates on company integrity being the fundamental importance when starting a business. He also goes on to discuss the importance of building healthy company culture, and everyone understanding the value they bring to the table . His vision to help others achieve more is what makes Tony happy.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Communication with partners: (4:27) The keys to communication and the importance of having an honest relationship. Getting to know them.
  • Prioritizing your teams strengths  (5:35) Structuring team player roles to fit his/her strengths, optimizing performance.

  • How to build and develop a team: To Do’s  (21:00)

Quotable Moments:

"The most important thing about being an entrepreneur is figuring it out. Not being the person willing to quit when it gets tough."

"Your imagination is the only thing that your limited by when it comes to ship offers. If you can think it, and you need help creating it, we have a team of people that we work with, that can get you to that next level."

"If you want something bad enough you will find the time, or you will find an excuse."

"People are following a leader and you are the leader of your organization, so go first!"

Other Tidbits:

Going into business with friends: (1:55)

What Ship Offers is and provides. (10:15)

Ship Offers Products: (12:46) (19:52)



Speaker 1:     00:00           Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Right everybody. Welcome back.

Speaker 2:     00:19           Mrs [inaudible] gonna be fun, but different types of podcast of things. At times I have the opportunity of interviewing these amazing guests I have on my show and sometimes I think the actual pre interviews are better than the post interviews. But with that said, you can't hear what I just spent time talking to most amazing man in the world. I love this guy to death. He's helped me personally in my own life going through some crazy stuff right now. He's the CEO of shipoffers. Shipoffers has been around for 17 years and uh, been inc 5,000 company for last four years. I want to welcome to the show, Tony. Welcome. Welcome, welcome.

Speaker 3:     00:54           Thank you so much. It's absolutely an honor to be here and yeah, sometimes you get those recordings from the beginning show and you're like, I just want to share with the world, but let me just give you the good stuff you're in for a real tree because I'm honored to be on the show and I can't wait to see where we go.

Speaker 2:     01:07           Well, thanks Tony. Tony, Tony, I've been one thing I can tell you about Tony. This is a man who is probably the most honest and pure guy with massive integrity who works from the heart and yet who runs a huge, huge company and yet at the same time is always out there giving and I know you guys are listening, are going to infer a super treat, but first of all, I would encourage you guys to go look at Tony on facebook, connect with them. Tony, Greg Myer Dot com. It's t o n y g R E B Mei e and This is a guy who I'm excited to have you on the show today and really one of the things I want to dive right into his, one of the things you've started this company 17 years ago and the part I most fascinated by is you started with to your other good friends and you're still friends today.

Speaker 3:     02:04           So many people don't go into business with their friends because they've heard everybody say like, it's never going to work out. What's really crazy is if I back up even earlier, 1996, one of my friends who's my business partner called me and said, hey, uh, silicon valley, I was working. He was working for a company designing websites. The first website I ever designed was for Pixar. It was called toy story and it was 1996, 97 and he goes, Hey, do you want to meet in Vegas? I got an opportunity for a business I wouldn't see if you're interested. I didn't even have a chance to hang up the phone today. You'd be like, what are you trying to sell me? Is there something that you're going to pitch to me like, you know, it's so different in the times. So I met in Vegas and one thing that was true was he said,

Speaker 2:     02:47           Hey, I bet you we could figure this out.

Speaker 3:     02:50           And that's exactly kind of my path to being an entrepreneur is just trying to figure it out. My two childhood business partners and friends I with one of them growing up when I got kicked out of the house for getting my ear pierced when I was 15, 16, he was the friend that I went and moved in with. Um, we started our company with $5,000 in Van Nuys, California in 2001. And uh, I've always, I think that thing is the most important thing as an entrepreneur is being willing to try to figure it out. Not being the person willing to quit when it gets tough because as you know, running click funnels in any kind of engagement or environment, things get crazy. Like software doesn't work the way it worked one day and then all of a sudden you're like, I didn't change anything to be willing to figure it out.

Speaker 3:     03:31           And so for 17 years we've been figuring this thing called business together. Um, we have a tripod philosophy. All three agree or we don't do it. So have to say yes. One says no, we still don't do it. Um, I think there's only been two fights and I started both of them in and they're childlike stuff. Like, Hey, close the gate at the end of the day. And I'm like, no. But I was the first car out. Like, yeah, that's probably why you need to stick around and close the gate. I'm the real basic stuff. Um, my best man was the guy who called me up in [inaudible] 96 and my wedding coming up on 20 years of marriage, 17 years in business, watching my kids grow up here. And everything that I get to do is about connection. And you know, getting on this morning, you know, we, we talk about the tough stuff, we talk about how to let an employee go today.

Speaker 3:     04:17           It's the toughest stuff, but that's life and what can we do from it. And we talked about the most important thing is communication and that's what we have to have is clear like perfect communication with partners, especially when you're in a business and making money and honoring and serving your customers who believe in you. And so, you know, it's the tough conversations that have to be had, but the thing that has lasted 17 plus years, as I say, if you find good people that you're honest with and they're able to be honest with you, why not go into business with them? Right? I've, I've got my nice, great playing basketball with them. They never, they never dated my girlfriends. So like the part I love most about Tony is just how poor you are. You're just so real. And I just want to. Things I loved hanging out with.

Speaker 3:     05:05           You have the option of spending time with your tmc and live. And to an extent, it's all about people and people's what matters most to you and business to just kind of a byproduct and things that takes place on the back end. Yet at the same time shipoffers has been extremely successful. So if you don't mind, can you kind of help bridge the gap from how do you work with your best buddies and everything else and yet still have a lot of success in business. Sure. We all knew exactly what we were good at going into it. So I'm. Doug was really good with finances Grad graduating from pepperdine with his MBA and so he knew that he could handle the funding side of the business. I'm Gil was, you know, working in a, at a company that designed websites. So he was designed. He had also worked at mattel designing hot wheels. So I knew that he knew specifically what to do to design really cool products and services for us. And then I was like the guy like if you needed it done, just give it to me. Right? There's something to be said about that if you want to do and give it to a busy person. I've always been a salesman. I think that's the thing that I remind myself up. I was fired from one job, gave my brother an ice cream cone at the boardwalk. That's a whole nother story.

Speaker 3:     06:16           And I've tried so many different things and I always love seeing how I can grow as a person. And so when we all get into a room, we all have strengths and we all have opportunities to grow and I really work at, okay, doug and be transparent. Where is it that I need to improve and help me because I can't see my blind spots, but you guys can see you and share with me and highlight them for me. And then all right, I need to go do the work, you know, go to a seminar, go read a book or pray about it, go do the work. And so for 17 years we've been doing that. Um, I don't see my business partners a lot when we're outside of the office. I mean, they spent 40 hours by the time I'm, I want to go home, I want to spend time with my kids and my wife, um, I live in the neighborhood with one of the, one of my business partners, Doug.

Speaker 3:     07:02           I've seen him twice in six months in my neighborhood and just kind of tells you like, we all have different lives. My, my generation is 10 years ahead of where they're at, raising their kids. They're like eight and under my kids are 17 and 19. Almost going to be leaving the house soon. But the one thing that's been so easy for us is we just roll up our sleeves and get dirty and the end of the day love each other. And I think that's the lesson of life that I would love to encourage anybody in a business relationship is, you know, there's this little simple principles, you know, love God and love people. And if I remind myself to love people no matter what, even when it hurts, um, what lesson is somebody teaching you today is that maybe I need to ask deeper questions we were talking about before the show of what's really going on when there's a problem in the office.

Speaker 3:     07:47           When someone comes to the office, Sat, did I even ask how their weekend was? And then go deeper from that. Like, Oh, you know, I went to a couple of birthday parties, ask questions. Like, was it fun? Like, did you enjoy it? Like how many times did you want to leave? And like start getting to get them to open up because we all show up with a bunch of stuff that we're not talking about. We just show up. And then Monday morning it's work mode. Friday, it's like paycheck times go celebrate. So I spent 40 hours a week of really looking at my business partners through a unique lens which their wives don't get to see them, vice versa. Like, it's. So I, I love it and I've always encouraged my friends if you can trust them as far as you can, throw them, if you, if you know their mothers, got to know your partner as well and you got to meet them so that you understand them because uh, my one business partner, his mom calls me his elbows, my one business partner, his elbows and another one that says, hey, you know, I like this kid.

Speaker 3:     08:44           He's good. And I lived with them. So I've gotten to know my business partner's families and that's, I think is a really important thing to kind of funny. I actually was at a, I met Russell's parents, gosh, probably about six years ago was the first time and then we happened to be together just this last weekend that dad is Salt Lake City. When Russell received the entrepreneur of the year for a tech company down there, it was just fun sitting next to them at that table. Sharing that moment were six years ago. It was like, man, if my kid ever going to figure this thing out. And so we've been through a lot together and it's been fun. It was neat seeing his dad. I remember when two years ago we started with doing some work with Robert Kiyosaki and Russell. His Dad really could care of lead but really wasn't as excited about what Russell is doing as much as he was about rich dad.

Speaker 3:     09:34           It was the very first book that his dad had given Russell to read and so I had the optimum getting his dad and Russell and rich dad's podcast and that was like the highlight of Russell's dad experienced with his son as far as business goes. They'd spent a lot of time to get as far as wrestling, all that kind of stuff. That was the first business. And those are the things that matter the most. And you're right, it's nice when you know, when you know your partner's families and the parents is just an added bonus. So I appreciate your mentioning that. So tell me, for those people who aren't familiar with ship offers, tell them what ship offers is. I mean obviously we integrate with you guys love working with you. What, what is it that ship offers? Does ship offers, provides products and services to marketers online in the health and wellness space or Bible space and personal development space.

Speaker 3:     10:22           So we even started printing books on demand, so just give you some of the ideas of the services that we have and what do we do is we provide you the opportunity to test. Just think about like having somebody to test something without spending a lot of capital upfront to go see if it's gonna work or not. So we have a bunch of products that you can incubate and test to see if you can sell online, back in funnels a lot of clients through click funnels and we give you the chance to put your label on them and we ship them to your customer and at the end of the week or whenever our payment terms are set up with you, we send you a bill and we do those transactions every single day. A couple of million times a year for our customers worldwide. We're in 34 different countries that we shipped to and it's just one of those companies that I love like so many people need money upfront, like tons of money, like no, and I'm like, no, I actually know this service works and this industry works because I was on the other side in 2001 when we launched.

Speaker 3:     11:15           We were taken from a lot of fulfillment companies and products based companies that they could care, you know, nonetheless about us. All they cared about was the money and we made a decision to say, look, why don't we create a business that gives people tools and resources to help them to win? And that's like the click funnels thing, right? You're giving tools to people to win and then you developed all of these assets to support it because you believe in it. So for 17 years we've been pouring assets and infrastructure in to helping our customers to win. And you said something very big in the very beginning that you gave me praise. I'll take it, but I don't deserve it. What I do deserve is that at the end of the day, my integrity matters and I have to remind myself that I'm a a business based on integrity and I have to show up that way.

Speaker 3:     11:58           So when you call us on the phone and you're like, Hey, I'd love to integrate with you. We say, hey, tell me about your business and I need you to be transparent because the reason is I'm going to bet on you once we say it's a good fit for each other, like I need to know that you're thinking tomorrow. You want to be here and five to 10 years down the road, so many people in this day and age just need to make money today and they move on and I don't have time for that, so don't waste my time. Don't waste your time. We'll figure you out. Just be the person that says, I want to be here tomorrow, next month and next year, and I want to build something that I want to leave as a legacy. I don't think click funnels is just a once and done business. It's a legacy business and that's what ship offers is really as a business that's helping so many people, not just the people who work here in our team, but people all around the world running small, incubated small businesses, medium sized businesses, and larger outfits as well.

Speaker 2:     12:45           So more detail to it as far as what types of product. Actually

Speaker 3:     12:49           testosterone boosters, Krill oil, fish oil, if you're looking for weight loss products, if you're looking for workout products and you can literally slap your name, we have 50 products. You can put your name on 50 different products and we'll mail into to your customers today. Um, it takes us about a week to integrate. If you're doing a lot of volume, it's because you know, you have back in restrictions and things that you need. Um, our, our Apis, adaptable to pretty much any system on planet earth. But the products are easy. I mean, when I look at it, we just launched Quito. Quito is like the hot new craze, right? Um, so everybody wants Quito products and then we have Quito products and tomorrow if it's Garcinia back to what it was four years ago and we can create anything to. So if there's something that you're selling and you're like, oh, I'd love to do this.

Speaker 3:     13:35           We have the ability to formulate products where you knock off products, custom formulate. So I mean it's really like your imagination is the only thing that you're limited by when it comes to ship offers. If you can think it and if you need help creating it, then we have a team of people that we work with to help you kind of get to that next level. And I, I mean I've seen some pretty amazing stuff. I mean I, I've been around this industry since 96 so I've seen a lot go on online and I love the fact that everyday I come into the office to play and get creative and see what we can do together.

Speaker 2:     14:07           Basically I had the opportunity to either white labeling your products or formulating their own products or basically just trying to figure out what they can do next and that work in your team to kind of create something if the camp.

Speaker 3:     14:17           Yeah, and you can send us your products, like we don't even have to make it. You can send it to us and we'll do the fulfillment for you. I mean that's what I've always loved is that people just send me products that are like, I'm totally happy with my manufacturer. I love where I get my products from China. I just. I'm looking for a reliable fulfillment company and I'm like, logistics is what we do. Send it to this address. Tell me how many pallets are coming and we'll take care of.

Speaker 2:     14:37           Oh, I love that. I think the part that these days is we see a lot of people who are trying to do the Amazon thing, but once they grow up and they move on from the Amazon and they figured out, you know what? I got to find some way of actually owning my customers. I got to find a way. Actually controlling the product, controlling the delivery that a service like yours is ideal for that because that's their whole game is to own the company, to own the product and the client and to be able to work with a company like yours to fulfill that.

Speaker 3:     15:05           Yeah, and we don't market to your customers and a lot of companies are using this as a scare tactic, but there's a lot of companies out there. If you go look in their privacy policies and their statements, they're reusing your data to retarget and market to their customers. That's not what we are. We're not marketers. That's why our slogans easy you market. We do the rest.

Speaker 2:     15:28           I love that. So as you take a look, as far as you know where you guys are going in, and I know he kind of started off in health and fitness thing. You also mentioned pod, so you're. You're doing print on demand as well.

Speaker 3:     15:38           Yeah, we're playing in the book or Eda, which has been so interesting. People who were in his inner circle are using our services and one of the things I've realized that I'm like, you guys want this stuff cheap, Russell's hey, get this book out as fast as possible. So we're playing in that arena and it's so much fun. Um, I'm writing a book, so obviously I've been spending a lot of time, money and resources trying to figure out how to do it. And our team's like, hey, we figured it out. So we've been printing books on demand. We drop them in a poly bags or if you needed a certain type of way to show up, we do high end stuff and low end. So meaning your budget really dictates what the delivery looks like on the other end. But I'm a believer in helping you to showcase your customer and give them a really amazing experience. So you create the wow effect. So you want them to come back. So many marketers are like one and done and move on and I'm like, you can do that, but if I could show you and it doesn't cost you much more, you can actually create a customer returns often and is coming back and sharing with their friends once you be interested in learning how we do that. Oh, I love that

Speaker 2:     16:39           golden nugget secret. So I think the key here is if you are not familiar with ship offers, reach out to ship offers. So S, h I, p o f f e r Reach out Tony and he's more than happy to connect you to help you guys out. I know it's only one thing you were talking about is you've created a course, a click funnels page.

Speaker 3:     16:57           Yes. What's the course called? It's called drainers and drivers. And if we just talked for like 30 seconds on what does drainers and drivers look like or mean to you? It's going to be different for each and every one of us. However, if you ever wake up Monday morning and you have to go into an office, that could be a drainer, but what happens if we could actually figure out why it's a drainer and turn it into a driver and realize that the end of it, you're making more money, you're having more fun with your friends and your family and life looks better. That's what drainers and drivers is. It's an opportunity for us to go through a five day mini course videos, worksheets. You just go through it, grab some information. I'm with you for five days and then hey, at the end of it, now you have some framework that you can use for all areas of your life.

Speaker 3:     17:39           I use it for hiring people. When I'm interviewing somebody to come in and start a new position, I say, Hey, can you list your last three drivers and three trainers that your last business so you get them to open up and start talking as tools so you can begin to see, and I love it. That drainers and drivers flip all the time. Something that's driving you today will be a drainer tomorrow, and you're like, I'm going to quit my job. No, you're not going to quit what you're doing. I know that your click funnel's experiences. Amazing. Moneywise yet, let's take a step back. What's really going on is that you've got a lot of stuff in your life that's kind of not on the right course and we just need to bring some awareness to it. Once you get awareness, then you'll say, all right, now I've got a six month plan. I can't wait for that date. Now I'm going to go full time in my click funnels life and my business and things are gonna. Be Better. So we help you to map out that plan so that you don't feel overwhelmed when you look at your life.

Speaker 2:     18:30           So how does a guy who's running the logistics company create a program called drainers and drivers?

Speaker 3:     18:36           Great question. So I'm all about community. And so what was really clear three years ago was, um, I had a lot of people around me who wanted to figure out how we could work together and, and I, and it was too tough because I have only so much throughput during the day. So I created a community which is called a be fulfilled. I created a podcast around beef fulfilled and that slogan has been on our wall in our company for so many years, which is be fulfilled. And that's all about being fulfilled in your life. And what I also came to the conclusion was, as people were struggling and we, you know, you look online and you hear about it, things are happening in our world. And I found the time because I made it intentional. I set time to say no, what's the biggest way that I can impact the world?

Speaker 3:     19:22           Because my time is limited. So I wanted to use one of the most amazing platforms in the world, which is click funnels. I wanted to use it. I had something live in about an hour and I've been able to play in that world so often that I'm working on my second course or they're called purposeful living for success and that's, you know, built as a six week program and I realized that if you want something bad enough, you'll find the time or you'll find the excuse and the time for me is now the time for you is now, so I just got drainers and one day called my graphics designer and say, can you design this? Yes. I said, I want to live like this. Yes. I was in Cleveland at a mastermind, 2:00 in the morning. I couldn't sleep. I recorded 10, 10 videos really, really quick. I scrap five, put up five. The course was live. Took down the next morning and gave everybody a handout saying, the course is live because if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way or you'll find an excuse and I'm tired of making excuses and I want to help people not make them in their life.

Speaker 2:     20:20           Oh, I love it. Thank you again. I appreciate your giving that out to everyone here. Again, drainers and Definitely go check that out. Um, I know that I literally could spend days talking to you. I've had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with you on a boat. Let's be realistic. Stuck in the middle of the San Diego Harbor. Couldn't do anything, but I think one of the great things about the way you communicate and work with people is even in your own team. I haven't, I haven't, I don't know all of your team as well as I met some of them, but you're always about as a CEO, helping build them and, and develop them and if you don't mind those who are listening, who are trying to build their own team, what are some of the things that you've used in your life? They'll build your team to where you have such. You have a lot of a players on your team which is tough to come by.

Speaker 3:     21:11           So first and foremost, which may hurt to hear this is what are you waiting for? You need to be the example because remember people are following a leader and you are the leader of your organization. So go first and I heard this many years ago and it never really, really, you know, like went off for me, but I was at a seminar and they said, be the first to pop in the room. Don't be the last kernel to get burned, right? Be the first pop, go first and just go. And so I admit a lot of my faults to the world, you know, you follow me on facebook, you know that I've, I've struggled with suicide. I've struggled with alcoholism and struggled with marital issues, have struggled with finances. I struggled with a lot of things and I realized that my path isn't the same for everybody, but the one path that I know to be true is you have to be the example.

Speaker 3:     21:59           You need people to like see you. Like I'm not jumping on a camel until I see someone jump on a camel. Like it's just not something that I want to go and try to do. But if you show me that you bring out a ladder and you show people how they get on top of a camel, or they show the people how to get top of the elephant, you lead by example. So you have to be the example and that's the one thing that I tell my team how I lead in my house. That's how I work with my wife and my friends. I'm like, you look, I know there's days that I don't want to show up for life. I really just want to sleep in bed, pull the covers over my eyes and say somebody else do it. But I signed up for this opportunity and people are counting on me and when I know that and I draw strength from a lot of amazing places and resources, I have great coaches and mentors around me who in constantly.

Speaker 3:     22:43           You're encouraging me. That inside me is greatness. And that's what I want to encourage anybody listening right now. You don't have to be a leader of a big organization. You can be a leader of yourself. Just remember that you have greatness inside of you and that for you to activate it, it's Kinda like saying to yourself, today's the day, now's the time, let's go. And, and even if your belief is 100 percent solid, it's least something to draw from. And so I, I love to tell people just like I'll tell you that I love you man, and I know that at times life is not fair and we go through some seasons and it's ups and downs, but I know one thing to be true is that you're not alone and that there's tons of people and resources at your fingertips. Numbers you can call and if you've heard anything today from how I speak and I know I don't necessarily always follow every question to a team give.

Speaker 3:     23:33           The perfect answer is that I really care about people and that's the one investment that I've made to make sure is very clear in the organization that we run, is that my commitment is to. And I signed that today as a declaration when we were talking about vision as a company. I said, my commitment is to you. What's your commitment to and then everybody got up and wrote their commitment on the board and I said, I hope that you understand what vision that what you wrote should be the same commitment you have here as you do in your life, and if not, then let's begin the process. My door's open. Walk in. Let's figure that out. I'll roll up my sleeves. All invest my time will come in early. Stay late. You've got to be willing to invest in your people because why do people leave? Because people investing in them in other places and they're beginning to lose interest in you and I love having people that have been with us 17 years and I love having people who have been with us six months and I love having people who have a story along their journey to share is that the company stands for something. I asked you, what do you stand for when you're looking at your people and put them first and watch how everything else begins to fall into place.

Speaker 2:     24:43           Drop the mic on that one. The one. I appreciate that. It's been one of the things we've looked at click funnels, it was we met a couple of weeks ago and we're basically doing a full org chart thing. No rustling sitting there going around 180, 190 and at the time it rolls it out and it's two, oh five and the next three weeks it was like, whoa. All of a sudden you find this little tiny idea that we got started with his grown, but the thing that we've held true to is what you mentioned and that is you gotta invest in people and we try to make sure we always hire just a players the best we can. We try to make sure that it's a culture fit. We're really big on its culture. You don't mind just next few minutes here, could you just help us kind of identity you take one a matter of time. When you talking about culture, what's it mean to you and how do you make it work in your business?

Speaker 3:     25:40           Remember how we were talking a little bit about going and meeting the parents, hanging with them and getting to know them. I actually want to get to know you outside of work and my mantra and my philosophies are simple. The way that I think my methodology says says something really, really basic and I want you to get this date because I think it's applicable to you and then your org chart and everything that you're doing, turn your org chart upside down and where do you stand? The bottom, supporting this massive, you know, infrastructure, right? Yes. It started out as a little idea, but it's grown. It's blossomed just like every year when the Golden State Warriors, because that's my team. Congratulations. Thank you. They think about the season. They don't go, well, let's go take this year. Right? They think, okay, we have all of these people and what makes up the Golden State Warriors is not just the players that you see on the court.

Speaker 3:     26:30           It's all of the coaches, the staff, the trainers or the people back the tickets, like everybody doing everything that you can't see and that's the thing that I have to remind myself about shipoffers is I may be the CEO and I may have great partners that give me the platform, but behind the scenes I have a team and that's like the team aspect that has helped build our culture. Our culture is built on vision, clarity, so we have kindness, we have improvement, right? We have integrity. Like I don't want people who don't want to be here, so I have a statement. If you have a clock in, clock out mentality, this isn't the place for you because some days it may be early in some days and maybe late and along the way we've make it last and I may have to pull up my compass and figuring out the direction we're going again.

Speaker 3:     27:14           And if you really want to test your people, don't pay him for two weeks and see their integrity. See if they should go up, see if they're going to give you their time, their consideration and everything they've got for you and then do it for another two weeks and then now you've got a month. And. All right, am I really the right person to lead this? So I'm all about culture. I'm all about getting to know my people. I love to take them out to lunch. I love to text them on the weekends. I've had a couple people who've dealt with death in the last couple of days, family issues, and I want to know my people. I want to know the people who actually signed up to go and jump on board and See our vision right and where we're headed and what we're doing. So my buy in has to be just as much as your bio in mind.

Speaker 3:     27:59           Maybe have to be just a little bit more because I have some experience around it. The people here come from all walks of life. They've been through all difficult situations growing up in the ghetto, growing up fatherless, uh, you know, environments and, you know, didn't know their mother. And I've seen, I've seen it come from different countries, worked oddball jobs to get here and I don't care who you are, I care about what you do when you're here. I don't care what happened to you, I'd love to get to know it, but I need to know who you are here and what is it that you want help with. So the last piece that I tell everybody that we hire, everybody we bring on, I said, we're a stepping stone for your greatness. We're here to help you learn enough stuff. And when you're ready, you'll take steps to go where you need to go.

Speaker 3:     28:47           Um, I told every person that has ever worked for our team. I said, I'm a stepping stone to where you want to go. Allow us to be that and give us what you can while you're here and I'll invest everything I can into you while you're here as well. And, uh, I love it. I mean, I'm a new guy. Just came on as our director of sales. He left the company that he was at for nine years managing 109 people. And uh, my friend Vinnie Fisher and his company helped us find this person and it's like, I found, I think I really do. I think about like, I'm going to be an empty Nester here in a year replacement, I don't want to say it too loud because he's in the other room, but there's something magical about when you invest in people. And I asked him the other day and I said, you know, how you doing here?

Speaker 3:     29:37           He goes, man, I can't believe it. I go, why? He goes, I actually remember that I have a life again. And it's not that there was anything wrong where he was at. He just sometimes we get lost along the way. And so culture for me is, is really talking to your people, talking about the good stuff, talking about it, the bad stuff, and getting ugly with them and talking about the stuff that really matters. And uh, you know, when you notice that a person is not doing their job, pull them aside and tell them. And I've been known to do that and I've been known not to do that. And I kicked myself when I realized, man, if I would've just had another heart to heart, maybe it would have mattered. But culture is it. I mean if you don't have good culture, you, you're definitely probably have some other issues in your company.

Speaker 2:     30:15           Well, I appreciate that. I know we joke around all the time as far as this idea as far as cold and really trying to build that type of a really tight knit organization. Not only here at inside of a company but also with our customers. So I appreciate that. I totally understand that.

Speaker 3:     30:33           Do you have an iphone or do you have an android? Iphone. So I can only address iphone users because that's all I have. So if you're an android maybe you should tune out some of the stuff. I have a big believer in. It may not be the best product in the world, but it's got some amazing things that have created culture. The facetime, the quick easy swipes, the shareable stuff, the things that are easy to attract, their store looks amazing. And then other companies try to, you know, copy their store, like how many people have tried to go and copy click funnels throughout the years. But you can't be click funnels because there's a culture there when you went to funnel hacking live, when I've been out of the last four years and I'm so happy that I got a chance to showcase this last year. You're looking around, they bought into culture. They believe in what you guys are doing. That's why I said yes to the podcast, why I say yes to this because it lines up with my culture, my fit of like I want to do things where I know the people on the other end are going in the same direction and they have a buy in 250 staff. It's phenomenal, but it still took one, two, three, four, five to come up with a vision to go then implement the vision for the rest of the company. They all had a buy into your culture.

Speaker 2:     31:45           Well, I appreciate that. I again, I can't thank you enough, Tony. I become a dear friend and I appreciate especially just how just raw and pure you are.

Speaker 3:     31:58           That's why my podcast that I launched last week and talk inside my other podcast is called raw and uncut. I think. I think we need less editing. I think we really just need to go and try and be okay that it didn't work out, but be willing to get back up, fail fast, get up. If it doesn't work and you know eyeballs aren't buying what you're selling, then maybe it's time that you just figure out why. Why it's not selling? Is it really it's not converting or maybe your message isn't very clear and I want my message to be clear to anybody listening today. No matter the path that you're on, no matter where you're at in your life, know that you matter. You have greatness inside of you. People like myself and Dave, Karen, love for you as a human being. Know that we want to support you on your mission and your journey, but I need 100 percent buy in from you. First. I need you to believe in yourself and if your stock

Speaker 3:     32:52           maybe just go take drainers and and allow that to be the highlighter that just begins to show some of the things. I'll find a way to connect with your audience. I'll find a way for them to reach out and connect with me. I'm a big believer in community is essential. I think we were created for community and connection and so many of us as entrepreneurs, we sit alone in our room and we're building something for the world and we forget that we are very disconnected and slightly making some adjustments. We start connecting and then when you go to funnel hacking live, you've realized that you have a huge community around you. Go ask a question in the facebook group sometimes watch how fast that thing fills up with answers. You are not alone, so stop sitting in the stands waiting for somebody to come along and save you.

Speaker 3:     33:39           Go do it yourself and know that you need to ask questions like when you needed to go to the bathroom and elementary school you raised your hand. I want you to get back to raising your hand and know that people are willing to help you, but don't be an asshole. Be the person who actually does it. When they say that's what they want. So remember, you're at where you're at for a specific reason. Now if you don't like where, yeah, do something about it. You're not a tree, as Jim Rohn said, you can grow and I want this message that I share with the world every single day of my life is I want you to be empowered to know that it's opportunity is now no opportunity wasted, so don't waste anything that we're talking about today and saying, oh, I'll do it someday. There is no Sunday. Today is the day. We're not promised tomorrow. We're not promised next week or next year. We're promised right here, right now. And what you can do in this moment

Speaker 3:     34:28           is Russell says, is your one fall away, right? You're one funnel away. You're one phone call away, your one email or a text from changing your entire life. So allow this podcast, this message, anything that you've heard today to resonate with you and if you don't resonate with you, guess what? I don't resonate with everything I hear either, but I think about one thing when I'm listening to somebody. What's the lesson that they're sharing? And I hope my lesson today has all been about awareness. Getting gaining more awareness in your life is the essential ingredient to living a fulfilled life. Well, with that guys, we're going to let this end checkout and make sure you also go to, yeah, drink drainers and Again, drainers and And by all means fine Tony on facebook, reach out to him is one of the most amazing men you'll ever meet on facebook. I'm on facebook, so yeah.

Speaker 4:     35:30           Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don't mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me where I'm trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over 650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and get this out to more people at the same time. If there's a topic, there's something you'd like me to share or someone you'd like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I'll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as that. There's people like me to interview. I'm more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or and do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

Jul 6, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Kolton:

Kolton Krottinger is the World's Leading Record Breaking Event Expert. The best part is he mastered his skills when he had no money. He failed at 34 businesses. He details how he was able to reverse the University of Texas' administration's decision to let him in to college all because of an event he put together on the UT stadium field. He discusses the impact of awards and how he was able to add $100K in a few months to his business all because of a $70 award.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Vision and keys to success (8:15)
  • Guerilla marketing for events. Brand yourself, save money doing it (15:30)
  • Business Advice: Pointers (18:15)

Quotable Moments:

"Everybody loves recognition and awards.  Give them out to people doing great things, and it will grow your company."

"When people stop focusing on money, and focus on aligning your passion, it’s absolutely incredible."

Other Tidbits:

Event Hosting: 7:33

Aligning your passions 18:38

Being Different/Reverse Engineering: 20:32



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Hey everybody. Welcome back.

Speaker 2:     00:18       You guys are in for the ride of your life today. This is. I've been looking so forward to this interview. It's taken me months to get this guy on the show because he'd been so dang busy and it keeps canceling on me, but I want to introduce you guys to call, call them. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 3:     00:33       Oh Dave. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited. So pumped.

Speaker 2:     00:36       So for those who may not know, Colton, Colton is the world's greatest event planner, coach. She actually has the world's leading record for breaking events. He also, one of my favorite things is he is a self proclaimed first and basically saying he's failed the most more than any of my other guests. So I'm kind of excited to go into that one. And for those of you guys, right, but on hacking live, you'll recognize Colin as he was our very first person to actually get engaged on stage at funnel hacking live. So Colton, I am so excited. Where do you want to drive? We can start. What do you want to start? We'd go all over the place with this one.

Speaker 3:     01:09       Absolutely. And I actually ended up in a homeless shelter and that's where I started my first business and I was able to scale that one to a million dollar business, um, whenever I was 23. And so that's Kinda like how I got started into this and then it all started with just a facebook events.

Speaker 2:     01:30       You're kidding me. So at age 23 starting in a homeless shelter, make a million bucks. Yes sir. And then I lost it. Lost it. So why did you want, we'll start off. First of all, why don't you give people who are listening to us a little bit of hope as far as, uh, what's, what's available, what's the potential, where you've come from and where you're going?

Speaker 3:     01:56       Absolutely. Uh, you know, I guess I forgot who said the quote, you have to say nine or I guess it's justice sticks, you know, that nine out of 10 small businesses fail. So, um, I decided to start 10 businesses and increase my chances for success. You know, it's a. and that's exactly what I did and it actually took me a 34 businesses before I got onto this one. But had I known about click funnels out of been a lot more successful a lot sooner. So

Speaker 2:     02:23       34 businesses. You're not even 34 years old?

Speaker 3:     02:26       No, no, I'm 28 years old and I mean I've started every time a business, you know, from lawn care, cleaning, a short shorts for men, a drug company, a security companies have a. and then I finally got into event planning.

Speaker 2:     02:43       That's awesome. So tell me about this whole event planning thing.

Speaker 3:     02:46       Yeah. So I'm. And to touch on, what'd you say, to give people hope. So yes. I lost my million dollar business. I ended up living on my grandmother's couch, and so I really had to figure out how to start a company with no money and it's free to put an event on facebook. So, um, and, and every time I've ever, all my greatest achievements happened, whatever I put my feet to the fire. So I put together this event and called it the world's largest super soaker battle. Um, and I went to sleep the next day. I had 10,000 people on there, you know, later that week, 30,000 people. Um, then I started receiving calls from General Motors, Nestle, Hasbro, Vita Coco, um, and it really just changed my life and I hosted this event and I had thousands of people begging me to sign up for the next one. And I said, you know what, we might have a business here.

Speaker 2:     03:32       So for those people who are not familiar with the world's largest soaker part, what the world are you talking about?

Speaker 3:     03:38       Uh, the, the world's eyes supersoaker battle. So it's the world's largest gathering of people with water guns. You know, I wanted to do it really big, cheap event. So I charge people $10, you bring your own super soaker and I had a dj and we just had a four hour party. So where do you put all these people? So I rented out a stadium, like college stadiums. So actually what I did was I was trying to go to college to have the University of Texas and they denied me. So what I did was I rented

Speaker 3:     04:08       and out their entire stadium and broke a world record there to get their attention so that I could become a student there. And then they sent me a letter saying that I can join. You're kidding. That's so, so that's, that's the, you know, just uh, and that's what I'm really big into is just like guerrilla marketing in a way of just, hey, if you're not gonna see me, I'll figure out a way for you to see me. And it's just kind of something I've done my whole life. So how many people were there? It was about 1500 to 2000 people kind of lost count after $1,500. Yeah. But, uh, I mean it was, it was a blast. And then decided to try it again and let's have the world's largest gathering of people with their dogs. And I'm rented out Dr Pepper Ballpark. And uh, yeah, we had a few thousand people there as well.

Speaker 2:     04:55       So how much does it cost around the Dr Pepper Ballpark for the stadium?

Speaker 3:     04:59       Um, so Dr Pepper Ballpark was about 20,000 and then, um, the college stadium was about 5,000, but, uh, like I said, I had no money so I put the, the, the key is to put the event on facebook, you know, six months prior, start selling tickets and then just negotiate with the venue. Say, Hey, let me pay you two weeks out. So I actually ticket sale. So I literally had no money. Um, and you know, a lot of people out there and running facebook ads, but there are so many other things you can do. So how I promoted this event to grow so big was at about $100 in my name. And um, I paid two off duty police officers to follow me and escort me into the world's largest nerf battle, which was my competitor. And I went to a park, plays Maserati, and I said, hey, if you'd let me borrow a car for two hours, I'll get you 10,000 views. And so they gave me a car, so I showed up there and a fancy car and police escort. I got out, started signing autographs, and I signed a few thousand autographs so everybody thought was a celebrity. So then I made a youtube video how to be a celebrity for a day. I promoted my super soaker battle and so this event really blew up for $100.

Speaker 2:     06:07       Dude, that is crazy. Yeah, that's about as a gorilla as it can go.

Speaker 3:     06:12       Absolutely. Absolutely.

Speaker 2:     06:14       So did Dan Henry gets your eye, his idea from you, what do you entered a funnel hacking live with? That?

Speaker 3:     06:20       I don't. He did not get his idea from me, but he definitely had me facilitate and run the whole thing for him for sure.

Speaker 2:     06:27       I saw your involvement in that. That's. Well, I was kind of curious.

Speaker 3:     06:29       Yeah. Yeah, because it's crazy. You know, I told him I've done it before and, and this is just another thing, you know, he was holding a mastermind and you know, a heels masterminds and I said, hey, can you help me, you know, we'll spend the evening for free, you know, sit down and chat. So I did that and then I got a ton of value from him later that evening and really work on my business. It was great.

Speaker 2:     06:49       So you started off with the world's largest super soaker battle. You did. Did the dog. How many people came to the dog park?

Speaker 3:     06:56       Um, I believe it is about the same, about 1500 to 2000 people. And that's the thing is I didn't have A.

Speaker 2:     07:03       Okay,

Speaker 3:     07:03       oh for this, imagine if I would've had a funnel where if you buy one ticket, the next page you get three more for the price of one. And then I could have sold dog. He sold guns like. So now I believe that, um, my fiance and I, we are going to be announcing soon that we are gonna hold hosted. The second annual world's are super soaker battle and have about 5,000 peoples, but waiting for

Speaker 2:     07:24       that is awesome. So it now becomes a huge lead Gen. Yes.

Speaker 3:     07:32       And, and that's something that I wish more businesses, you know, even with the click funnels, you know, everybody in click funnels can host events. So the great thing about hosting a big event, it's almost like owning a billboard agency. So I'm promoting all of my products, my businesses and then you can even even invite your competitors out there and sell them, you know, booth space to be there and uh, and it's, you can pretty much have your competitors pay for your entire event.

Speaker 2:     07:58       That is insane. So you've now become the world's best event planner, coach here. So give me some other ideas as far as things you've been doing, what, how you're getting other people's attention, guerrilla marketing type of things you're pulling off here.

Speaker 3:     08:10       No, absolutely. Um, so I've got a new, you know, the name of my company is a vent rockstars and um, and I saw a big event with the Dallas cowboys and so I reached out and said, hey, I would love to present, you know, one of the star players, you know, Cole Beasley, I said I want to present with him, you know, the role model of the year award from on behalf of the event rock stars know, because I love everything he's doing. He's a great role model for the kids. But um, and so that's what I did. So that actually got me and the company is about a month old and so we're actually having recognizing this guy on behalf of my company, even though it's a new company, you know, he gets recognition and everybody loves recognition. Everybody loves, you know, trophies, everybody loves award. So give them out to people that are doing great things and it will grow your company.

Speaker 2:     08:57       That is fantastic. Oh my gosh, I love it. I appreciate just dropping value bombs after value on, for our audience here. What else you got?

Speaker 3:     09:06       So yeah, I mean it reminds me of like the two comment that I really like more than to make a million dollars. I want to win the two Comma Club award. I mean it goes back to uh, you know, uh, Russell loves to recognize people, Click funnels, loves to recognize people and I believe it's just a huge thing to improve the culture and get everyone together. Everybody wants these awards, everybody wants these, the swag shirts and, and you can, everybody can do that for their company and it costs, you know, you can do it for very little amount of money,

Speaker 2:     09:37       you know, I called, I really do appreciate your saying that we have miles and I actually were, I just got back from Boise state today. I'm back in September. We did our viral video launch and then afterwards played the world's largest game of human bubble soccer on the Albertson, Boise state blue turf and get us out here, set the record, all that kind of stuff. And so today I went out there and presented the football coach, his trophy of his award and uh, had another war for Brent Moore who basically was the primary contact at the stadium. And it was really fascinating because we ended up having, oh gosh, I think we might've had five minutes of their time today. There was a four or five news channels. They're all all excited about primarily getting time to time to talk to the head coach at Boise state.

Speaker 2:     10:24       And the irony was I'm sitting in my office about an hour and a half later and all of a sudden myles comes running in with his phone going, she's not going to believe this. We on ESPN. And so the guys who were there actually were part of Espn radio and we had talked about this bubble human bubble soccer event sending the Guinness World Record. And we actually, the record was only 99. And they're like, why didn't you do 100? I said, well, we actually started with 100, but one of the guys got claustrophobia inside the bubble and couldn't make it. And so all these guys were going, man, if you ever been in one of those bubbles, you know, hot there. And so they went on for like five or six minutes about click funnels event at Boise state and how claustrophobic inside the those bubbles get. So I honestly, I didn't think anything of it.

Speaker 2:     11:09       I totally, if I go back and look again when I. Gosh, we, we learned so much smarts. What we did wrong at that event. We had all these influences there. I didn't get enough video footage with them because we were more concerned about our viral video launch party. But the cool thing is I'm such a huge believer in events. Obviously we have click funnels, funnel hacking live event, which we'll talk about here in just a second. But in addition to that, with our two comma club x, we've had a couple of other events. And you know the irony when you're talking about these awards, this two Comma Club award thing is it has literally become like the grammy's or the Emmy's of our industry. And I see people's facebook profiles with that on and they're doing with their plaques behind them then doing ads because they can actually say two comma club where facebook doesn't know that's a million dollars, but they can market it to everybody else. Let it mean. So I love what you're doing.

Speaker 3:     12:05       Thank you. Thank you. And I'm like, it's the same for me. Like I don't want that award more than I want the million dollars.

Speaker 2:     12:13       That is hilarious. We actually have a guy did, he did about $16 million last year, but not inside of click funnels. Just like, you know what, I'm shutting everything down and move it over for no other reason than I just want the stupid award.

Speaker 3:     12:26       No, it's great. I mean it's, it's, uh, really, uh, awards are definitely like I'm under utilized whenever it comes to the real marketing. I mean it's, you can think of an award if you present someone with an warranty, you can think of it almost like a key to me. Absolutely. Anybody you want and get on, get on stage of any, any event you can imagine. Um, it's a key. Awards are essentially keys and more companies should definitely use them.

Speaker 2:     12:50       No, I totally agree. I had any idea how big it would have been. I would have done it even earlier than we did, but no, I totally agree with you. It's been fascinating for me just to see the impact, uh, last week and, and I were down in Salt Lake where he received the Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year award and it was fascinating. I mean you got 1200 people in this banquet hall basically hearing a pitch from about 30 different companies that were finalists after, not including all the other thousands that applied and it was just kind of fast. I, I learned so much from that golden and a lot about what you were saying. I was actually talking to the athletic director at Boise State today about the award and everything else and how Ernst and young actually you just this event nationwide actually it's worldwide and they use it for no other reason than lead Gen. it's just a massive lead gen opportunity to where they get to see who are the best companies that they want to work with or they can then pick and choose from. And it was fascinating as I sat and talked to her, a couple of the executives of Ernst and young or the weekend. I'm like, you guys, this is a super, super smart, so I love what you're doing because it awards and events like this and that kind of recognition, man. It goes so far so far.

Speaker 3:     14:03       Absolutely. And I'll tell you, you know, like I told you, my, my company was 30 days old whenever represented Cole Beasley with this award and then I ended up hanging out with the whole team and now I'm taking over all the events for Travis Frederick. He's the center for the Dallas Cowboys. I'm taking on all of his events and now I've got a couple other cowboys and their foundations are reaching out to me. And so like it was a, it was just a great time to, you know, gorilla marketing your company and then, uh, you know, it's massive legion, like you said.

Speaker 2:     14:30       Okay, so you're going to have to give a little more background and story to this. I mean, so your award to called Bz lead into how many other clients on a, on a company. Again, remember everyone who's listening. This is a 30 day old company.

Speaker 3:     14:42       Yeah, well I would say um, I definitely like with hard numbers that are hard number of translation. I would say at least $100,000 is that event got me as far as revenue as far as like what I'm going to be doing this year for a couple of cowboys. The award and the award cost me, it was about $75.

Speaker 2:     15:03       So that was an investment we call that a massive Roi. That's fantastic. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. That is super cool. Well, I know you do obviously coaching in this kind of thing. Now you're in the process of getting, heading towards your own two Comma Club award and I think it's [inaudible] dot com. Is that the, a site? [inaudible] DOT com. So it's k, r o, t, t. So two t's I n, G E R Dot com. And your whole focus there is teaching people how to do this type of guerrilla marketing for events. Is that right?

Speaker 3:     15:40       Absolutely. Absolutely. So I teach people how to do exactly what I'm doing and really not spend money and just really brand yourself and make a lot of money doing it

Speaker 2:     15:49       well again. And to get true Colton like fashion. This is a website that I believe as we're, as we're recording this isn't done yet,

Speaker 3:     15:57       right? It's just about done like a blank noubar built it out and it's, it's gorgeous. It's beautiful. It's just about them. But yeah, you can still go in there and check everything out for sure.

Speaker 2:     16:09       I love it. Well by the time we air this at a couple of weeks, I'm hoping it will be done. You know, so I think it's really cool. I was kind of looking at just so this is a webinar funnel for those guys who are listening. So basically I was going to be an auto webinar, going to be a live webinar. What are you gonna do?

Speaker 3:     16:24       Uh, it'll be an auto webinar. Okay. So on a front end offer, I give like, you know, teach people how to get, like the email addresses, get leads, stuff like that, and then it goes into a webinar and then into my, uh, my event planner chorus where I pretty much I give everything, um, you know, including templates on how to get on the news and how to do everything. Everything.

Speaker 2:     16:45       Well, I think you've been on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS. I mean it's, you've got some serious publicity.

Speaker 3:     16:52       Absolutely man. It was crazy. Like definitely like leaving my grandma's couch to go drive the new station will be on news to do some, you know, because I'm doing something cool whenever I literally just couldn't even pay for the gas to get to the news station. But um, that's, that's how I got started.

Speaker 2:     17:07       You don't call them. That's the part I absolutely love about. What you do is you take, there's just no excuses and you and you're not one to. It's basically whatever it takes to make stuff happen. It's kind of your approach to life. And I've, I've loved seeing that. Thank you. Thank you. It was kind of reminded me of you reached out to me when we're funnel hacking live and hey, you know, I've got this idea, I'd love to be able to, to propose to my fiance at funnel hacking live by Russell Brunson or having to be there and in fact your, I think your facebook posts to me very personal message was he doesn't even have to know I'm there. I just want to be close enough to. I can kneel down behind it. Like what the heck's going on? So it was, it was hilarious. We were actually ice. I saw your post and I thought, you know what actually can be a lot of fun here at funnel hacking live. And so we were out to dinner with just the night before the event with the team and I was talking with Melanie, I said, Melanie, what would you think about this? And she starts getting all weepy eyed and oh my gosh, don't be the coolest thing ever. And so again, it was a lot of fun for us to have you on stage in the, you want to say about it.

Speaker 3:     18:16       Yeah, no, absolutely. I think, um, I mean you can definitely get started, uh, you know, having no money anybody can, but I mean the key is to getting people to believe in your vision and surrounding yourself with amazing people. Like it opens up so many doors and I think, I think when people stop focusing on money and just focus on, they're aligning their passions like you love to help people, that's what you do. I love to help people. And um, and that's why we align so well and it just, it was absolutely incredible. And like I promise this was

Speaker 3:     18:48       on a guerrilla marketing tactic to get onstage because you believe you, you put together everything. And I, I never imagined, you know, like, like he said, I figured I'd be behind a wall or something and just kneel behind the vessel, but it was so great. It opened up so many doors and it gained me so many mentors just from doing that because people love that story. You know, I've got Jeffrey Bannock, Ariel a lot, henry, like all these people, uh, decided to help me and mentor me after that moment. And it was absolutely life changing. And then on top of that, getting to marry the woman of my dreams, uh, you know, it just, it's icing on the cake.

Speaker 2:     19:23       I love it. Well, it was fun for us and again, we appreciate that it was a, we're always trying to find different things we can do to make funnel hacking live a little different than the year before. So it's a, it worked out real well for us too.

Speaker 3:     19:35       Yeah, absolutely. You know, Todd Dickerson was saying, you know, we might have to come up with a new staff on the stats page.

Speaker 2:     19:43       That's right. Those are the things that matter most. It's the people.

Speaker 3:     19:46       Absolutely. Absolutely.

Speaker 2:     19:48       Well, I get a call it and I think that part I've loved most about getting to know you is really your approach to doing whatever it takes. Is there any other advice or counsel or encouragement you'd give people who are listening right now?

Speaker 3:     19:58       Yes, absolutely. I mean, the, the absolute biggest thing that, that works for me. And again, you know, I approach everything without spending money. So this is coming from like a broke mindset. I'm brainstorming sessions, you know, I do these every week and anybody should do this. So that's where, you know, I got a big table, I get a, I put paper everywhere, I get crayons and markers and sharpies and I invite friends over, you know, give him some bare cookout for them. Just get some friends together and brainstorm, which I do. Okay, okay. I want to get on this stage where I want to do this, I want to start this business and reverse engineer, how can we do it, how can we be different, you know? Um, I love what I do because I never had to compete with anybody because I do things so weird and so different than nobody else does them. So the power of brainstorm with some friends and amazing people like yourself, you know, getting together. Um, it's, it's so powerful. It's the most powerful tool I have.

Speaker 2:     20:53       Oh cool. That's great advice. I appreciate it. Well, if we get close to wrapping things up, again, people as you're listening, go to [inaudible] Dot Com, k r o t t I n g e r take a look at Colton sites. Uh, again, world's leading record breaking event, an expert, obviously the guy knows everything about social media, guerrilla marketing strategies, and really encourage these, pick his brain, so called the people want to reach out to you. What other ways can they reach out to you?

Speaker 3:     21:16       Yeah, absolutely. Just add me on facebook, Colton croutons here. I'm definitely here to help people and give advice, you know, um, or even brainstorm. I'll help anybody in any way I can. I love the click funnels group in the community. So absolutely anything I can do for anybody just let me know.

Speaker 2:     21:33       Awesome. Well thanks again bud and we'll talk to you real soon.

Speaker 3:     21:37       Yes sir. Thank you.

Speaker 4:     21:38       Okay. Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to podcasts. If you don't mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me. We're trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people at the same time. If there's a topic, there's something you'd like me to share or someone you'd like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I'll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if the you'd like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to itunes rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

Jul 4, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Akbar:

Akbar Sheikh is a best selling author internationally, speaker, and master of the 7 Ethical Principles of Persuasion. Prior to his success, Akbar was homeless and overcame many trials and tribulations in his life; he credits these hard times as the catalyst to his success. His core philosophical belief revolves around giving back.  Akbar believes that being an entrepreneur gives him the opportunity to give back to families, communities, charities, hence making the world a better place. He has now helped seven funnels hit seven figures by ethically injecting principles of persuasion into their funnel.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The Power of Giving: (4:05)
  • Income Earning and how to be Successful: (8:00)
  • (25:16)
  • Entrepreneurial journey (25:40)

Quotable Moments:

"We help businesses scale to 7 figures by ethically injecting principles of persuasion into their funnel."

"You need to have that giving mindset since day one, otherwise you will not be successful."

"You don’t have to do all of it at once."

Other Tidbits:

Making it impossible to fail:  (11:10)

Vision/Goal Board: (11:40)



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody. Welcome back to a funnel hacker

Speaker 2:     00:19       radio. This is going to be a fun, fun experience because we're kind of going back in time and Ford and time all at the same time. What I mean by that is rarely do I ever have someone who's been on our show more than once, but I wanted to kind of go back and bring someone back in. Gosh, it's been almost. It's been over a year now, but I wondered if you guys or reintroduce you to act chic. Ackbar. Welcome Dave. Thanks for having me. I'm so happy to have you. This is a lot of fun. For those of you guys, you don't know his story. I mean, have you referred back to the first podcast? We did, and we'll put that down in the show notes, but real quick, I wish, again, I don't know how if we're going to have this on video or not, but let me just kind of tell you, this is a guy who went from having nothing.

Speaker 2:     00:56       Basically it was living in a janitor's closet and I'm looking at the backdrop to his interview room here in mind. Just is absolutely garbage. I've got. I'm totally jealous. I'm looking here. He's got a picture of he and Russell. He's got a shelf with, I don't know how many awards because he's blocking half of eight or 10 awards there. He's got three different Co, two comma club plaques behind him. I mean the guy has been just crushing it and thought, you know, it'd be a ton of fun just to have. Haven't backed onto. The first time I had him on was because we'd met, Gosh, nick was to funnel hack live ago and at that time he just got his first two Comma Club award and so I thought it'd be really fun to bring them back on and kind of tell the journey from one, two comma club awards now three pushing forward to hit our, our eight figure water plaque in ring and everything. So all that said, I've said more than enough ackbar. Glad to have you on the show and tell it. Fill in the gaps of what I forgot.

Speaker 3:     01:48       Oh Man. You know, we've just gotten a little gray since I first joined was I had two kids. I actually just got into, so two years ago and the first of all hacklabs when I first joined click falls and Dallas last year. So I've had two kids didn't since then. I've gotten some gray hair and we've got some clarity on how this whole Internet marketing world works. And you know, it's, it's, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing they have to really soak up, you know,

Speaker 2:     02:17       you know, the crazy thing about it, we always, for some reason always comes up as far as two comma, club plaques, awards, all this craziness. And people think all these millions of dollars. The thing that I want people to understand about you, which is really kind of the weirdest thing, is you're not motivated by money at all. I mean, like

Speaker 3:     02:35       at all right? It's funny because I'm in, I'm in Russell Brunson's inner circle, right? And um, you know, there's a coach, a life coach, a coach, Mandy. So you take these tests, you know, the disc test and it tells you what is, um, what do you value in life? And it's crazy because you think you know yourself, but you really kind of don't when you take this test. And everybody was kind of shocked when they found out that my, it's called the economy. Uh, money was not important to me at all. And everyone's kind of shocked because they're all a bunch of entrepreneurs. They're like, it was Kinda like a lot of people will hide money driven, impact driven. So yeah, that was kind of shocking, but it really helped me understand my purpose and why I do what I do and it's because of my love of entrepreneurs to really help them scale so they can take a portion of revenue, give it to their families, communities and favorite charities, hence making the world a better place.

Speaker 3:     03:26       I love that part. That kind talks about that as this super theory type of thing that eventually I want to do. You have done it from day one. I mean it's crazy because it's. One of the things I love and it's really why I wanted to have you on the show is obviously we'll talk about the is you're creating and literally millions of dollars. You're helping yourself as well as for your clients. But I want to kind of help people understand what, when we talked about this idea as far as the one funnel away for you as one funnel away from giving and helping and restoring sight and and helping kids. So I want to kind of. We'll get to that other stuff, but this is a different side we typically don't address and I want to just dive right into that with you if you're okay with that.

Speaker 3:     04:08       I'm so happy to talk about that because what not annoys me or frustrates me, but what concerns me is when people are like, Oh, when I'm successful then I will give. But the thing is like, I feel like you need to have a giving mindset from day one, otherwise you're not really going to be successful. Do you see what I'm saying? So it's like I was homeless. I didn't have money to give. So at that time I was giving time. Do you know what I mean? And there was a time I didn't have time and this was just calling my mom and my family members and just making them happy. Like, you know, you never ever call like your aunt for example, like your last and be like, Hey, I'm just thinking about you. Love you. I mean they'll literally cry by the way when you do that.

Speaker 3:     04:47       So listen, my number one secret honestly is not a facebook pixel, is not some content or copy strategy or some webinars, secret formula. Honest to God, I swear to God it is giving because every time I get, matter of fact, I've been taking this month real easy. I've had a phenomenal month revenue wise for those people. Care about that. Do you know why? I believe that his earlier this month we built a well in Africa and they, believe it or not right now, we abuse water. It seems meaningless. It's nothing to us. They have to walk miles and miles. Big Buckets on their head just to go get clean water back half the day is gone. The poor get poorer. What are they going to work? Half the day is going to walk to get water. We built A. Well, they're solar powered, by the way. Now. Thousands of people every day are gonna have access to clean water, which is something they never had before. Is it a coincidence that like right away we did like we did 50,000 like this while I was honestly actually on vacation. Not to be cheesy and be like that, you know, on the beach it was just, it's just true. I was on a lake, but it's because of the giving. I can promise you that and when I get a little lazy because that happens because sometimes you get

Speaker 2:     05:57       sick or not sick of writing the checks, but sometimes it's just, it just becomes another check and which is why I'm actually want to opening my own charity because I want to be more hands on. I want to take my kids to like a farm every weekend where we can feature, you know, when you, when you slow down a little bit. I noticed that my revenues less every time. Every time I forget to write a check or something, that always is less, but when I. The more I give, I swear, the more I make more happier. I am really. I love it. I've been a huge believer in the whole principle of tithing for years and years. Kind of grew up on that principle with my parents. Teach me, give away 10 percent of attempt and I've just. I've adapted that my own life and it's been fun since then, uh, where you can now get more than a 10th and other charities and do other things that you want to do with it.

Speaker 2:     06:43       But I think what you said is probably the most important thing that is if you think you're going to give later and you don't know, you never, you just never will. I just, it just doesn't happen that way. So I wanted to make sure that we kind of started off with this and I'm sure if some people may have turned off the podcast by now, but that's okay. For those of you who are still with us, I wanted to make sure you guys understand there is a, a law. I'm a huge believer again, you know, there's a lot of irrevocably decreed and having before the foundation of this world upon which all blessings are predicated and I believe whenever you receive any blessings from obedience to those laws, you how much they're predicated kind of scriptural type of belief that I've, I've come to find out to be true for myself.

Speaker 2:     07:26       And that is as you give more and if there's money, it's like a vacuum and when all of a sudden you start receiving stuff and you get more out, that vacuum has to be filled and you just get more kind of like what you illustrated that. But with that said, I'd like to now kind of divert more towards the money side of how do you help people actually earn the type of incomes where they can build wells and they can help those children who need eyesight. And let's kind of talk on the business side now. Let's make this transition. What I know you've got a book out your seven seven, what's the name of the book? It's a seven figure funnels and slap you in the face with a cold fish blueprint on how to generate a seven figure business online and just have an ethical steps.

Speaker 2:     08:13       Smiley face always goes. I can't even repeat any of that. So just go to and you can see it. But here's the marketing title basically means there's a way of building seven figure funnels. And so with that said, tell me what are certain gifts some people, again, you've always been charitable giving. I want you to give like real nuggets, actionable steps that people can take right now to make that stuff happen. You don't, Dave, I'll tell you something interesting. Um, there's something that really I was talking about my hair getting gray, something that I'm realizing is that you can actually be really whoever you want to be and I don't want to get a little deeper in that meeting. I'll be a little vulnerable with you by nature. And I believe there were all tested. Like some people are just naturally

Speaker 3:     08:56       have an addictive personality, so maybe they're being tested like that and maybe you know, it's tough for them to stay away from alcohol or something like that. Like we're all genetically a certain which way. And you know what test that way some people are addicted to all different types of me by nature. Dave, I, I'm a little bit of a naughty boy, you know what I mean by that is like if my hands are a little greasy, I'm at someone's house. I got a cheeseburger and no one's looking. I'm going to wipe my hands on their curtains. I found true and going to the table a certain things. I'm going to litter. I'm going to do all these things. I'm a little naughty. I guess I don't do any of these things because you can be anyone you want to be and I've chosen to be a better person even though by nature, you know, I want to put my feet up and smoke a cigar and have some, some Jack Daniels.

Speaker 3:     09:40       I don't do any of that. You know what I mean? Now there are certain things you need to do to be successful in business. Right? For example, the number one thing is when I failed for 10 years, like, and I had that realization when I feel for 10 years over and over and over again, that time when I was homeless, I was first discovering a call line and funnels and 30 days went by and I didn't make any sales. I said to myself, dude, I don't care. I see all these guys making it. They don't seem any different than me, but they seem like a Weirdo just like me. It's like, I'm just not going to give up, right? I'm just going to make it happen. Or I'm literally gonna die trying in this, in this closet. So I didn't give up. And by nature, I'm a person who just gives up on, Hey, forget it.

Speaker 3:     10:20       She was a good amount of diet, nevermind gave me a cheeseburger, but I'm not doing that. So I lost 70 pounds is by choosing to be a person that's not going to give up. Number one. Number two is the discipline. Uh, I wish you can see I have a daily three. It's very simple. Every single. Okay? So what it is, I have the goals written out, right? Okay. We want this funnel. Now what we're going to do is we want to converting webinar funnel, for example. That's what we're in now. We're going to dissect that into smaller goals. Okay? We need an awesome headline. We need awesome three secrets. We need some awesome pictures, okay? These are to do list. I gotta get a guy on Fiverr. I got to get an operator to look this over. I got to get the tech person that put this together, you know, and then you keep reading the.

Speaker 3:     10:59       Now you've got a big to do list. Now I'll say this and I hold by with my heart and my soul. It is signed in my opinion, and correct me if I'm wrong, I think it is scientifically impossible on a molecular level to fail at this game. If you don't give up and you're doing at least three things a day to move your business forward, sounds good to me. No one's ever. I've said that a lot of people, no one's ever been able to say no, that's not true. So to me, that's the person I'm choosing to be. So for me success is not. What annoys me is when some people say, Oh man, you're lucky, or success is luck. I don't think so. I think success is an option and the good news is is that anyone can choose a. anyone can choose to be that person.

Speaker 3:     11:43       I totally agree with you on that. So now that you've made the choice to actually be successful, what are the things? So right now, what are the three things on your board? What are the three things you're going to do every day? I'm a little bit right now because I ran. I have goals, I have goals and it's interesting. I'll just, I'll just mention this. I have goals on my board. The other day I was in, uh, I started kickboxing and I went to the locker room and I opened up my law firm where I had all my things. I saw my breitling watch, I saw my thousand dollars shoes, I saw my Bentley keys and I saw that. I'm like, okay. It was nice in the beginning, but now it's, it's meaningless. If you look at my goals now it's to get a farm for charity.

Speaker 3:     12:25       It's to by my parents in a state where we can all be together. It's to be a philanthropy, a local philanthropist. It's about being near my community. It's about helping people. It's all about that. All the materialistic things. There's nothing materialistic. There's no Gucci purse or anything like that. There's nothing there. It's all about family, community and charity and that's, that's what drives me, but as far as my to do list, getting off Theoh my, here it is. I'm going to, um, we're going to talk to my accountant because I'm paying endless taxes and we need to see what's going on with that. I'm going to put up A. I'm going to do automated postings in my facebook group because I'm trading time for money, not automating that. So. Okay. So here's the big secret, by the way, I'm getting a little off topic, but when you're talking about content on facebook, you have to engage and when you engage, like if you put a cool content posts online and people are commenting and you don't respond, facebook just shuts you down.

Speaker 3:     13:20       It gets a little weird because sometimes you're like awesome post. I'm just like, cool, I have to say something. Right? Because when you do that engagement, then you know, you keep getting more and more and more viewed as it's awesome. So I've put that into automating. I got to get like an assistant to that because I can't. It gets annoying for me. It's cool, thank you. Awesome. You know, it's like, what are you gonna say after a while. You know what I mean? Um, and then I'm working on a few projects. We're looking to build a software. We're looking to get into real estate. We're looking to open a, believe it or not, a mattress retail store. It's going to be very unique concept, but there's a lot of things on the I, I'm a lot more than three, but you just need three. So what are some of things for those people that are listening, they need action.

Speaker 3:     13:57       Action steps right now. So typically are people are listening, are everything from people who are just getting started and just heard about click funnels to those people who are at seven figures like yourself and those who are approaching eight and even above eight right now. For those people who are just getting basically two or three, two or three versus just getting started right now, what are the things they need to focus on? What this. Check this out. I really feel as entrepreneurs, Dave, that we're artists and I feel like our mind is our canvas and it needs to be clear and it needs to be crisp us to to to create this, these phenomenal wealth generating funnel is right for that to happen. We need some systems from day one and I, and I'm only preaching what I did and when I was broke. You need an assistant right away from day one, no matter where you are financially.

Speaker 3:     14:44       For example, if you can only afford a va now listening to get plenty of Va's for $10. If you can only afford them for a couple hours a week, get it and have the number I told you to break down all the tasks you the mind is a very particular thing. You can only do a certain amount of things and then it turns off. It's like I'm done. I'm done for the day. If you're filling it up with menial things, write down your day. What do you do? How long does it take you to get to work? How long do you spend in the bathroom? How long are you spending hours trying to figure out copy all these things? How much are you worth an hour if you're worthless, just say 100 an hour. Wait a minute. Why am I spending half the day doing things? I can pay someone $10 an hour to do.

Speaker 3:     15:19       You're just messing yourself up because you're. You're. There's only so much you can do and then you're done. Get a Va. That va will make you more profitable. [inaudible]. IT'll free you up. Then you can spend your god given gifts are doing income generating activities that like, I started like that, a va for a couple hours a week. Now I have a full time in house, right hand man, but we built up that way organically. So that's number one is great tip. Yeah. So have a giving mentality from day one and have a. Have a team mentality from day one. This isn't a one man show like, I mean it depends on your goals really, but if you're trying to be in the seven figure world that it's really difficult to do it as a one man shop. So that's one thing. Another thing they have is really crystal clear clarity, and this is something really I learned in russell brunson's inner circle as well.

Speaker 3:     16:04       If you're not working towards something, you're working towards nothing and it's like my goal is already there and I get to look. I remember that you have to have those goals so you know what you're working towards everyday. Otherwise you just on the treadmill, just running in circles are running in place all the time. You know what I mean? So if you have a crystal clear goals, you have help. You have the giving mentality. Okay? Now is now. Now you want to talk about specifically onto my funnels. Is your messaging clear? Are you going to pass what I call the dum bum test? If I show you my funnel immediately and closed the laptop, are you going to say, hey, what was that? What's in it for me? Uh, and how do I get it? I've had people talk to me about their funnels right all the time and asking, hey, what do you do 20 minutes later in the company? So what do you do?

Speaker 3:     16:51       Clarity. Hey, watch this. Just do it, got milk. I mean, these are some of the largest camp marketing campaigns ever. People have their life story on their follow, right? Or they're missing everything. Just consent. What did einstein say? The beauty is in simplicity, the geniuses in taking something complex and making it so that the masses can understand. So for example, someone comes to you and say, so what is it that you do? What do you do? Um, well, I help entrepreneurs scale to seven figures by ethically injecting seven ethical principles of persuasion into their funnels. Oh, that's a long. That's a long regional. Yeah. Massive curiosity ways. There's a couple of hooks there. So what are some of those seven proven ethical steps? You know, there's a lot of different things. Um, there's scarcity, there's social proof, there's authority, there's like ability, there's tenacity, the tenacity.

Speaker 3:     17:47       For example, you know, that the lion's share of a lot of revenue is done on the back end is done in followup. Guess what? Most people don't have any follow up. I'm like, hey, how's your emails? Emails? Where's, where's that? What's that? Hey, most people listen. Shiny object syndrome where, listen, hey, media, 4,000 ads a day, we're seeing our minds are like, it's a miracle. They're not melted. Honestly, you have to constantly, how are you going to come if they're looking at your funnel and they get distracted by the 8 million things going on and they don't go back to from you, they're done with you onto the next one, right? But if you're constantly engaging with them via email or facebook group or bought or what have you, then you stay on the top of their mind.

Speaker 2:     18:29       So right now I'm opening it up your seven figure funnel. And so when you go there, basically obviously you've got a ton of social proof over the top as featured nbc two comma club, yahoo finance, huffington post, fox news number one international bestselling book, and five, five different countries. You have five star ratings on there. All this again, it's $47 book. Grab your free copy of the number one best seller, seven figure funnels. So I think one of the things that I loved about your page was people, you have to understand, you have to sell even something that's free. And I had this conversation with russell the other day. I'm like the amount, I mean just to sell something free, like a free plus shipping offer. If you look at our expert secrets funnel. I gotcha. If we were print that out, I don't know, I think it's like 50, 60 pages, but it's just crazy.

Speaker 2:     19:23       But I look at yours, it's that same thing. You've got to have social proof. You've got to be willing to. And I had this conversation with my son last night, a christian, he's 15, 16 years, seven gosh, 17 years old, 17 years old and he's going, he's just getting started with click funnels. He wants to do a affiliate contest. And he's like, well damn, I'm trying to find out. You know, what? What should be my. What's my hook, what's my offer? How do I get people and most of my often page and it's itching. Having these conversations with a 17 year old son who's understanding, you have to have a hook, you have to have an offer, you've got to have a story, you got to have something that's compelling, that's there. And I think again, what I love about, about your page is it's a super simple opt in page. Again, yes, I deserve this. Interesting. Not, not want this, but I actually deserve this. So tell me why you went with I deserve this. Well, it's interesting. Yeah,

Speaker 3:     20:15       because people, uh, you know, it's basic psychology, right? That they're like, you know what? It's like giving them permission to succeed. It's like giving them permission. A lot of people are afraid of success. So this is allowing yourself to permit yourself to succeed. Now, what I really like about this page to one of my favorite things is when you opt in, you, I get obviously get your email address, but instantaneously you're taken right away to my body.

Speaker 2:     20:39       That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Okay? So again, I want you guys, this is what I want you to check this out. Once you go to a seven figure, opt in and usually

Speaker 3:     20:48       what most of you guys are used to seeing is you're going to go to a thank you page. That doesn't happen. So tell me, how did you open up my facebook page? So by the way, the they're going to ask, you can say seven figure book back home. They're going to ask, do you spell it or is it the number of. We got both the urls, so yeah. Okay. So check it out. So you opt in and get your email, which is cool because like you know, people get opt in, you know what's a great open rate? Twenty percent, 25 percent. What's a great click through rate one to five percent. I mean like you know, these are very high rates. Okay. So I get your email then immediately I message you on your instant messenger on facebook. My wife does and says, and it's a video now, which is important.

Speaker 3:     21:33       I'll get to them. Say it's a video saying, hey, awesome, you want me to book? That's so cool and it's me. It's kind of cool. I'm going to like a nice leather coat and like a cool background, like nice trees and stuff. Um, and that was like, you want my book? Awesome. Guess what? It's in my facebook group and my feet. It's my free facebook group where we give you ton of tips on how to scale your business to seven figures. It's a free group. Very exclusive. It's right in there. You want to eat. Would you like to go get that? Would you like to go get that now? And then they have to click. Yes. So now they've engaged in my boss and now they're on my bucket list and then now they're going and joining my group. So I've gotten their email, they're on my body and now they're in my group now by the way, emails are cool, but bots are freaking phenomenal.

Speaker 3:     22:15       Kinda like 80 percent open rate, like 30 to 50 percent click through. Like it's like the numbers are ridiculous. Like we're going to be laughing at this in years to come to like, dude, we should have taken more advantages. This is like the wild, wild west. And then of course in the facebook group, you cultivate them regularly with, with regular week of daily content. So it comes to a point, dave, honestly, and this is important, it comes to a point where were I, where people come to me to work with me and they have no questions for me. They have no qualms about my pricing and they're just ready to join because they've been soaking in. They've been inundated with so much content from bots, from emails, from my facebook group. They're just like, dude, please take my money. Do you know what I mean?

Speaker 3:     22:54       And, and it's. And that's how you do it. Know I love it. It's. So basically there's two clicks on the facebook messenger bot. First one basically says, yes, I'm in. Second one is joined my group. I joined the group. Very first thing there is, it's a pinned post where the actual download is. So the deliverable is actually in the facebook group. And then beyond that basically goes into your recent activity, which again just announced you get your new podcast. This went live on top of there. So what's your podcast? Nice hotel. Nice. We'll pitch that to secrets to scaling like you know, we're doing all the presidents. Men were trying to be everywhere. We're trying. We're listening. We started nowhere. Listen, when I joined clickfunnels, I didn't even have a facebook account because none of my friends are on facebook. I only joined facebook for click falls to be in the clickfunnels group.

Speaker 3:     23:44       Really? Uh, enough flooding. Actually. Now we have a thriving facebook group. We have an instagram with over 10,000 followers. We have a facebook business page, we have linkedin, we have youtube, our youtube channel. We've got podcasts, secrets, the scale, and we were launching a blog next week. We've got a big email list. We got a bought list and all this started from, from really nothing, but it really. I decided to be that person who's going to have all this stuff. Why, by the way, why is because I wanted the audience. Why is because when I have a cool call is like, I want to help bind kids, get their vision back, or I want to sponsor orphans or I want to do something cool. I have a community of likeminded people who were with me that'll help me do it a lot, like russell's changing the world with the brother was helping those kids and the underground railroad operation.

Speaker 2:     24:32       Well thank you and again, I think the part I hope you guys all listened to and really kind of catch your, some of the major value bonds that been mentioning here. One is you have to have a va. It's probably the biggest mistake I made was thinking I could do this myself and I was too cheap and I loved. It really was when I first started I was just too cheap and I think that the key is I don't care if it's for an hour a week or two hours a week. I saw the same thing happened in my life as far as getting assistance from my house as far as whether it's a pool keeper, someone cutting the grass, someone cleaning the house, so into the shop. What are those things they add up? It frees your mind. Now you have to do that. The other thing I really would encourage you guys to do is go through seven figure

Speaker 2:     25:11       Take a look at the way in which the funnel works. Super, super simple. I mean it is literally just an optin page directly to a facebook group. That's it. And the great part about it is the other thing you just said and that is you don't have to do all of it at once, man. I think that's where people, they just get overwhelmed and just pick one. Just pick the one thing and do that one thing. So act, bargain, appreciate that a ton. I love seeing what you're doing as we get close to wrapping things up here. Any other parting words you want to make sure people know about?

Speaker 3:     25:39       No. My parting words is really, um, you know, listen, it's very interesting, this entrepreneurial journey. I kind of, you know, I'm kind of, I'm still new. I mean we just started like not even two years ago. It's very interesting because we all started at. I think we all started at the bottom. Yeah, I think everyone started at the bottom. I know I started a pretty much a rock. I mean I was homeless, but then you start growing. You start growing an audience, then you start doing some things. You start scaling, okay, now you make, now you're making five figures, not even four figures, five figures, six figures, seven figures. I recently had a big, big mentor of mine. I found out recently from someone on the phone. They're on the phone. I was doing a sales pitch like, dude, stop those sales pitch. I've been around for a long time.

Speaker 3:     26:18       I was with this so and so and this is a big, big, big guy making one of the biggest guys in our space is a and I was with his group two years ago and it costs like 10,000 and I got to talk to him personally like once a month. I'm like, that dude was talking to. That guy talks to no one right now and he charges 10 times a month. That was on him only two years ago. Everyone goes to the exact same journey. You can be anywhere you want to be. You just don't give up and you

Speaker 2:     26:44       stick to the proven bath and it's just a big congratulate. I just want everyone to understand how truly, truly blessed we are. Uh, open the news for two. I don't watch the news by the open to use for two minutes. It is the most depressing thing in the world. We are blessed to be in a first world country and to have the internet and to have click funnels. Please take advantage of it. Well thanks, but always a pleasure talking to you. I love spending time with you today. Again, take out seven figure Having to listen to the podcast yet, but I'm sure it's good so I at that as well, but that will look forward to talking to soon, but likewise. Thanks so much. Pays.

Speaker 4:     27:21       Okay. Hey everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the podcast. If you don't mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me. I'm trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over $650,000 and I just want to get the next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and and get this out to more people at the same time. If there's a topic, there's something you'd like me to share or someone you'd like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I'm more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people would like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

Jul 2, 2018

Dave Woodward was at Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Gala in Salt Lake city. He shares his thoughts and experiences from being surrounded by 1,200 attendees hoping their entrepreneur won. He talks about what it takes to become successful and the importance of those who are around you.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Characteristics of an Entrepreneur (7:45)
  • Hope and Encouragement (10:00)
  • Trials and Tribulations are worth it (12:00)

Quotable Moments:

"There is no such thing as overnight successes."

"If you are afraid of doing hard things, you will never make it."

Other Tidbits:

Success and hard work as an Entrepreneur.

Appreciation to those who surround you.

Make your dreams come true.



Speaker 1:       00:00         Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:       00:17         Well, welcome back everyone. This is going to be a little different podcast than you're used to getting from me. Uh, it's probably be a lot more vulnerable than I normally am and it probably won't be as much of a hype and, and jumping around. I've just been thinking a ton and pondering a ton. I literally just flew back from Salt Lake City and he was there yesterday with, with Russell and his wife, his parents, um, my son Chandler and his wife Fran, John Parks and Brandon at, uh, the entrepreneur of the year event. And it was just, it's caused me so much reflection. First of all, congratulations to Russell. For those of you guys, you may not have heard. Uh, he was awarded entrepreneur of the year and it was just an amazing event where we'll walk into where there's basically 1200 people in this, in the grand American hotel. The ballroom there, downtown Salt Lake City and 30 different finalists all basically been going for, you know, being the entrepreneur of the year.

Speaker 2:       01:25         And I honestly thought, you know, there's no one deserves it more than Russell. And it was interesting for me to start to really think about entrepreneurship and so often we see this, these overnight successes or what appears to be an overnight success. And it was fascinating for me as I sat there reflecting back on our journey. And most of you, you know, click funnels to most of you guys. There's only three and a half years old even though wrestled, tried literally for over the last 10 years, uh, two different times to come up with it. It wasn't till todd came on board that a click funnels actually came, came into being. But I sent me down a long journey as far as my journey as far as being an entrepreneur and all the struggles and the craziness. And yet the, the excitement that most importantly I guess for me is I'm feeling so much gratitude and such appreciation for those who have stuck by me over all the years. Most of all, my wife, um, you know, it's,

Speaker 2:       02:33         when I started as my entrepreneurial journey, it wasn't as glamorous as a lot of a lot of people are, are seeing entrepreneurship to be these days. Um, I remember, Gosh, over 20 years ago now, where at the time entrepreneurs were really those people who are referred to as people who just couldn't make it. They couldn't get a job. I remember so many times my wife been asked, so what is it that your husband does? And her not really being able to explain it and how grateful I am for her and grateful great plan for, for really anybody who is there for those who are out there going for it, who are trying to make their dreams come true or trying to have an impact on the world. And I know those people who are listening here, I don't know where you are in your journey. There's no such thing as an overnight success.

Speaker 2:       03:22         Um, I've had a couple of overnight successes. Each of one of took anywhere from five to seven years. Um, this one year as far as clickfunnels take off a little bit longer than that, and I've thought so much about just the importance of involving your loved ones and expressing gratitude to them as well as those people who support you through all of it. No one does this alone. And as we sat and saw all the entrepreneurs get up last night to accept their awards and, and just seeing that and I thought so much about so many of my conversations with Russell over the last decade there so that I've known him in different things. We tried different things we've done. And it's fascinating for me to see, to see the journey recently, Russell's done a couple of amazing podcasts. If you haven't heard of, I highly recommend you go back and check them out.

Speaker 2:       04:16         Uh, one, one of them refers to the importance of doing hard things because it increases your capacity. And I think that is so, so, so true. If you're afraid to do hard things, you're never going to make it. Um, the other one is the importance of the universe that you're creating. And for me as I, I was in the airport today and as, as we were flying back, I, it's very rare, others see me without some click funnel swag on and this a young guy who basically just graduated from college came up to me saying, Hey, do you know much about click funnels? Like, yeah, I do now, what's your question? He says, well, I'm just graduating, I've got a degree instruct in architectural engineering and I don't want to do it. And yet I'm so I'm trying different things and network marketing. I'm trying different things and, and people are encouraged me to read rich Dad, poor dad and thinking grow rich.

Speaker 2:       05:06         And, and I've heard of Russell's books. I'm like, yeah, you definitely, definitely need those. Uh, but it was just fascinating for me to see only because I was there where he was over 25 years ago. Now I'm accepted to medical school and chose not to go, uh, pursued a master's degree in exercise physiology. And then a master's in physical therapy. And after my first semester of physical therapy school, haven't been married to my wife for six weeks. And having a full ride and a four point Oh, and all that crazy stuff. Walking away from that and my dad being furious and I'm sure my inlaws must've thought, what in the world are you doing to my daughter? But as I take a look at, I mean, my wife and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year and I can't, I can't even begin. Thank her enough for sticking through all the craziness.

Speaker 2:       06:01         No, I've, you've heard Russell mentioned these, these quotes that are in our office quite a bit that we used them at funnel hacking live. Uh, Brent made a Winston Churchill's quote into a, uh, beautiful piece of artwork that hangs in Russell's office and says, you know, every man and I would add in here, woman to every man or woman, there comes that special moment. Winning figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered that chance to do a very special thing unique to him or her and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy. If that moment finds an unprepared or unqualified for that work and thought, you know what? The only way you get qualified for that work, you've got to do hard stuff. It is hard being an entrepreneur, but when you sit back and you think of what you're trying to do and you're trying to help.

Speaker 2:       06:47         Last night as we sat there and to the other awards that I remember being given one was to accompany and I remember his acceptance speech. He's got up and basically said, you know, most of you guys fight for the top 10 percent of the employees. Uh, we, on the other hand, we fight for the bottom 10 percent. And it stuck with me. I'm like, what is he talking about? Great Hook by the way. But he basically was referring to this whole idea as far as their job and what they work on is trying to help people who are coming out of prison or jail or, or drug rehab or other things whose lives are in shambles of trying to help them so they don't become a burden to society, but really giving them a skillset and doing whatever it takes. And so they were awarded the social entrepreneur of the year.

Speaker 2:       07:33         And I thought, you know, that takes a lot to do that. I mean it takes a ton and it's when I look back as far as an entrepreneur that, and we've talked about this before, and an entrepreneur basically sees a problem and it's not, not typically their own, but they own it. They go out and to capture that they, they realize that it's something that they can do, that they can change the world. They can have an impact. That's why I think so much about Winston Churchill's quote as far as that that cut every single one of us, there comes that time where you're going to get tapped on the shoulder to do whatever it is that God wanted you sent you here to do and what a shame if you're not prepared, and that preparation comes by doing the hard stuff. It comes from fighting the good fight.

Speaker 2:       08:15         It comes from being out there and doing what it takes. I just, oh my gosh, my heart is just so emotional disaster because I just think of all of those who have stood by me through all the craziness and now they see success. And they think, oh my gosh, it's overnight success. It's never overnight success. It comes because you paid the price. It comes because you fought. The fight comes because you were willing to go into do what others wouldn't do, and I'm just so thankful for my wife. I'm thankful for my kids and for my friends. Thankful for my partner's a click funnels and those guys who have stood by us as we've of gone through some crazy stuff. No, I was Russell ended his acceptance speech last night with the same shirt or the same quote was on our funnel hacking live shirts. The quote that Steve Jobs gave in 1984, the misfits quote from Roberta, I think it's still tinian basically says, here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently, they're not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo.

Speaker 2:       09:24         You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them about the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do, and for those of you guys were listening, I don't know where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. First of all, thank you for listening. There's a million podcast you could listen to what? I appreciate you taking time to listen to this one, but I just, if I can do anything, all is to give you hope and encouragement to just keep fighting the fight. It may not yet know. We talk a lot about you're one funnel away. This may not be the one, but what you're gonna do is you're gonna.

Speaker 2:       10:10         Learn through it. You're going to fight and you're going to gain skills. I've had the opportunity of talking to my son Chandler quite a bit over the last week, so he's been out here in Boise at the two comma club x event. I drove back to Salt Lake City where he lives with he and his wife yesterday talking about different things. Young married couple, 22 and 23 years old and you know, obviously nervous. We were sitting and talking as he's taken me to the airport this morning. As far as you know, dad, it's tough. It's tough going for it. And it's like. But I know it is. I know how hard it is, you know, it's because you have to have a guy down last month to the end. There's only $20 left in their account and if you don't, we still did a dad and oh man, I just sure there's times I think, Oh man, I'm just putting some money as an account. But the other time it typically says no, he's got to fight that fight. He's got to learn. He's got to cut his teeth and I'm so happy that he's doing it. Um. Oh Man, I just got a million thoughts. I'm having a hard time conveying them in a way that, uh, I really want to. I just hope, if anything that you feel,

Speaker 2:       11:20         did you feel that you can do it? That no matter how hard it is, we're rooting for you and therefore you. I want you to go every once in a while and when, when it gets so dark and you think, oh my gosh, this is never going to happen, and you just poke your head up and see this little glimmer of light hoping that's not an oncoming train, it's going to take you off your tracks that you know what? It's not that light there is there to get it. It always gets better. It's always darkest before his light and I just, man, I would just hope that anyone who's listening to this that you just continue, just stick it out. Just keep fighting it. It's worth it. It just is worth it. I, I've been down this road so many times where in hindsight, all the crazy crap that I went through, it's all worth it because of who I became and who you will become because you fought the fight, man. Just keep swinging. Just keep doing it. Oh, I just, I wish I could reach out somehow and just touch your heart and just let you know that

Speaker 2:       12:24         men spend time on your knees, have gotten here and answer your prayers. Speak to those who you love, who trusts you, who have faith in you, who can encourage you and just know that it's worth it. Having an amazing day and God bless you. I just, Gosh, I just want so bad for you guys just to never ever quit. Don't ever quit.

Speaker 3:       12:45         Hi everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the podcast. If you don't mind, could you please share this with others, rate and review this podcast on itunes. It means the world to me or I'm trying to get to as a million downloads here in the next few months and just crush through over 650,000 and I just want to get that next few 100,000 so we can get to a million downloads and see really what I can do to help improve and, and get this out to more people. At the same time, if there's a topic, there's something you'd like me to share or someone you'd like me to interview, by all means, just reach out to me on facebook. You can pm me and I'll be more than happy to take any of your feedback as well as if people you like me to interview more than happy to reach out and have that conversation with you. So again, go to Itunes, rate and review this, share this podcast with others and let me know how else I can improve this or what I can do to make this better for you guys. Thanks.

Jun 28, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Mikael:

Mikael Yang is the CEO and Co-Founder of ManyChat. With over 300,000 customers they are a leader in the "bot" universe especially with Facebook. Mikael reveals how to get subscribers to your bot. What to do to build engagement, how to use Stripe and get payments through ManyChat.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How to get subscribers to their bots (4:50)
  • Stripe Integration Release (12:15)
  • Augmented Reality Inside Messenger (15:08)
  • TIp and Tricks for building Bots (16:00)

Quotable Moments:

"The overall impact of messenger marketing is bringing more meaning and value into the conversations between businesses and customers."

"Stripe integration allows people to sale products directly on messenger."

"Simple. Easy. Visual."

Other Tidbits:

Messenger marketing is here to stay, there are over 2 billion people using messengers. A bot platform and facebook messenger is nothing more than a facebook page on messenger, allowing businesses and customers to do business with one another.



Speaker 1:     00:00         Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:     00:17         Hey everybody. Welcome back. This is going to be a fun, fun ride. I am so excited. I have the opportunity to have been just an amazing guy on this podcast. Dan would introduce you guys to Mikaila Yang Macau. Welcome.

Speaker 3:     00:29         Hey Dave. Great to be here.

Speaker 2:     00:31         So for those of you guys may not know who Mikael is, Mikael is the co founder, CEO of many chat. It's a platform that we've used, we continue to use and it's been blowing up. Uh, I think anytime anyone thinks about facebook messenger, they, it's almost synonymous right now with many chats. So, Macau, you guys done an amazing job in pulling this off.

Speaker 3:     00:51         Thank you. Thank you very much.

Speaker 2:     00:53         Well, I'm excited to kind of find out a little more about, uh, what are some of the main things you've been involved in this industry here? What did you, when did you guys start this? Like 2015, 2016.

Speaker 3:     01:04         Yeah. We actually started in July 2015 and we started with a messenger platform that not a lot of people heard about at that point. Not, not in the US at least. So it's actually telegram messenger. And now telegram has become a much more popular. Um, but at that point it was a, it had a quote unquote only $65 million users, but they've, but they've just opened up their API. I'm seeing only because like other, other messenger platforms had a 10 x more users. So at that point, but uh, the point is that they were one of the first platforms, uh, in the western world to open up their Apis as a, a messenger platform. And uh, they actually, uh, gave developers access to those $65 million users and not in a way that they've, uh, they gave the access like, just to message to them, but in a way that they were actually able to build bots.

Speaker 3:     02:13         And uh, it, it, it, it was in new, it was a very new experience because before opening up of the API, the only thing that people did on the messengers is just message each other and now it's, it's has transformed because now businesses could actually connect with their customers and message them. Now one of the first thing that I tried to do is just to build a bot for the platform and it didn't work out because it was just too hard technically, like I have a technical background, but like just to send out a few messages to set up a Hiroko Danno and to like launch plus grass. And like all of those things, it was, it took me hours just to do something simple. So I've called up my co founder and said we got to do a platform for this. And um, we actually didn't to cough.

Speaker 3:     03:06         And so long story short, I can, I can spend three hours talking about this. But long story, long story short, we got tens of thousands of bots on telegram and just in a, in, in a year, facebook messenger opened up. And, uh, when facebook messenger opened up, we knew that this is, this is going to be big because facebook has already $70, million businesses using pages and bots and facebook messenger is nothing more than a facebook page just talking on messenger, uh, and having automation inside of it. So we, we were one of the first facebook messenger, a marketing Bot platforms and uh, have, have done really good ever since. We now have well over 300,000, um, facebook pages in number 100 countries and they sent over 30 million messages every day, a powering over $90 million conversations with their customers.

Speaker 2:     04:09         Unbelievable. Congratulations. You guys are absolutely crushing it. I, again, I joke around and I was talking to Andrew Warner Awhile back about you guys and I mean obviously he's a huge fan of what you guys have done and built. And it was interesting just to see this whole, this idea as far as bot technology and know with click funnels. We've started off originally on kind of an email platform that actionetics. We've now brought in a multidimensional type of marketing and followup funnels utilizing messengers and bots. And currently right now do a ton of stuff through many chat. We have a lot of, a very large user base in mini chat. But one of the things I get asked all the time and that is how do people get subscribers to their bots? What's, how does that really work in a way that they can connect in? Don't come across spammy.

Speaker 3:     05:01         Yeah, that's a great question. Uh, I think it's important to know that there is no concept of spam because the reasons for that is because the user is always in control. You cannot as a business, you cannot start messaging somebody who has not started in interaction with you so you're not able to buy a list or to have to do something to get those context somewhere and to just start like broadcasting messages to random people that you've somehow found their emails or the phone numbers or something. So that's not possible. And uh, the user has to start a conversation with the business on Messenger. And when the user starts this conversation, then the business can reply. And if the business sense something that is, I'm not relevant to the user or is it distracting or is just like not interesting, then the user can delete the conversation.

Speaker 3:     06:12         And the beauty of this channel is that it actually deletes that connection. So the business now can no longer send messages to that person. It's like ignoring somebody. And, and the, the beauty of that is because businesses will start to think, what am I sending out? What, uh, what did I want to be talking about and to whom and how do I send more relevant messages to my customers? And I think that that is one of the things that is missing right now in email and an sms because you, you can get around, like you can get a list of people and you can send messages. And that's why Europe has such strong spam laws because people that the way that the architecture of the openness of female works, there is a lot of benefits to have an open architecture. But as there's also drawbacks and now like it's, it's, it's the thing that nobody controls who can send, who wants.

Speaker 3:     07:22         And you can like it and if you can unsubscribe, but then you have to find where is that unsubscribe button and then everybody has a different interface and then you unsubscribe and it actually doesn't, doesn't subscribe you because you're subscribed to some other list or the person loads you into another esp or like it's so it's a frustrating experience and that's why email open rates and click through rates have been going down because there is no control there and I think that when you give the customer power to select who the actually want to be talking to and who they don't want to be talking to, then the customer is going to be smart enough to just make that decision and to close the conversation so that they're not interested in it and, and that are distracting and to continue the ones that are valuable for them. So I think the overall impact of messenger marketing is bringing more meaning and value into the conversations between businesses and customers.

Speaker 2:     08:25         I really appreciate that. I know that you'd made mentioned as far as it's got to be relevant. It's got to be something that's engaging, it has to be something where they want to continue a conversation with you and I. Yeah, I know as, as we've taken a look at it, it was kind of funny. We rolled out actionetics, MDR, multidimensional, the marketing in March, a bout the same time that a facebook kind of shut down the whole messenger type of platform. And I was kind of curious as far as your experience in working with facebook and building a business on facebook,

Speaker 3:     08:56         what, what are the pluses and minuses, the drawbacks you've experienced and what have you kind of learned as far as working with their API? The, um, the pluses are that it's a, it's a big platform with lots of existing users and you don't have, you can just focus on building the best platform and then if users love it, then they're just going to spread the word. So I think, uh, we're really, uh, uh, uh, it's really, it's great that a platforms like facebook, it's, it's very rare for such a big platform to be open to developers building on top of it. So we're really thankful and I, I think it's, it's the, it's really good for the ecosystem. Um, uh, the minuses, you know, it's, you can say that having something like the pause, uh, uh, is a minus, but we actually understand the growing pains as a, as a hyper, as a, as a hyper growth startup ourselves.

Speaker 3:     10:10         We totally get it when you want to, you want to get to build the best product and to get to then get it into the hands of as many people as you can and that sometimes, um, a takes a toll on a, on a, um, handling everything, uh, right from the start. So I wouldn't, I wouldn't even expect that, uh, uh, the thing that I would expect is to, uh, uh, to make changes when issues arise. And I think facebook has done a really good job in implementing those changes and, uh, actually, uh, they, they've like shutting down the platform, uh, for a month is a really serious decision and that just shows you how seriously facebook took this issue and, uh, what they were, uh, able to, uh, how they were handling this. The, the, uh, uh, just the amount of work and decisions that, that, that so, so, um, yeah, I think there's going to be, yeah, there's going to be, there's always going to be like, uh, uh, things that's like, uh, uh, uh, that are going to be moving and changing, but that is the nature of the current state of the whole tech world.

Speaker 3:     11:43         Uh, all the platforms and everything is in constant change and evolution and uh, uh, we just had, we just, we just get to it. We are a part of that. So, so yeah, I think that there's definitely a lot more pluses. I am,

Speaker 2:     12:03         we're super excited as well. Obviously we're in the process of trying to add some different features to our action and d product utilizing this type of Messenger bots. And I think one thing to know, you guys are been twitter, I think you guys just released is your stripe integration as far as being able to have take payments now, is that correct?

Speaker 3:     12:20         Yes, that's true.

Speaker 2:     12:22         Do you mind kind of expanding on that as far as the impact that has for those people who are involved in Econ?

Speaker 3:     12:29         So yeah, sure, that's a great question. Um, uh, I think that our stripe integration allows people to sell products on messenger, like ride inside messenger without having them leave the messenger experience, uh, for a browser like safari. I'm, uh, and I think that's the way that it impacts ecommerce is that you can now actually start to experiment and to see how you can drive people from facebook ads a into a messenger conversation, not to a landing page, but into a messenger conversation, qualify the lead, the lead, nurture them if that needs to happen or present them with an offer right away, make sure to be compliant with the policies that the 24 hour policies, um, uh, that means that you only consent promotional materials within 24 hours after the last user interaction. So if the user hasn't spoken or pressed buttons inside your body, did not send them a ads and promotions just to be in the clear, um, but that actually unlocks a lot of, uh, new use cases for people who are selling a, like specific products who have a stores, whether the, a product or just the several, several products. I think messenger could be a really, um, a great channel and we see a lot of people who are actually successful selling thousands and tens of thousands of dollars of products, uh, through messenger. And, um, uh, I think that number's going gonna grow and we're going to see many more people who are starting nods a will like their ecommerce journey nods on, uh, uh, on the web, but actually who are starting to build messenger stores and a, we're starting to build a, uh, to do a messenger commerce. I love that.

Speaker 2:     14:57         I know, uh, one thing is we're looking at the other day is some of this augmented reality and the opportunities that might come into messenger on that can kind of expand on some of the things you're seeing from an augmented reality aspect inside of Messenger.

Speaker 3:     15:10         I'm actually a facebook has announced a on the last f eight that day or releasing camera, augmented reality effects and uh, uh, that platform, uh, as far as I know is, I don't know if it's released or not. I think it's still in Beta, but they showed some case studies sense. Uh, uh, one of the case studies from Nike, basically they sold out their, uh, one of their, uh, models in a few, like a, I don't remember. It's either was like a few minutes or a few hours, but that was the fastest that they've sold out. And it was a really big win for messenger as a commerce channel. That's awesome.

Speaker 2:     15:59         Well, with all of your experience in Messenger and obviously in building many chat, what are some of the recommendations or things that you would tell our listeners as far as what they should be doing? How they should be building their bots. What one of the tips and tricks that you think they should hear?

Speaker 3:     16:15         I think the number one thing is that a lot of people talk about Messenger Marketing, chatbots, uh, and just just talking about it and it's. Everybody's heard about that, but not a lot of people have actually tried it because there's millions of, uh, businesses in us. There's hundreds of millions of businesses around the world. And uh, and we are one of the biggest platforms on facebook messenger and still we're at $300,000, a 300,000 pages. So there's a lot of work to be done. And I think, uh, uh, the number one thing that the listeners a should ask themselves is, uh, is this, uh, is this the next, uh, a big marketing channel? And if it is, do I want to be the one that is the first to this new marketing channel? Or am I just going to be with the pack with the, um, a majority of people when everybody's doing it, when, when millions of businesses are doing it.

Speaker 3:     17:36         But then I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and tracked because I think the thing that separates people who are going to get a really amazing results, uh, is that they're going start early and we already have a lot of people who are getting a crazy hour wise, like just hundreds of percents, thousands of percents of Roi. I'm just, because this is a new shell and there's a lot of, uh, there's not a lot of saturation. Um, so I would, I would suggest just to not fear it, it's not that complicated. It's not going to be complicated. It's artificial intelligence. Uh, and uh, uh, all of that, like it's, it's, it's really simple to do. You just drag and drop point and click. It's, it's simple and easy. It's visual. Uh, and uh, uh, the only thing that you have to try at this to go to a platform like many chat, um, and, uh, start a free account.

Speaker 3:     18:39         So the only thing, the only thing that's you're investing as your time, uh, you can, you can look around, uh, uh, maybe a, uh, um, like there's a messenger marketing course we've published. Maybe you want to start with that one before diving deep into the actual practice. Um, I would suggest doing both because, uh, when you, when you are around in the interface, you're going to know what questions do you have and then you'll be able to have like to have to find those answers inside the course. And um, yeah, I would just, it doesn't matter like you can, you can use any other platform. Uh, uh, I think the most important takeaway from this is that messenger marketing is real, uh, hundreds of thousands of businesses are using it and getting amazing results and uh, uh, everybody should try it for their own business and see if they can make it work. I love it. So

Speaker 2:     19:36         again, guys, I highly recommend you guys go ahead and check out many chats. You get a free account there and they've got amazing courses from just, you guys provide a ton of education for a person to really kind of figure things out. I think your pricing is based primarily on subscribers. It's again, real simple pricing. So the more success you have, more you pay, but you should be making more money out of it as well. So again, me, because I am so appreciative of you taking time today. I know you've got a lot going on. Tell me if, is there any parting words is we kind of get close to wrapping things up here we want to share aside from basically telling people, go and get an account at mini chat. So we set up a free account. What else do you want to let people know?

Speaker 3:     20:20         Um,

Speaker 2:     20:23         it's soft enough for you.

Speaker 3:     20:25         It's, it's a very. I didn't want to make it sound a emotional. I learned, I learned to focus more on the uh, the thing is again, like you can choose any cloud you want, but the thing is messenger marketing is here. Uh, there's over 2 billion people using messenger a and there's basically a zero businesses that are doing this right now. When I see zero mean relative to the amount of businesses that there are in the world. And right now, this year, you can be a one of the first marketers to actually dive deep into this channel and to see for yourself, uh, uh, how it works. Um, it's not very often when the whole global population changes the way it communicates from older channels like sms and email into new channels like messengers. So there is now this gap, this opening where you can just dive in and, uh, create, uh, create something for your business or for your clients' businesses.

Speaker 2:     21:38         Awesome. Well, again, because I'm so appreciate for you being on this on the podcast, again, everyone who's listening check out mini Go ahead, go subscribe, get a free account, play with it, start building up your subscribers. We're huge believers in messenger. And, uh, again, many chat for us as one of the, my face actually is one of my favorite platform. So we've been using it, Mikhail and you guys did a great job in building it. Obviously we've got some other things we're using with action md that's coming out later, but I'd encourage everybody go play around with this. Get used to using messenger. And I don't think there's a better platform out there right now, um, to get you started. Then many chats, so many chat down, make sure,

Speaker 3:     22:18         and we'll make sure that we stay the best platform.

Speaker 2:     22:24         Thanks again. I love having you on and we'll talk to you soon.

Speaker 3:     22:27         Thank you, Dave. Bye. Bye. Thanks for having me.

Speaker 4:     22:31         No, one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on itunes. If you wouldn't mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I'm doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments, I appreciate all the stars and everything already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it's my way of finding out how I'm doing so if you don't mind, I'd really appreciate it. And I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

Jun 27, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Mike:

Mike Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of a digital marketing agency based in Tucson, Arizona. Tired of competing with other less experienced companies he decided he had to find a way to get to the customer before they did. He found his secret and shares it on this podcast. Due to his success he now teaches and trains others how to do the same and build their local agency as well as being able to do it from a distance. He details the numbers and stats he is getting and how you can do the same for your business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Understanding the value of your company (3:35)
  • Investing in awareness strategies (7:12)
  • Getting leads (10:10)
  • Reputation Management (12:09)

Quotable Moments:

"At the end of the day, you have to have a strong reputation, otherwise you risk losing out on the effectiveness of the advertisement and give the competitor opportunities."

"One of the most effective strategies we have had for getting in front of local business is doing JB opportunities with local chambers of commerce and help them with their own reputation."

Other Tidbits:

Helping the average consumer be able to leave reviews in a more simple fashion. Reputation building through client knowledge and introducing marketing strategies for people and businesses.



Speaker 1:       00:00         Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Every welcome back

Speaker 2:       00:18         you guys are in for a treat today. I want to reduce your dear friend of mine, Mike Schmidt. Mike, Welcome to the show.

Speaker 3:       00:24         Hey, thanks so much, Dave. I appreciate being here.

Speaker 2:       00:26         So Mike's been super patient with me. I've been begging and begging him to get on this podcast and then he finally says yes and then I've canceled on him twice. So thank you very, very much for being so flexible with me. I appreciate it, Mike.

Speaker 3:       00:38         Hey, no problem.

Speaker 2:       00:42         Well, for those you guys don't know Mike, this is a guy who's been crushing it. He's got his own marketing agency down in Tucson. He's been doing just amazing work inside of that industry, but the coolest thing for me is here's a guy who is on top of his game and yet at the same time understands there's always more to learn and so for the last three years he's been a part of Russell's inner circle, been implementing things really in the last, uh, year or so, and I love just the results that you've been getting. That's kind of one of things I want to talk about. At the same time, I really want to kind of explore how you are going from this local business guy to becoming this expert because I know that's for a lot of our, a lot of the people we talked to, Mike, that's one of the things that they're trying to do. They're trying to get to that next level and you've done it. So if you don't mind kind of let's dive right into this thing and find out how you did it and what tips and tricks you might have for those who are wanting to follow in your

Speaker 3:       01:30         steps. It's been an interesting journey for me too because I started my business back in 2000 youtube, facebook and all this stuff and so I've seen a lot of things changed, but one thing that's remained constant is that local local business, right? Like you know, our agency builds websites and digital marketing for the local business owner. It's the person who has clients locally and is looking to track leads and opportunities for themselves. And it's been interesting as we've kind of got into the clickfunnels world and like as you mentioned, we've spent a lot of really smart people in the inner circle. Like we kept on trying to apply like our old way of doing things and it just wasn't working. We spent the first two years of, of our time in the inner circle kind of fighting the advice of things up and now we're kind of finally at a point where we are kind of following along. The steps have been carved out by clickfunnels, by Russell and to really kind of put together a business where we're able to teach some of the things that are working so well in our business too, like other other people who are agencies and web designers and digital marketers and stuff out there.

Speaker 2:       02:56         I love it. You know, there's the old saying that used to be, you know, those people who can do and those people who can't teach and yet I'm seeing, I'm seeing that shift a ton these days to where actually those who can teach you can teach it extremely well. Are, are those people who can actually do it the very, very best. And I know that for you guys, I mean you guys have international clients, you guys are, are much more than your typical mom and pop marketing agency that just do it. Running facebook ads, so help people on. You've been doing this for 20 years, but uh, you've got a lot of experience here. What are some of the things that you've learned over time to grow your business and what are you, what are you doing next?

Speaker 3:       03:34         So let's say like the biggest thing that we've put together for ourselves, what our true value ladder is for a local Web web and digital marketing. A mistake I'd say we'd paid for most of our time in businesses that are the very first thing that we're offering to our clients. The people who are coming to us was like was what you'd expect. But we would, we would try and open up the doors and conversations with local businesses by offering a websites or talking to them about funnels. We're talking about facebook ads. I would find like all this stuff that we would chat with them about. It requires a lot of like education, right? For a local business owner to understand like why, why they need a funnel or why they need a website or on any of those things. And they would take a lot of trust to like, like to me who they might not know and I'm trying to sell them on why they should invest in law.

Speaker 3:       04:27         Allow me to help do marketing for them. And we found like we built a successful business doing that. But what we found is that we needed to actually have a step in our very first step of our value ladder that wasn't websites, wasn't facebook ads and all these other more complex and harder to buy things. And what we figured out is like the very first thing on our very first step in our value ladder that's common across all local businesses is their reviews and their reputation, um, simply because a lot of them just aren't thinking about that and are really paying attention to even the people that we're helping them with. Websites or funnels or facebook ads like aren't even paying attention to, to their reputation. And we've found that it's like an awesome door opener that we can go to any local business and, you know, while they might not want to talk to us about websites or might not want to talk to us about what kind of facebook ads we could run or what kind of funnel that we can help them build. Like they are more willing to talk to us about their reputation. And it's, uh, it's been an awesome door opener for us.

Speaker 2:       05:24         I love that. I always laugh because a lot of us, we get really good at other things and you kind of forget those things that matter most and I know that for the reviews that seth for a local business or even for us literally recite. We're talking about this the other day. I'm on Google that we had a bad review or like how did that happen and I mean we're $100,000,000 company. We still pay attention to those reviews. We want to know about them and I think more importantly, how do we fix it? We want to make sure we're servicing our clients best. We also want to make sure that as you're taking a look at reviews, that you're getting enough

Speaker 3:       05:58         reviews and so what are some of the things when you're talking to these business owners and how do you get them focused on that first and then where do you take them from there up your value ladder. What's interesting is like a lot of business owners think that the way, the way that it works is that they might advertise where they create awareness for their business and then somebody shows up, like, to give you an example, is a client of ours that he owns a carpet store and um, you know what? This guy is awesome. He's a, he's a really sweet guy and every, every Sunday though, like he's one of those guys are still advertises in the local paper. There's lots of people who are still doing that. This guy is one of them, right? Um, and he's doing it because his dad before him, when he owned the business, he did it too.

Speaker 3:       06:44         And the way that he thinks that works in his mind is that he runs an ad and then somebody says, Hey, you know what? I need carpet. I'm going to show up and buy buy carpet or whatever from the sky. And that's the way most business owners believe that we've created this idea that if you get more business, you need to create more awareness. And so as a result, a lot of these businesses have gotten very good at investing and awareness strategy. Any kind of advertising would generally fall into just creating that awareness. But the truth is it's not the way that it works. You know, the guy that picks up the paper even and sees this advertisement, a lot of times their first step might be just to look up the guy's phone number or where are they located in town or you know, does this, does this company carry the brand of carpet we want to use our next, another really leads to to a search for this guy's website or his phone number, his address.

Speaker 3:       07:37         And when you're doing that, they're being exposed to the reputation. And more than likely you're seeing not just that person but the competitors in that space and the reputation. So what ends up happening is an ad leads to a search which shares a business's reputation. And that's going to lead to either of them calling a business. Obviously it was what they want, but many times it leads to them actually going to their competitors. So when you, when you really put the pieces of this puzzle together and advertisement for a business that has a poor reputation, could in fact be sending leads and opportunities to a competitor. Right? That's crazy. It's crazy. Like this guy is spending money on ads on, on, on a, on a, in a newspaper, but really his competitors, the one benefiting from it if his reputation is not taken care of. So for us, a lot of times it's, it's, um, helping a business owner understand that no matter what, even if you're investing in, you've got a great website and other paid advertising that you're investing in at the end of the day, like you have to have a strong reputation, otherwise you risk losing out on the effectiveness on that advertisement. And it might be sending the, your competitors those opportunities. That's cool. So tell me what's, what's your value out of it? I know you've been doing webinars now consistently

Speaker 2:       08:56         for what? Like 40, 45 weeks or something crazy?

Speaker 3:       08:58         Yeah, exactly. So, so what's interesting is we've kind of taken that model of helping local businesses with, with reviews and reputation management. And that's actually what we teach in our course and that's what we've been really working hard over the last six months or so. And so, yeah, we, we have taken the advice to heart and saying, you know, Russell says, until you've, your courses built a done a million dollars in sales, how you need to be doing them live and, and I'll tell ya know, we're probably somewhere around 44, 45 weeks at this point. I'm doing them live every week. And it's awesome because most people, especially in our space think that they're just like prerecorded webinars and like, like the number of people assume that this is what I'm doing is not live. And getting to call them out by name on there is actually a quite a bit of fun. But so are our value ladder. Basically, if you, if you look at our, um, our, our course business and where we're teaching other agencies and freelancers and web designers and digital marketers, how to deploy the strategy and their business today. Like, we're actually at the very beginning piece of that business where we're doing a weekly Webinar to sell access to our course, teaching this whole strategy.

Speaker 2:       10:10         I love it. So for, as an agency, when, when you were doing it as an agency, how are you getting your leads? Were you driving them from facebook to a webinar talking about reputation or what was, what was your funnel?

Speaker 3:       10:21         Yeah, so our funnel for the agency, I'm kind of works in a couple of different respects because we have such a local presence. We've got just a lot of, a lot of word of mouth that happens organically. But, um, we've also been able to take the perfect webinar format and teach local business owners about reputation. And so we drive traffic from facebook ads. Um, we have email lists that we use and in one of the most effective strategies we've had for, for getting in front of local businesses is doing a jv opportunities with like even things like local chambers of commerce. So we'll talk with local chambers of commerce and help them with their own reputation and an exchange. Um, they've been really open to allowing us to promote the service and promote the Webinar to, to people on their list, and so it's been a really inexpensive way to get eyeballs and traffic to our webinar that, that doesn't involve having to spin up.

Speaker 2:       11:20         I love it. I think that's the one part people miss so much as there really is value in providing value to other people first and finding value to the local chamber of commerce or something like that to get those referrals. I think that's fantastic. That's, that's super cool. Well, they've been super receptive for sure. And I think again, once a person gets results, the first thing they want to do is share it with other people, especially if they're chamber. I mean that's A.

Speaker 3:       11:43         Yeah. And you think about the chambers responsibility in the world in many cases is to act as a beacon of strong reputation for all their member businesses. So a chamber needs to have a good reputation because they're wanting to look good to the member organizations that that belonged to them as well.

Speaker 2:       12:00         So what type of things are you actually doing for the reputation management then?

Speaker 3:       12:04         So our biggest drive here and it's a pretty simple strategy and that we just want to make sure that there's a process in place for most businesses to ensure that they are asking their happiest and most satisfied clients to leave reviews when we work with the average business. Average local business hasn't ever really asked their clients. Um, and if they have, what they find is that they just don't do it. There's two main reasons that people don't leave. Her reason. Number one is they don't know how to do it, isn't necessarily very clear and the second is that they forget about it. So our strategies are really about making it really easy for them to leave their reviews. And then second is making sure there's a strong reminder system to actually follow up with people to leave those reviews. What we find is have you, have you ever thought about like what it actually takes to get to the screen on Google to leave that review?

Speaker 3:       12:58         Like you have to search for the business, you have to pull them up on the map listing, you've got to, you've got to scroll halfway down the page to find where the review block is, and then there's a button that says, read all the reviews. When you click on that, there's a pop up that happens and then there's a blue button that says, write a review. By that point, the average consumer has already checked out. They've not made it through that process, so we've got to get that sequence a lot shorter and that's essentially what our. What our system does is helping the average consumer, the average person who's going to leave a review, many of cases that are not people who have done this before and making it really easy to get to that point where they can actually leave that for the benefit of of the business. Who's who's wanting to solicit that,

Speaker 2:       13:43         so are you using your own software or what type of tools and resources you have to make that happen? Because that's it. I have the same problem as far as even podcast reviews. I've asked a person to give a podcast with you and I'm like, you know what, you know how hard it is for me to even go and do a podcast for somebody else. It's not easy and apple doesn't make it any easier either. I mean it's just these are tough things. You've got to really want to do it.

Speaker 3:       14:04         Yeah. We use a software called review review lead. It's basically is a software package that allows to really make it very easy to both get that person to the point where they can leave the review, but then also that they can actually get reminded when we offer this solution to a client of ours, it will make sure that they'll get a email sequence of several emails to remind them to do that. So if they leave, they get the email and they don't leave their review. They get another one. If they forget, they get another followup email. I'm sending text messages and stuff like that. Buttons in different places to make it real easy so you can direct your clients to leave those reviews without a, without a lot of hassle.

Speaker 2:       14:48         That's awesome. So once you got a person, you basically at a client as an agency on the review side, what's the next step?

Speaker 3:       14:56         So on the agency side it's awesome because when I, when I brought somebody on, especially if they've never worked with our agency before in about a 30 day time period, we're actually able to get some really great results. There's some businesses that we've worked with within 24 hours of working with us, you know, they've got five star reviews, right? And they're like so excited about that and by 30 days they're seeing a huge transformation and their online reputation. So that makes the opportunity for us to go out and talk to them again about the other services that we can offer really easy because we've gone from a company that they just hired to help with this one piece to accompany that, that, that they know that when they invest money with us that they get a result. So now it's set the platform for us to talk about like anything else.

Speaker 3:       15:46         A lot of times we have clients that will come back after a 30 day period where we can talk to them about like, how are you marketing yourself? Like before, where maybe the door was closed to allow us to, to, to do some work even on their website. Now they're asking us questions like, Hey, well I know I didn't want to talk to you before about our website, but what'd you mind taking a look at it and see if there's anything that you think that we could improve. It's been a great way for us to sell all sorts of things because now, now they not only trust us but they. But there's a working relationship there that we can, um, we can use six times easier to sell to somebody that's already been, has never bought from you at all. So. So we'll get questions like, you know, I've heard that that funnels or facebook ads is something I should be paying attention to, but I never had anybody I could ask before, is that something you guys can do? And we'll be like, sure, we can help you with that too. And all because we've opened up the door with something that's really core to their business and they were neglecting the point we brought to their attention.

Speaker 2:       16:55         I love it. So are you doing like a review review for the business or what? What's the original offer? How much did they pay into to get that first month with you guys?

Speaker 3:       17:04         Yeah, so when we asked the client to make an investment in the review and reputation side of things, we ask them to invest, invest annually. Most of them pay annually and some choose to pay monthly. We ask them to invest $1,800 a year or if they pay monthly, we ask them to invest $250 a month. So it's there's a significant savings to allow them to pay and they decided to pay annually because that's kind of our preference to get that cash upfront as opposed to spreading that out because what will inevitably get them into other programs after that point as well.

Speaker 2:       17:37         Yeah. I love that so much now. Now that you've mastered this piece, now you're going out and you're teaching others how to do it as well. And I believe this is that piece also, primarily webinar section there,

Speaker 3:       17:49         so that's, that's all webinar today. We're running cold facebook traffic to a webinar registration page and every Wednesday at 9:00 AM Pacific I jump on there live and do a Webinar, ends up being close to about two hours or so, and it's been an incredible experience for us to to connect with people that way and sell the course as well.

Speaker 2:       18:12         So that's a b Webinar then because you're going after other agencies, other people involved in email, Seo, pr, anything like that. Right,

Speaker 3:       18:21         exactly like the way that I say it broadly on the Webinars, like if you're in the business of helping a client get a result in their business through the work that you do, then this is a great fit. And that could be copywriters, that could be a web designers, graphic designers, you know, facebook ad experts in the marketing space that helps a business review and reputation as a great first step.

Speaker 2:       18:45         That's awesome. What type of audience or how do you find those people on facebook then?

Speaker 3:       18:52         Yeah, so we're targeting based off of like people are interested in wordpress or people are interested in, you know, all those different thought leaders in that space as well. So it's been, it's been a really good thing and we've got, you know, just every week we were somewhere between 501,000 registrants that are, our numbers have been incredible as well in terms of our close rates and all that.

Speaker 2:       19:24         So what type of percentage, how many people actually show up and just walk me through your quick numbers on the.

Speaker 3:       19:28         Sure. Absolutely. So we have about a show rate is about 25 to 28 percent each week and we've got a really strong email indoctrination. We've been using the heck out of reminded to show up and that kind of stuff. And um, and then from there we'll have usually about a 10 percent close rate, 10 to 11 percent close rate on attendees and we have about a three percent close on, um, on registering. So it's been a very strong, very, very strong webinar. And our return on adspend is ranges anywhere from three and a half to eight, which is unbelievable, but I can tell you we're really happy.

Speaker 2:       20:22         Fantastic. So what's the offer? What's the price point on the offer?

Speaker 3:       20:26         So the price point is and um, and it includes the course and there's a bunch of other bonuses as, as you could imagine,

Speaker 2:       20:36         obviously you're building a huge list, but that many registrants per week that you can continue to go out too. So

Speaker 3:       20:42         at this point, like after unsubscribes or list is about $15,000. Um, so we've got like a good strong list and we've just, uh, we just, we, we hadn't really been nurturing that as much as we should have and we've just started reading to them more often, which has been great.

Speaker 2:       20:59         I just love your success, Mike. That's so awesome. Well, any part, as we're kind of getting close to wrapping things up here, any parting words you want to have for our audience or recommendations they should do?

Speaker 3:       21:10         Like one of the biggest lessons that hubs teaching and from our use of the strategy and our agencies, just under just the understanding that the value ladder is like, it's amazing. Like any business, you know, whoever you are, you have to understand your value ladder and I would challenge everybody to look at the bottom step, like what is the first thing that you typically offer to a client? And like get even more creative with something that's a step below that. Like, like I used to think that the bottom step of our value ladder was like web design. Well that's the first thing, but the truth is, is like even in our business there was a step that we kept ignoring year after year after year, which happened to be reviewing reputation management, but whatever it is, whatever that bottom step is like, challenge yourself to think, is there a step below this that makes it that much easier to engage with me and to say yes and to give me just a little bit of money to turn them from some stranger to a paying client. Right.

Speaker 2:       22:17         Oh my gosh. That is so awesome. Literally recite, we're talking about this just the other day as far as what's the very earliest, simplest result that you can get for someone and I think it's something you're doing because the great part is if you're able to go one spent one step lower than your competition is even thinking you're getting clients before they even start looking for the other service that your competition is offering. Absolutely. I love that idea because honestly, it's one of the main things we're looking at right now. If you'll see it, people see some of the products and stuff we're rolling out here in the next couple months will all be things at what's the simplest thing we can do to help a person get a result the fastest because you're right. As soon as you get that, when they're like, man, what else do you got? Because I'm ready to spend money.

Speaker 3:       23:02         The world is full of people who are selling products and services. Right? And it makes it really hard for the average consumer just to to to make that step and go forward. So you have to reduce the resistance. You have to have the risk associated with moving forward and one of the strategies of doing that is giving them something they can give you money for the lead magnet idea, like give somebody a pdf in exchange for their email or whatever. That's one idea of having a lower step on your value ladder, but how can you have something that people were willing to exchange money for that that really turns them into a buyer at that point, you've them as somebody who could potentially extend the other steps because they're willing to take their credit card out of their pocket and they're willing to move on from that step where you help them get that result.

Speaker 2:       23:55         Oh, I totally agree with you on that. There's nothing more important to us than a buyer leads or one thing. Buyers are totally, totally different. The value is so much more important for a buyer.

Speaker 3:       24:04         Totally different.

Speaker 2:       24:06         Well, Mike, I'm sure people don't want to reach out to. What's the easiest way for them to connect with you?

Speaker 3:       24:11         Easiest way to connect with me is agency agency Slash learn is where you can check out our webinar. Love to hear from you guys.

Speaker 2:       24:23         Always such a pleasure talking to you. Look forward to seeing you again real soon and thanks again for everything.

Speaker 3:       24:29         All right, Dave, thanks so much. There's a lot of fun today.

Speaker 4:       24:32         No. One of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on itunes. If you wouldn't mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I'm doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it's my way of finding out how I'm doing so if you don't mind, I'd really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

Jun 26, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Jeremy:

Jeremy Griffin is the epitome of Mr. Hustle. His marketing prowess and ability to be the "crazy guy from the outside" has given him opportunities to build multi million dollar businesses. He is also a member of the "2 Comma Club" Jeremy details how he has been able to create a national event paid for by sponsors. He provides the keys you need to take your show on the road. He also reveals how to breakthrough the resistance of people saying, "My industry is different."

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Merging industries together to bring success: (16:45)
  • Taking risks (19:45)
  • Learning the fundamentals (20:08)

Quotable Moments:

"No matter what business you are in, you are in the people business."

"If you are going after national fame, you better be ready for national humiliation!"

"Every company needs a signature event that is outside of your facility that will bring everyone in your industry together, and  you can put your name on it and control."

Other Tidbits:

A lot of people focus on how can I bring my company the most value… when in reality, how do I put an event together that gives the sponsors the most value? If you don’t have the sponsors, you don’t have an event.



Speaker 1:     00:00           Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:     00:17           Hey everybody. Welcome back. You guys are in for the ride of your life today. This is gonna. Be One of the fastest, craziest, next 20, 25 minutes or so. I have the opportunity to bring a dear friend on. Jeremy Griffin. Jeremy, welcome to the show. What's up my man? How are we doing? Oh, I'm so excited for this. You know, the fun part. I wish I could actually record and put it in. I made it. I'll have it at like the end of the. I should start recording there as soon as I start. First start talking because Jeremy, right

Speaker 3:     00:41           dude, stop. Yeah. You know the show behind the show is always the fun show.

Speaker 2:     00:49           So Jeremy feels the same way I do about title. So let's just say that Jeremy is just an amazing entrepreneur, has been crushing it and killing it. It's whatever. Two Comma club winters. He's got so many different businesses out there from real estate to blow and crap up on with events and honestly just one of the coolest guys out out there and a guy you definitely want to get to know. So check them out. Jeremy Griffin on facebook, but right now we're gonna dive in and kind of talk about. I'm still, again, I was going through all this, so background elite realty, real quick, your gut, but I don't know, $500, million different real estate properties yourself and you're going through and selling a couple here and there.

Speaker 3:     01:24           Yeah. That, that's all kind of just been a natural extension of, you know, growing up in the construction thing. I got the opportunity to turn a guy's portfolio around about 10 years probably. And um, you know, when we're growing up flipping houses and whatnot, you're, you're basically doing management and doing this, that, and the other thing and showing them. And I'm just doing it anyways because I'm just aggressive and I've always selling something. Right? So I got the opportunity to do that, hopped on it. Uh, you know, got there, got that revenue up to that, that portfolio right there is probably about four to $5 million worth of assets and got increased their revenue by literally about 35 percent in 12 months and really haven't looked back with that man, you know, so all growing up with crazy uncle Larry paid off.

Speaker 2:     02:13           Well, for those of you guys for listening, literally this is going to be just a popery of just random topics here. So with that, I'm going to just off the cuff here, how the world you. I've got a lot of real estate increase in real estate. Thirty five percent a year. What? How'd you pull that off?

Speaker 3:     02:27           Twelve months. Alright, I'll, I'll be, I'll be really honest with you. My whole key to we do a lot of property management stuff and the real estate area, my whole entire key to that is to, and this sounds crazy to a lot of your audience, to look at it from a marketer's perspective instead of a landlord's perspective. Okay. You will be shocked how many people treat the properties that they're running. The people that are renting them, their customers has a giant pain in the ass. Okay. I've had, I've had no listen. I've had three women in my office up there, got three offices in Tampa. I've had three women in my office in the last five years up there who were moving for whatever reason I want to move, started crying and saying, I've never had somebody treat me with a level of respect that you have.

Speaker 3:     03:11           You treated me like a human being and I will do everything. I'm getting referrals from people that rented it from, from our company, from 10 years ago. Still, you know, so it's. Everybody has to, oh you got to be tough. You got to be. And I'm like, so this is the first industry in the history of industry where if you act like a giant Dick, you'll get better results than if you're nice. Like, no, no, like, stop that, you know. So, and that was really the whole key to it was establishing really turning apartment complexes into actual legitimate communities. Okay. That people can be proud of. And when you do that, people stopped moving and you start. The one thing that I found was key. I started running and newspaper Ad. Think about who still reads the newspaper ads. Older people or people. Quieter people.

Speaker 3:     03:58           Okay. And I started off the headline. It says very, very, very, very, very quiet apartments for rent ads. Say the same thing. That. So if you're a party animal, like you're not even, you're not even messing with that, right? Like, and I get people that are sick of all the nonsense and, and I promise I will do everything in my power to maintain that, you know. So it's uh, it's that delicate balance of, of coming off his, you know, his understanding, but also assuring them that if things do need to get dealt with, like trust me, I'll get them dealt with. Okay. So that was it man, you know, get out, get out a lot of the bad problems, tweak the way that their portfolio here. They were actually renting everything on a income based on. They were negotiating everything. Everything. And I'm like, guys, it's like, they're like, well, what if you have to turn somebody down?

Speaker 3:     04:48           I go, then your marketing isn't strong enough. Okay, you should have an unlimited amount of people that are coming here to rent these things if you do it right. You know? So streamlining the operations, get the marketing right, develop an actual real community. I mean we're talking with you guys with culture, you know, and culture is so important and it's, it's, it's so definitive how things are going to go and do that. And I'll be honest with you, that is the honest to God's truth, man, with that whole entire portfolio. Thirty five percent by the end of that year and I haven't looked back since then. So

Speaker 2:     05:22           for those, you guys are listening, I know we're talking real estate. People are going, gosh, it has nothing to with the funnel. Understand everything is always marketing. You're always, always, always marketing. And it's one of the main reasons I wanted Jeremy on. We're going to talk about a whole bunch of different things, but I want to make sure you guys understand if you're listening here, everything is marketing. I love what you just said, Jeremy, as far as you shouldn't have to be catering to different things. You should literally, if your marketing works, you got enough customers. It's not okay.

Speaker 3:     05:46           Exactly, exactly. And it. And here's the thing. It is all marketing, right? And if you want to get into what you guys do, there's no reason why anybody in any industry at this point is not creating their content, putting it out there, driving the traffic, capturing the information and then remarketing to them so those people and then also taking the previous and current clients and remarketing to them through other means as well to get the referrals and all that stuff up. I don't care what industry you're in. Right? And that is kind of what's been really neat over the last three to four years of me jumping into marketing, into management and now I'm in manufacturing with grizzly over there and now we're launching this national event tour thing too, is that you start to find a lot of synergy between industries, between business and, and, and I tell you what man, and you probably will agree with me on this, almost everybody that you talk to when you start getting into things and you come at it with a very simplified way of how we can fix this as well.

Speaker 3:     06:44           You don't understand this industry is different. I don't know. This industry is different and I'm like, actually no, they're not. They're all people. Okay. That is the main variable with all of them. They're all the same. So, and you know what I mean, they have different minor differences and whatnot, but everybody always feels like there is this unique. And it's like, no, come on, I'm sorry. It's not, you know. So I've, I'm trying to get further down my goal of eventually becoming the next. Marcus limonus were being all over the place is my emo. Right? Right now I'm too right now too small and everybody I know that like as cash, it's like, dude, you're an idiot. What are you like, you're all over the place. I'm like, you're right. I am. How old am I going to learn all this stuff? You know, I going to get to a point where I could walk into any company and be able to put together a formulation to fix them, you know, and eventually then it get so good at it that I can walk in and get equity out of it too, you know what I mean?

Speaker 3:     07:39           And all that. Which is basically what I just did with grizzly. So you know, that's it man. You, you, you, you can watch all the youtube videos on the planet on how to change your brakes. Okay. I assure you when you go out there to actually try to change your brakes, it is a whole nother ballgame. Right? So that's the only way you learn. You got to do it, you know. So.

Speaker 2:     07:59           Oh Man, I hope you guys are listening to just writing a ton of notes. I mean, Jeremy's dropping value bombs like crazy here. Again, just to restate real fast, I want to make you guys all understand because if we just said it real quick and that is understand, everyone's always going to say that my industry is different. You are in the people business no matter what business you are in, you are in the people business and focus on people, people, people always. And then the other thing I just love is the fact that you've. You learned by doing so, get off your butt. Go out there and work. Next one I'm going to dive into here. We're going to go real faster and that is grizzly targets. Fascinating business. Dude. You've got equity in this business, so tell people what Grizzly grizzly targets is.

Speaker 3:     08:36           Okay, so grizzly targets makes a lot of steel reactive targets. You shoot them, they bounced down and pop back up there. They range anywhere from like 100 bucks a pop. We've got a couple of systems that are $2,500. We sell two military installations, endusers professional rangers. Uh, it's a lot of BDB grizzly targets. I started there with two other guys seven ago out of a guy's garage. I came up with the knit and marketing guy, right? Came up with the name this day and the other thing, all that about 15 months ago, the sole principle in that was like, I think I'm going to go try some other stuff out. I was like, no bro, like, come on man. No. So I was like, give it to me. And he goes, what? I go give it to me. And he goes, what do you go? Give me the business.

Speaker 3:     09:16           He goes, so you can do one with it. And I was like, what do you mean? So I can do what I want to do, you know? So we came up with a really, really, really great deal. Went out, found some investment partners, reopened the door and I have been on a terror to take that. And of course it's 12 months from a company that not a lot of people have heard about. Small company to an industry icon. And I got to tell you a like we are well, well, well on our way, I've got the whole product lineup is all fixed. We have literally have the best products in the industry. There are some of the most expensive products in the industry too. But when you're dealing with things like that that are functional and let's face it, like people are shooting at them, I want the best stuff.

Speaker 3:     09:59           Okay. So we got the product line all lined up. We've been doing a ton of. I mean honestly straight up just ripping off daily Vee, right? A lot of day in the life video. I do that with all the clients now, right? And they're like, well can you explain that? I'm like, go watch daily Vee. That's it right now when we do it with, when we do it, we make it a little bit more polished because I'm not trying to crank five of them out in a day like that. Maniac is right. So if there's a little bit more music in the b roll is better and this a little bit more set. But we started doing a lot of that, that really caught a lot of people's attention, um, and you know, by doing all of that and then taking that drops on gunner event and merging that in with grizzly has the lifestyle side of the whole thing.

Speaker 3:     10:44           I've really, I mean, and we're getting ready to. We're getting ready to grab a possibly merge with something else here coming up. I can't talk about it, but that's another seven figure business that is going to only further this whole thing. And uh, yeah man. Well I'll be honest, my goal was within six months to do all of this. Okay. That was bat shit. Crazy possible to do all of that six months. Right? So it's looking like by the time it's all said and done, we'll be on tour for drops on Grizzly with the drop zone gunner event will be on tour by the end of this year. Um, I just got back from a giant conference. Nobody in those boots is not hurting us at this point. So. And big boots. So I'm talking about boots that are like, you know, 10,000 square feet maybe with offices and I'm like those giant trade shows, right? So it's going to be about 18 months, man, where I've taken them from a company that nobody's heard of and turned it into an industry juggernaut and I tell you what, the formula that I created for this to do this can be applied to almost any other industry too. So you know, once we're done with this, we're going to put people on the hook here and hang on because I want to keep that little bait

Speaker 2:     11:54           out there. That's the hook. You guys, this people are listening. They don't know what drop the gun drop zone gunner is and you've got to get the backstory here because drops on. Gunner hardly know what it is. Explain to me, but I can. I think this is where people have to understand is this is what is so cool about when you get involved in marketing and you really get it and you understand it, opportunities present themselves. Here you've got this crazy business where you've got these grizzly targets and all of a sudden it segways and leads into what really the byproduct of grizzlies actually and become a bigger business possibly think grizzly targeted. So tell people what is drop zone gunner.

Speaker 3:     12:29           So drops on gunner was an insane idea I had about three years ago to essentially combine tough mudder with Spartan, with American Ninja Warrior, and then throw a bunch of pistols, shotguns and ars in the mix. Okay? And it was, it was crazy. It was, um, I learned on that first one, two and a half years ago that if you are going after national fame, you better be ready for national humiliation because works. One that I put on two and a half years ago was, dude, it bombed, it bombed. It was a sticker. It was an egg. Okay. And I tell you what though, a couple of a couple of really influential people in the industry flew down to check it out. And they said, you know, Jeremy, they said, everybody's always talked about doing something like this. And he goes, holy, holy cow. He goes, you're crazy enough, you actually did it, and I go, yeah, I go and look, it's working now.

Speaker 3:     13:19           A lot of people said, boy, that was a disaster. I bet you're never going to do the good thing that's done it, but you're never going to do that again. And I go, what are you talking about? I go, did you have any idea how much I just learned from that, like I logistically cracked the code on how to combine those two worlds in a safe monitored way that anyone can compete on. So I've taken the OCR world obstacle course racing world and then the shooting competition world, the gun industry and merge the two together in this act of fun medium that nobody's done before. Right. And, and I will say I'm very proud of that because you know, the, the word entrepreneur gets used a lot these days. I think a lot of us are small business people. We're not the entrepreneur that's trying to put something together that's never really been done, you know, which is kind of what that word used to mean a lot more.

Speaker 3:     14:07           That is something that actually, I mean, it was crazy as shit man. So I did it. It was awful on the first one, um, we couldn't even build most of the obstacles. The obstacles were, a lot of them were supposed to be built like 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide. They all came in and reverse why 20 feet tall guys flying over these things, like they're all going to. Everyone's going to get hurt. I mean it was, it was bad dude. Right? So it's. But we got through it. I put on another one once we figured out that we're doing this grizzly thing, I'm like, cool, now I can merge this right in with grizzly. Right? Because I think every company needs a signature event that is outside of your facility. I mean you guys know, you know, you need that signature event that's outside of your facility that will bring everyone in your industry together that you can put your name on and you can control.

Speaker 3:     14:56           Right? So that was essentially the initial event for startup street because I always wanted to have the craziest and I've toned it down a lot over the years significantly. But I'm like, no, we're going to be the craziest part getting group over. Like I found out that you can be too crazy. People won't call you. Okay. So that was supposed to be for that. So I was like, who, we can merge this in with grizzly now. And we put on another one. I got it all sponsored up. I mean it was uh, it was about $150,000 event that we put together. Okay. And I mean hundreds and hundreds of people were running it. A card, Owen's wife Elena, she's on team grizzly. She ran it. She was like, Jeremy, you are the craziest sop I have ever seen in my life. She goes, what is this? This was awesome.

Speaker 3:     15:42           And I was like, I don't even, I don't even know what this says at this point. I'm like watching this machine function, right? And I'm just like, whoa. Like how did we do this? So, so we did it in January, perfected the concept, just got back from that trade show a month ago, walked out of there, we needed about a quarter of a mil and sponsorships to put this national tour together, um, walked out with half of that ready and delivered a more than half of it promised, but has, we all know you can't count it until it's, the check is cleared and you took the money out, right? So, so we got enough money to get that going. And basically what we do now is I've built something where the tour is going to take place and go around the country and what we're doing is we're going to different firearms manufacturers, hometowns, and essentially what I'm doing is I'm bringing Lollapalooza to the gun industry and I'll be honest, I think that that is really unique and that's really different because you have an industry that has a lot of challenges obviously.

Speaker 3:     16:41           Right? And then this always takes some crazy guy from the outside in every industry to come in with something and push it through. And I got to tell you, man, if you saw the reactions of everybody in January, which I've never seen that many happy people in my life, right? So, so we're doing a national tour and that's how we have a setup is where we go to the home towns of these major manufacturers and essentially throw this party in their backyard and they love this because. And there's something to that I don't think a lot of people realize when they're putting events together. A lot of people focus with events on how can I do this to bring my company the most value, right? It's all about me. How do I get the most value out of all of this? When in reality, for most of us it's about, it should be about how do I put an event together that gives the sponsors the most value, more so than the other events in this industry.

Speaker 3:     17:33           Because if you don't have the sponsors, you don't have an event, right? So if you start off with that in mind, you end up with something that you can get sponsored, which is a hell of a lot better than having a really cool idea that no company wants to write a check for and it's dead on arrival. Right? So, so that's it. All of the company stuff is all staged. It's all getting used. We got backpack companies and people are running through the trails with their backpacks on, right. The gun companies sponsoring all the guns are getting used. Um, I mean, you name it, if it's a sponsorship item, it's getting used in it, which is just the most incredible user content. Right? So we'll see. Man, it's, it's, it's pretty far fetched. But uh, you know, I mean, I don't see why it's not gonna work at this point. I'm just going to keep hammering at it until it does. Anyway. So

Speaker 2:     18:21           dude, that's just so awesome. Again, you guys are listening. I hope you're taking massive notes. I mean, it's, you're listening to a guy who's out there just taking massive, massive action. And I love journey. I just totally transparent. You know what? Sometimes it just flops, it just doesn't work. But it's what you learned from that flop.

Speaker 3:     18:37           Yes, yes. And almost. And there's a rule of thumb generally in most media companies when somebody's putting on an event, don't sponsor the first one, right? The first one is the learning experience, you know, and, and I gotta tell you it like most people never even make it to the first one. Okay. And then they make it and they're like, Oh God, that was awful. We shouldn't do that again. And it's like, no, this is the time when you have to be so stupid and competitive that you're like, no, we're doing it again against all freaking advice whatsoever. Right. He threw up, we threw a party when I was like 17 or 18 and we called it. It was a keg party. We have bands come out and all that. And we called it. The freaks come out at night. And I was, the cops were called. I mean, for all intensive purposes, it was a disaster. Right? And I was the only one that was like, no, it's a good start. And everyone's like, no, never. Again. How about that Jeremy? So I, you know, I, I'm more than willing to fail a little bit and, and embarrassing myself a little bit for the good of everything else in the end because it is, it's the only way you get there and somebody has to be the one willing to risk the humiliation. You know, what risk it. You get all the freaking praise afterwards. If it works too though. So

Speaker 2:     19:52           and you've been getting again, you've been crushing it. It is so cool to see the different things your success. Again, I love the fact that you're in multiple industries and yet you're finding ways of bringing them together and you're using the same skill set that you've learned and I think I hope people understand how important learning the skills that you've got to learn the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the most important part in business. I've, you know, you're joking around about this whole idea as far as entrepreneurial right now it's kind of a popular word. I, I remember when I first got started as an entrepreneur basically meant that you couldn't get a job anywhere else. That's how most people looked at me, like, oh, so you can't make it, so that's what you're calling her.

Speaker 3:     20:26           So there's a lot of, there's a lot of truth to that.

Speaker 2:     20:31           I think there's these days. I, I love just your, your sticktuitiveness. I mean, no matter what, you just keep going. And that's the fight that I hold. People who are listening, you understand the only people that are successful, they keep fighting through all the losses. So as we kind of get close to wrapping things up, Jeremy, what other words of advice would you have for our listeners?

Speaker 3:     20:50           Um, I, I don't know, but thinking about what you were just saying, I think that, you know, not so much a word of advice. Maybe Elon Musk is sleeping in his factory right now. Okay. They're so backed up. He is sleeping at the factory. Okay. Now one guy did bring up a good point. He said, well, doesn't he have like five kids or something you think that might have something to do with it? But I mean, so not really. You know, that's not a word of advice, but if you take that and you look at that guy's level of success in what he's still willing to do to get those preorders taken care of for that new Tesla model or whatever that is, that is everything you know, and, and, and there's a lot of smash talk going on out there right now against old hustle.

Speaker 3:     21:32           Hustle is, you know, hustles overrated and all that. And I always say that it's very interesting that once that whole hustle culture came to fruition was about two to three years ago and most of the time in business it takes about two to three years to burn somebody out, right? So now we're seeing this, this whole movement came and it's a few years later now, all these people were like, oh, that's all overrated. Like, no, dude, you got your ass kicked. Okay, you couldn't hang man. You know, so that's it, man. It's, it's the, everything is the drive. You cannot work your competition. You can eventually hammer that square peg into that round hole if you hit it hard enough. And I'm not trying to, you know, undermine strategy or work smarter, all of that. These all have to happen. But that is the, that is something man, that everybody's got to take through it a to take from it because everybody who turns into a really, really, really, really big name has that.

Speaker 3:     22:27           I love it. It's the one common factor. So I have to agree. Well, tell me, people are going to be dying to reach out to you. What's the best way to connect with you? I would say just go, just go hop on the drop zone gunner page on facebook or go check out the grizzly pages. The one that's most pop in these days. That's where most of the efforts going into a grizzly targets on facebook. There is a lot. I do a lot of contacts and a lot of interactive stuff. We have a Friday night faceoff video series that we're doing now where people can bet and gamble on Monday mornings on who's going to win between a and B and under what time? And on Friday night, like Friday night fights at 9:00 at airs and whoever gets closest and picked the correct winner wins xY, , z. So definitely check that out. It's a, it's a lot of fun. So there, you know, I always love talking to you. It's so great having you on the show. Thank God. I know you've got a million things going on and today wasn't the most productive, as you've mentioned earlier. So, uh, I appreciate you suck. You saved by day. Okay. I haven't smiled all day and I'm so happy.

Speaker 3:     23:32           Uh, Jerry, always a pleasure. We'll talk soon. Awesome man. Thank you.

Speaker 4:     23:36           No, one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on itunes. You wouldn't mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I'm doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything differently already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it's my way of finding out how I'm doing. So if you don't mind, I'd really appreciate it. And I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

Jun 21, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Reekita:

Augmented Reality is here and can now be used in your funnel and on Facebook Messenger. If you have a physical OR digital product Or a service, you can now use state of the art technology in your funnels. The ROI and conversion increase is amazing. Reekita is helping other marketers to use augmented reality in their business. She talks about where things are now and where it is going.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How to integrate augmented reality into your business. (1:52)
  • How would somebody incorporate augmented reality into their funnel (3:10)
  • What Reekita is currently using in her business with Augmented Reality (7:28)
  • Integrating AR into your website (9:30)

Quotable Moments:

"Augmented reality is any digital content you overlay into your own environment."

"People will not really have to leave their house."

"The best benefit is that there is no competition around. When you are seeing stuff in AR, you are seeing it as if it is in your house."

Other Tidbits:

Marketing, in general,  is changing very soon. All the major platforms; facebook, snapchat social media, are all integrating AR into their platforms.



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:     00:17       Hey everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. This is gonna be kind of a fun, crazy and different types of podcasts. And I normally do A. I actually don't know this guest. This is the first time we've met. I usually, I know our guests, but a different bannock introduced us and I want to make sure we brought her on. She's doing some crazy fun kind of different things. So I want to bring on ricky to gala. We're going to welcome to the show.

Speaker 3:     00:39       Thank you. Thank you. Um, and I'm a, I really appreciate you having me on your show.

Speaker 2:     00:45       That the topic is the part that got my attention. I usually kind of selective as far as who we bring on, but this is a crazy time topic. So what we're going to dive right into is augmented reality marketing. Uh, this became interesting to me. I was actually, I was down at a Joe Polish and Dean Grazia Center K Group and was talking with a couple of guys there about some augmented reality that they were looking at doing and one of the guys ended up showing me a basically a website where you could move furniture around and you could see furniture in your room and whether or not you liked it or bought it. And then jeff reached out and said, hey, I've got this guy, this girl who's really knows what is happening, augmented reality. So I thought, you know what? Let's bring her on and kind of dive right in. So Ricky, to give people a little better understanding of what augmented reality is. I didn't do the best job explaining that. So

Speaker 3:     01:34       you did a really good job because of mentored reality is elevate different from what your reality. What are like many people have this perception that was your reality is same as a mentor reality. But, uh, the real, the reality is that augmented reality is basically any digital content. You in a real environment. And let's say you have a print printed media, you know, some kind of pamphlets or something like that and you want to have your videos or you know, a link to your funnel so you can actually do that with the help of augmented reality. Like you can create content and you can add it on your pamphlet and once the user scans the image of whatever you are doing, they will be seeing augmented content over or you know, over the pitch or whatever you have done. And

Speaker 2:     02:25       I actually saw that last December we were out, Russell and I were out, he was speaking at James Mallin shacks event and one of the ladies there had a business card that had a qr code and you basically click on the Qr code and the Qr code brought up a video of her,

Speaker 3:     02:41       right? Yep. Yep. And it's nice and coated or like there are easy drag and drop tools available in the market where you can use them and create all these fun stuff within like five minutes. And it's very affordable too. So that's really simple to do.

Speaker 2:     02:56       So anytime someone tells you they can do it in five minutes, I'm like, there's just no way. So tell me what's it really take and how can I actually do? How could give me an example of how someone would use augmented reality in their funnel?

Speaker 3:     03:10       Okay, so one great question. Facebook, actually facebook is coming up with the augmented reality into the Messenger and you can integrate or augmented reality with your books. So let's say you want to, or you are adding your facebook messenger or link on your funding or whatever and you want your to wants to try the product. You can do that with the help of augmented reality in your Messenger. So that is one way that you can use.

Speaker 2:     03:37       I haven't seen that. So yeah. So most of the people who are listening to this, they're driving or they're working out there listening to this, this podcast. So give people. You're going to have to describe in visual terms what augmented reality is going to look like on their face in Facebook Messenger Bot.

Speaker 3:     03:53       Okay. So let's say you create a Messenger Bot and that are automated messages integrated, uh, US selling makeup for example, cosmetics, and you want your customer to try the product in on themselves. So what you will do is you would add a comment saying that, do you want to try the product? So it is like, let's say you respond to yes. So the facebook camera will open and once the facebook camera opens, you can actually use um, facebook air effects. They have a platform called ear effects, but you can create that effect and once you create that effect in integrated with their book, with the help of facebook Api, we can do. But yeah. So, uh, once they do that, it's all centered in everything. So once the customer says yes, they will open the camera and try to see what the different product in front of them and they can put the lipstick on their lips, they can put the foundation on whatever and they can test the product.

Speaker 2:     04:51       So I can basically get a facebook message here.

Speaker 3:     04:56       Yeah, Beta waiting list. And they stock in some. Oh. So by the end of this year, coming up with a lot of new strategies related to Ar and Vr and starting tweedy post and video ads like three 60 degree, three d, so you can actually see the uh, what do whatever your product is and do a three 60 or manual.

Speaker 2:     05:20       So this works best for a physical product. Then physically it's

Speaker 3:     05:23       not even for syllabuses. Like let's say you want to do a hologram or something like that. You can actually do those kind of stuff now. And um, think that pretty much I'm really different now. Like the way we do marketing, we used to do marketing I would say is going to be changing the student because all the major platform like snapchat, facebook, instagram, Google, they all have integrated ai into their own platform. So indion social media game is changing of Google has integrated into their maps. So let's say you open camera, you will be able to see all of the Geo based ar and you can see like, you know, the reviews the mess, like in a popups of whatever. Like if you had some audio pop pop, you can add audio and all those kinds of stuff, but you can add your animation.

Speaker 2:     06:13       Wow. Let's go back to our whole funnel now. This funnel hacker radio, I've got back to where again, I could receive a facebook messenger from somebody who basically says, Hey, do you want to try this lipstick on and my camera is going to open up and they're going to give me some drawing tool.

Speaker 3:     06:35       Oh No, no. Nothing like that. Could be done in er initially. And then it's just integrated with the help of Ai. So then it didn't have like, you know, automated set up stuff making it or they can change the products and all those things. On the screen itself.

Speaker 2:     06:55       Is this going to look like some of the instagram little error?

Speaker 3:     06:59       I'm some kind of effects that you have the dealers and all those kind of stuff that he use on facebook right now.

Speaker 2:     07:05       Okay. So for us as a marketer, I'm obviously what I want to do is I'm going to sell more product so it's going to be real critical that I make sure that it actually looks good. I'm working with this, with this automated reality. I know that um, some of the older things it looked really kind of clunky and didn't work as much. What are you currently doing in your, in your business using automated reality, augmented reality, admitted automated. Yes. I'm augmented reality.

Speaker 3:     07:30       Okay. So currently I'm building my own platform and the platform is related to augmented reality and virtual reality that you can create content for marketing or anything like that within just five minutes, just drag and drop kind of tools. And um, as of now I'm training people on how to create air and within that I'm creating ebooks and all those things there are user against, against the pitcher and they can have, you know, they can be connected with my funnel or they can be a youtube video or something like that. So there are a lot of things you could have gone to action right inside Ai for let's say you saw a product and you want them to buy, you can directly have a call to action inside er experience and they can just go ahead and buy the product.

Speaker 2:     08:18       Okay. So my mind is just racing now. Some crazy. Cool. Thanks. So because I've had, I've had a lot of people reach out to me recently. I get approached all the time from business development opportunities when I most recently had was a video basically an overlay and again it's somewhat augmented reality type of things to where the video overlay would be either I'd be watching someone else's video and the clothes they were wearing that basically I could mouse, I could click on it and I can buy that at that exact Jack.

Speaker 3:     08:54       You see all the different colors of the clothes and all the different designs and all those kind of stuff, which is really amazing because people will not really have to leave the house and they can show up right in the house. In fact, gap is doing something like that. They have created augmented reality or application that integrated on their products in that APP and you can actually try the product house. Very cool. So then all of those top companies, I've already created the, uh, into the then what are the integrated air into the website? So one of the way, or do we integrate ar is also where you can integrate augmented reality content like your digital product and whatever product is at. You can create it into augmented reality and once when he was ill wants to view that you have an option you want to view in ar or you want to just view in your web browser.

Speaker 2:     09:46       Interesting. All right. So again, I, I love this. This is always cutting edge type of stuff and we just added apple pay to click funnels. So if people can use apple pay, it's one click type of deal. We're seeing on mobile, it's converting like crazy. I'm from the actual shopping experience. In your funnel, when a person buys something, does it take them to a checkout page or does it take, does it take apple pay? Right? Then what's the actual purchasing opportunity? Does it work?

Speaker 3:     10:16       So, um, you know, when in augmented reality one to create the content, you have a republican going into action and you can add any link, whatever link you want to add, you can just add that energy directly, take you to the checkout page. Let's say you are already having into your website that you've added or augmented reality content with, um, it's us sending a sofa so you have added Ai, um, and you've added a CD. So once a person sees the so far they can directly click buy now and check out. So they don't really need to come back and again go through the process and stuff. And the best benefit is that there is no competition around. Like when you are seeing stuff in art, just seeing as it's right there in your house, you've already lost that mentally, Eddie. Okay. I like it. Let's go ahead and buy it.

Speaker 2:     11:10       No, I love it. Actually, that's, that was experienced we had with the furniture. I'm basically the gammer opened up when the room we were in saw the room and basically this sofa came in or the chair or whatever else.

Speaker 3:     11:23       It has in many ways actually, like nowadays if you go to see like there are so many people out there and selling the same stuff what you're selling and it's really hard for marketers to be different or unique in a manner that they are having something unique to give to the customer and this is one way that they can create unique strategies and create a relationship with the users, you know, the customer as well. So it helps to create engagement in something. Well, like, you know, people love to share a wow factor. I love it. No.

Speaker 2:     11:54       Again, I think that's the part I'm seeing a lot on the social stuff is the shareability of it and I think that's a really neat experience.

Speaker 3:     12:03       Yeah. And it creates of when you engage in wanting to have engagement and people are seeing staff it, it automatically converts into sales

Speaker 2:     12:12       and that's what we're all about. Making more sales. So I think that's fantastic. So what are some of the things, so on your company is augmented reality marketing?

Speaker 3:     12:22       So my company name is b r a r, d dot, but we are all into training and coaching related to augmented reality marketing.

Speaker 2:     12:31       Okay. So most of your stuff is on their training and coaching side. If people wanted to actually get the tech, where would they. I'm sorry. One time you do designing end and went up into. Okay. So if a person wants to add this to their funnel, what's the best way of doing that?

Speaker 3:     12:46       I think the best way of doing it is a Greek augmented reality contained with the. Like let's say they have an ecommerce tool so they can create ecommerce website with augmented reality content. So if they're selling any product or anything, they can create that content and added inside their website. So if somebody wants to see, they can directly see that. Second is they're doing a webinar or something like that. Many times we just showed us, you know, a page. I mean share the screen, like go ahead and scan the so you can actually do that. Like, you know, you show your picture or something on the screen and you want them to buy something, you just use it to scan the image of the screen and they will be able to check out immediately. They don't really need to go on the web browser and you type and see all this stuff. So it's immediate call to action.

Speaker 2:     13:38       So on our funnel builder secrets Webinar, at the end, I can have them literally take a picture of the call to action. Yeah,

Speaker 3:     13:47       pick up the phone and just scan the screen. And you have called to action immediately.

Speaker 2:     13:53       No, that's super cool. And we're going to have to do a lot of split tests in here. I'm really, really curious to see how this converts. Yes.

Speaker 3:     13:59       Would that I have learned different strategies which we can combine. In fact, I'm creating different funnels inside the software that I'm relieved and those will be like, then they are like two step three step funnel is you don't really that long step funnels that we have been creating for so long because of augmented reality is all about cutting the long experiences that you've had and giving them a unique experience. So I think that will be really cool.

Speaker 2:     14:28       That's crazy. So what are some of the things that if you've been split test or looking at things, what are some of the results that you're seeing with augmented reality?

Speaker 3:     14:36       So, um, recently I feel like we have been doing a lot of case studies and all those things and augmented reality or the thing that has shown in the market is augmented reality is showing the highest out of all the technologies and has been launched or you know, uh, being there in the market guilty of and it's not some effects or something like that. It's all together. A new technology like how we used to use, I mean we use phones. It's the same way in the future of augmented reality is going to be smart glasses at are wearing today within the next five years. I'm not joking. Like Sony, Google, Samsung, they have the patient already on augmented reality, smart glasses. So yeah, that's definitely future and they want us to stop using phones and all those kinds of characters and just focus on using these marg glasses and all those things. So one is going to be really connected.

Speaker 2:     15:36       Crazy. So I blinked twice to buy and wants to say no. Is that how that works?

Speaker 3:     15:40       Oh yeah. So Yep. I know you are be coming to the client. So yeah, I mean gestures and all those kind of things would come into play where you will click like, you know, you will just wave your hand. Say No, you blink your eyes. Yes. Those kinds of stuff are really coming out with now using technology and you know nobody or tracking.

Speaker 2:     16:06       You feel like I'm gonna be sitting in an auction and accidentally raise my hand and said bought $10,000 for the product. So.

Speaker 3:     16:12       Well, yeah. I mean, it's got to be crazy when in fact 2018 has been overly different. Your all together because all the top companies have created and what did you like high or integrated with the website, so either on the social media platforms or they have created their own platform for development of this and it has gone mainstream in 2018 and I was waiting for this for the last five years. I was waiting.

Speaker 2:     16:42       Well, we're for people want to find out more about automated reality or connecting with you. What's the best way of doing it? Amended reality. Gosh, I'm so sorry. I keep. I've got automated or augmented, so if they want to find out more about augmented reality as I use to this automated marketing automation tools, I've been working with some academic stuff. We're doing so automation and automatic as in my back to augmented reality. Uh, if people want to find out more about augmented reality or to connect with you, what's the easiest and best way to do that?

Speaker 3:     17:16       I think the best way is to connect with me on facebook. They can sell it. Tricky. Ricky Delgado and Rae

Speaker 2:     17:25       k I t a g a l A. Yep,

Speaker 3:     17:29       that's right. And we can take it from there if they need any help with anything because my main goal is behind or you doing training or courting people is because of mentors. Reality is the way that is going to change everything coming forward like after 2000. I think after some more we will see lot of amended reality content, especially with facebook and instagram.

Speaker 2:     17:54       I really want to him. Well Ricky to thank you so much for being on the show today. I greatly appreciate it. Again, augmented reality. So I find out more about augmented reality. Check out ricky to golf on facebook are e k e t h

Speaker 3:     18:10       eat.

Speaker 2:     18:11       I'm just blowing this whole thing ricky to so one more time. R E E K I t a g a l A. Yeah

Speaker 3:     18:19       that's right. And anyways Vicky who passed me, even if you like Google it, there's only one ricky data so they will be able to find me.

Speaker 2:     18:30       Well thanks so much

Speaker 3:     18:31       and thank you. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your time and having me on your show today.

Speaker 2:     18:38       We'll talk soon.

Speaker 4:     18:41       No. One of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys lead on itunes. If you wouldn't mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I'm doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it's my way of finding out how I'm doing so if you don't mind, I'd really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

Jun 15, 2018

Social media has increased the ease and numbers of "haters". As a business owner who needs to publish content and products it can be tough when you get beat up on social media for doing the best that you can. Dave Woodward provides insights on how other successful entrepreneurs continue to Care for those they serve WITHOUT caring about what others say.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What to do as an entrepreneur if you don’t have thick skin (3:00)
  • Dave gives examples of companies and entrepreneurs focus so much on their clients, that they don’t care who they upset (6:35)

Quotable Moments:

"You have to care so much about those people that you are working with and that you are serving, but at the same time you have to care less about the haters."

"You have to let the haters fuel you."

Other Tidbits:

Once you care so much about the people you are serving, you will care less about the haters.



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Welcome.

Speaker 2:     00:18       Oh my gosh. This is a crazy topic and I see this happening so often. It's so many people's businesses that I just. I have to help you understand how important this is or there are so many entrepreneurs, so many business owners I speak to all the time who are so concerned and so afraid of what other people are going to say and they care so much more about offending or hurting or upsetting other people that it actually prevents this entrepreneur in this business owner from getting their message out to the world. If this is, I was speaking directly to you and I want to make sure you understand the impact and the importance of the message that you have. I personally believe any entrepreneur, any business owner who goes on his on his or her way to start any business, that you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world, a true moral obligation.

Speaker 2:     01:05       If you don't feel that strong and that passionate about the business that you're in, then get out of that business and find a business that you do feel that strongly about. I feel that strong right now about click funnels. I literally feel like I have a moral obligation to get clickfunnels out to the entire world, literally to save entrepreneurs from all the other confusing software, all the other mistakes and tools that people are using that actually is preventing them from having the success, the financial freedom, and the time freedom that our platform provides. In addition to that, the coaching programs and everything else, I. it's funny, I literally wear it swag every day. One, I love the t shirts and being honest, how they make me feel, but more important than that, I. I truly believe in our mission. I honestly, I feel this moral obligation.

Speaker 2:     01:48       It is very rare that you're ever gonna. See people without having something click funnels on, whether it's [inaudible], whether it's a shirt, whether it's a water bottle. I want people to ask me about it because I feel that strong about what we do. I've seen this happen at t we just got back from San Diego where we're gathering with our two comma club coaches are two comma club coaches and down there we had about 140 of our students there. We've got another one coming this week and this was our installation meeting. So these are the people who bought a are two Comma Club coaching program at funnel hacking live. And it was fascinating to me to see those people who are super passionate about their business and those who are like, I just don't know. I'm still trying to figure this thing out. And I see it happen quite a bit where people, especially when you're marketing online, um, for some reason people will say, and you'll find more haters online and you actually will face to face.

Speaker 2:     02:43       That's really easy to hide behind a keyboard and a screen and slam other people. But you have to understand that you've got to have super, super thick skin to be an entrepreneur. If you don't, then you've got to find ways of putting up shields and protection there for you. So first of, if you don't feel like you've got that type of thick skin and all the hitters are going to bother you, that's okay. You still have the same moral obligation to get your message out to the world. But now what you have to do is you just have to hire someone to take care of all your haters for you. And that literally would mean hire someone to go through your facebook posts, have hire someone to take care of all your social media so you don't see all the criticism. Uh, it's honestly, it's one of those things that are care who you are.

Speaker 2:     03:24       It's hard when, when someone starts tearing down what you're doing. Uh, I remember, uh, when my wife was teaching a lot of, a lot of fitness classes and she could have the most amazing fitness class in the world, and 30 people can come afterwards and tell her, oh my gosh, that was amazing. But if one person came up and said, ah, you know what, I didn't like your music, or Oh, I didn't really know it was okay. That's the one person that she would be obsessed about and it would really ruin her entire day. I've seen the same thing happen for people when they come off stage and people are like, oh my gosh, that was such a great, a great talk and it wasn't a talk. Did you buy now? I really didn't buy sit back, nick. Oh my gosh, why not? I feel the same way anytime I'm doing a Webinar or anything else.

Speaker 2:     04:06       And I'm like, wait a second. As great as it was, and yes, 15, 20 percent of people bought that means 80 to 85 percent sentence. People didn't. Why did I not connect with them? What did I do wrong? And realize those are just human elements that you're always going to deal with. The key here is you've got to find some way of being able to care without caring, and what I mean by that is you have to care so much about those people that you're working with and that you're serving, but at the same time you can. You have to care less about the haters. You have to allow those haters to fuel you. You also have to understand that, and I see this problem take place a lot with a lot of our coaches and things who are in the coaching business or when they're providing a product or a service that is supposed to be used by someone and the person doesn't consume it.

Speaker 2:     04:51       They don't get the results. That person who created it feels like it was something wrong with the product. Realize that's not the case. It's the person who bought it. I think for yourself, how many times have you bought a book and not read it all the way through? I do that all the time. Does it mean the book was bad? No, it just means I, it was me. It so realize that your customers, it's your boy Garrett white says it best, and that is you are not their savior. You just aren't. Realize you're a marketer. Your job is to help change people's lives, but they have their own agency. It's up to them to actually take, make, take the action and do what it takes to get the results and things that you need from them. But because they're not doing it doesn't mean that you should market it any less.

Speaker 2:     05:33       In fact, you should be marketing extremely hard. Marketing is the one skilled every single person has to learn. Um, I remember years ago hearing from Dan Kennedy, basically, if you're not offending someone everyday, you're just not marketing hard enough. And I truly believe that you've got to have that. You've got to be that prolific. You've got to be that polarized into where your product and service cannot apply to everybody. You've got to be in a situation to where you're doing everything you possibly can to connect with the people who your product or your service was designed for. And at the same time, realize that as you market that hard, you're going to offend, you're going to piss off, you're going to upset other people. That's okay. That's marketing's job is to separate people so that you're only communicating with those people who your product and service can actually benefit.

Speaker 2:     06:18       It's one of the most important things for me is I take a look at anyone I work with and we coach and who are using our product or our service is that you have to be that passionate about it. It was, I was talking with a guy down in San Diego who's in the real estate niche and his whole product is. He's actually going against the typical norm of real estate agents. In other words, he's basically telling people, listen, you don't need to pay six percent to list your house. Well, obviously by his doing that and the harder he markets, the more agents he's gonna upset because he's literally cutting off their lifeblood. You see, the same thing happened with Uber. They upset the entire taxi industry. That's okay. Realize that Uber's client is not the taxi cab driver. Uber's client is the person who wants to be picked up by somebody in a clean car who doesn't want to have to worry about a tip, who understands the person that's going to basically take them, pick them up and take more than they go without any hassles, driving in a in a same manner, and that's their client.

Speaker 2:     07:27       So realize that once you understand who your client is, you are going to upset others, and so you have to learn to care without caring. You've gotta care about your clients, but you've got to care less about anybody else. Pamela wible, who is in our inner circle is one of the most amazing women you will ever meet. This is a woman who is a doctor. Uh, went through medical school, lost a lot of her friends who were other doctors to suicide, and realized that it became her mission, her passion to fight for doctors to prevent them from committing suicide. He says this didn't make any sense and she's gone so far. I mean, she works so hard that the entire medical community, the hospitals at others who are basically killing these doctors and our manufacturing, these heartless doctors who are just becoming a mill, she's fighting against that.

Speaker 2:     08:24       She's fighting against these major institutions and she was funny. She was speaking on stage here and she said, you don't. You really. You have to understand that you have to get to the point that if you don't have a bodyguard and that you're not getting death threats on a regular basis, you're just not working hard enough. Now realize, I don't know if you can take it to that extreme, but that's how passionate Pamela is about her mission. She's literally saving lives, but because she's going about saving these lives in the way that she's doing it, she is upsetting major, major medical associations and she literally has a bodyguard because she does get death threats because that's how passionate she is about what she's doing. Money is not the motivator for her. Saving lives is, and so she literally goes to major, major extremes to help people understand the problems that these doctors are facing.

Speaker 2:     09:17       To try to help them, uh, she has different products and services where she literally will bring these doctors out to a, an event out in the middle of the woods and part of the event is for them to get back to nature, to get back to themselves. And part of it is actually where they're nude, where they literally are. It'll have to have together talking negative because she's trying to take down all the barriers to get rid of that white coat because she literally will do what ever it takes to help these doctors. And when you care that much about who you're serving, you start to care less about all the haters. And you have to get to that point. So realize as you take a look at your marketing, you need to market harder. You need to market in a way that upsets people. You've seen it.

Speaker 2:     10:00       We do this all the time and the more that we do this, the more upset people get at us. You've seen our confusionsoft stuff. You've seen us, our vendor comic books with Loki pages and confusion soft. It's because we truly believe and feel that our platform is the only platform that was going to save entrepreneurs from all this other confusion software for things that don't work, that's going to take up their time and their money. We feel that passionate about it. I hope, and I pray deep down inside that you feel that passionate about what you're doing, that you get excited, that you're motivated, that you can't wait to tell people about what you do because you have a product or a service that literally has changed in the world. I know that I do and I hope that you get to the point where you start to care less about the haters and again, realize there's a human element to all of us.

Speaker 2:     10:50       You know, we joke around here in the office that you know James, James, p friel has one emotion, but at the same time, every, all of us have emotions and it's human that you're going to get your feelings hurt, but realized deep down inside that when you feel you're more passionate about those you're serving than you are about yourself. You will be that much more passionate about getting your message out to the world market hard study marketing. There's nothing more important to you that are really understand the psychology of what it's going to take to fulfill the moral obligation that you have to get your message out to the world. I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you all the success in your business and again, if you're struggling with this, hire people to take care of that human element so it doesn't suck you down.

Speaker 2:     11:31       I know with with Russell, it's very rare that he spends a bunch of time dealing with the haters and over time he's actually learned to develop a thick enough skin to where it doesn't matter as much, but in the very beginning he hired a ton of people, basically the Redis facebook posts and to take care of that kinda stuff because it hurt. That's human. That's it's really hard when you're going out and you're trying to save other people and other people are saying such terrible negative things about you realize that that's the human element to what you're doing. Develop the thick skin as an entrepreneur and realize you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you in that way. Please, I would love and I appreciate so much.

Speaker 2:     12:12       Most people spend time listening to these podcasts. If there's a message or something that you would like me to say, some topic or something you'd like me to convey or to get out there, please reach out. Let me know what that is. You can hit me up on facebook, personal message me there, David clickfunnels, to my email. Also, I would really appreciate any ratings or reviews that you can give me on itunes. I'm really trying to get this message out to more people and the ratings and reviews that you give on itunes. Help me do that. Share. Share the podcast that you like with your friends and families were neighbors, whoever it might be, and again, let me know what I can do to help serve you better. Have an amazing day. I wish you all the best of your business and we'll talk soon.

Jun 13, 2018

The best way to serve your customers is to help them consume your product. Dave Woodward talks about some of the best consumption funnels he has come across in the last few weeks. These are physical products, professional services and information products. He reveals what you can do to help your customers consume your products and want more of them and more of you.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Examples of consumption funnels (0:49)
  • How ClickFunnels uses consumption funnels for their own products (6:15)
  • Ways to use consumption funnels in your business (9:29)

Quotable Moments:

"The most successful businesses are those that help you consume their product."

Other Tidbits:

Letting customers consume your product by free samples or free offers or reduced price offers is a proven way to increase sales. Hosting events that show demonstrations are also a good way to show your customers how to use your product.



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Welcome

Speaker 2:     00:17       back everybody. Oh my gosh. This is one of my favorite topics. Consumption funnels. Understand this is, I wish everybody was doing this and it cracks me up. The more people aren't. So what I want you to do is I want to think about how in the world can you help people, those people who you're trying to serve, consume more of your product. Uh, there's, I see this happen a ton and so many other industries and you've got to start using this in your own business. So let me give you a couple of different examples here. A couple months ago, James P friel moved here to Boise area and he and Jada invited a couple of here in the office to go out on a date, so a couples date. So we ended up going to Sula tabla a, if you're not familiar with it. And I'd probably pronounced completely wrong Su, our space la space table, so, but it's a French place and what it is, it's really, it's a, it's a store that sells a ton of high end cooking things and literally anything you could think of from electronic spoons or forks that you basically push down and it spends the spaghetti on to multi hundred dollar knives, thousand dollar cooking pots and pans and just crazy, crazy stuff for the chefs or the want to be shifts.

Speaker 2:     01:42       And there's always a ton of people in there, you know, just kind of milling around and looking at things. The part I found so interesting was we went there on a date, you're going to be asking why in the world would you go to serve the tableau on a date? Well, because in the very, very back, which is key, you've got to walk through the entire store to get the very back of the store. They have a cooking area and it's basically a cooking class where they have two different, uh, it's set up to where you could have about, I think a total about 20 people. And so you're cooking, so they have a chef and they have a couple of people who are there helping the chef. And then there's again for us that night there was 12 of us, uh, so six of us, it was James and Yada, Russell and Clinton, my wife and I, so the six of us were there and they had six others who were there as well.

Speaker 2:     02:35       And basically we broken into different groups to then be taught by a chef how to cook. And it was that evening and happened to be an evening all about an Italian cuisine. And so we made shadow and we made just this fascinating, really cool meals. It was super engaging, a ton of fun. There's an emotional connection between the six of us as well as then some of the other people we were cooking with. Just, it was really kind of a fun thing to get to know other people. And he had this emotional tie in with food and cooking. I was really a crazy experience because, you know, we got done and to be honest with you, uh, we weren't full. So we ended up later going out to dinner to eat some more because we didn't fill up on the meal that we cook, but the key here was the amount of consumption and what I mean by that is they introduced us to a couple of cool little utensils and things.

Speaker 2:     03:27       Uh, one was a, a garlic press, another one was, um, the way in which actually cut a. They showed us different knives and how to cut things. And so we started consuming the exact same things that we had just walked through a sore full of. So as soon as we got done, each one of us has couples went out and we started to buy what we adjust used now. That was about three months ago, two, three months ago. I have yet, and neither is my wife use any of this stuff that we bought. But it was such a cool experience because we were actually able to consume and to use the different utensils and things at the time we were cooking. So soon as we got done, the very first thing we did was each couple spent probably a couple hundred bucks on different cooking utensils and stuff just because it was cool and it was a ton of fun.

Speaker 2:     04:18       So [inaudible] has this ability where you actually pay. So I think, I think the, I don't know how much the actual meals were, but I don't call it 50 bucks a person. So each of us paid 100 bucks to go to learn from a chef, not only how to cook and prepare a meal, but more importantly how to consume their physical products that they were then selling to us on the variant. So we went in, each of us probably spending 100 bucks for the evening for the date, but then we spent another couple hundred bucks before we left the rest that the store. Because we wanted to buy the stuff that we just used. So realize that businesses out there, the most successful businesses are businesses that help you consume your product. Take for example, my favorite things do is whenever my wife suckers me into going grocery shopping, we typically go to costco and she's on her own because I'm out there sampling.

Speaker 2:     05:11       I love going and tasting all the samples, but there's this law of reciprocity that kicks in once you start tasting these samples. There's a ton of times where I actually will end up buying it even though I don't really love it. It's just because I feel almost this reciprocity because I consumed some of their food, I feel like I said at least by some of it. And so it's the whole reason costco has all these people out there as you can start milling through costco is because they want you to consume their products and as you consume them, some of them are tastes great and you're going to buy them just because they're awesome and you may become a lifelong customer. Continue to buy their same product over and over and over again because you first consumed it. So there's a couple of products that, uh, I know for tri tip, uh, we, we do kick a lot of drag tip and stuff and so we ended up buying tri-tip preseason, everything else because we consumed it there and that free sample, probably seven, eight years ago, we've now probably spent thousands of dollars and tried to all because we consume that product.

Speaker 2:     06:10       Same thing happens if you take a look at what we've been doing inside of click funnels, funnel university, our funnel scripts is a consulting funnel. Fridays, sorry, funnel Fridays is a consumption ploy. If you're not aware of what funnel Fridays is, go to funnel Fridays Dot Com. And there you'll have the opportunity of seen us using our product, helping others consume, not just click funnels, but also funnel scripts. So what happens on funnel Fridays is Jim Edwards, who is the creator of funnel scripts, he and Russell would get together and it's basically a game. They have 30 minutes to create a funnel utilizing clickfunnels and utilizing funnel scripts for all the copy. So frequently we will get people who will send us a product here at our clickfunnels office. And sometimes we'll actually use that will create a funnel for them on that product using clickfunnels and funnelscripts or other times it'll be a product.

Speaker 2:     07:11       There were basically we'd go out and it's something a russell seen something he's purchased and now he because he's purchased it is like, you know what? I would probably change the way this funnel works by doing this, this, this and this. And so funnel Fridays is all set up to help our users consume more of our product by Lilly, by they're seen as actually do it. It's literally half an hour. It's time for a reason because we're trying to help people understand that clickfunnels doesn't take a whole bunch of time. That is easy to use. And so by seeing Russell using it and by having gym, using funnel scripts and showing how easy it is to use that. So realize one of the great things from a consumption funnel funnel Fridays is you actually get to see it. I was literally just talking to my son Chandler about the.

Speaker 2:     08:03       He just put together an Oto using the script easier and faster, and that's the whole ploy behind funnel Fridays to let you see how easy and fast both funnelscripts and clickfunnels is. So if whatever product you have, you should help people consume it. One way they can consume it is by a samples by Lord, easier cost samples, free plus shipping, offer samples. Um, we're looking at doing some things right now with prove it for that, which again is a kito product. It's a network marketing product. And one of the biggest problems that a lot of network marketing companies run up against is they're trying to always sell the, the, the offer as far as the money making opportunity and they're selling the opportunity more than they're selling the product. Whereas you get people consuming the product, they'll then want to get into the offer. So we're looking at doing some things with prove it to where we actually will be in a situation of giving away samples at a lower cost.

Speaker 2:     09:00       It's not the full month's supply, but by giving away the sample, they get used to it. And I mean, people aren't doing this for years, it's the whole puppy dog close, you know, just take the dog home, take this little puppy home if you don't want to then bring it back. Well, it's a consumption funnel. They're wanting you to consume the dog, not to eat the dog, but to actually use the dog to get, see how it is to have that dog in your house. So I want you to take a look at your own business and the different things that you're doing. What type of consumption can you do in your business to help others consume your product? It may be through demonstrations, like funnel Fridays is where you actually show people your consuming your own product. It may be through samples, it may be through putting on an event and then selling the physical product of the people, how they use it, the afterwards.

Speaker 2:     09:49       So realize this whole idea as far as consumption funnels. This has been done for years. I go to a lot of the fairs where people were up there and they had the demonstrations. Uh, you take a look at a lot of the infomercials which are demonstrations. They're doing these demos to basically show how fast this vacuum works, how fast this mop, this mop cleans 'em the whole Kirby vacuum cleaner, door to door sales person was the same thing. Whereas let me come in and clean one room for you for free. And by their basically consuming that or seeing it or using it in your house, you're like, oh my gosh, okay, I guess I better do that. So realize there's so many ways for you and your business to help your customers use your product, and the more they use your product, the more than that I want to buy the product.

Speaker 2:     10:35       So make sure that you start looking at ways that you can help your customers use, demonstrate, apply whatever it might be. The more they consume it, the more they see other people consuming it, the more easy it is for them to buy it, to use it, and more importantly, to continue to buy it on a regular basis. So with that, spend the time understanding consumption funnels. Start looking at infomercials, watch how infomercials they do the exact same thing. It's a 30 minute infomercial and for basically broken down into seven minute segment where they're can. They're showing the consumption of that product for seven minutes and then an offer it then seven minutes and then an offer and then seven minutes and then an offer and they use urgency and scarcity at the back end of it. So look at funnel hack infomercials. There's some of the best consumption things as you're in Costco.

Speaker 2:     11:22       Next time, look at how, what different types of samples are they offering or are they all food samples? Are they different types of samples? As you're out, realize that every business that's really smart is using different ways of helping people consume their products, so start funnel hacking other people's businesses and see how they can use it in your life. Dentists have done, they do this all the time as far as a low barrier offer to get you into their clinic to basically get your teeth whitened or to get a free checkup. Chiropractors had been doing this. They're trying to get you in their office to help you consume for a free x ray or or adjustment or something like that. So this has been done all the time, so you've got to start paying attention to this. See how other people are using consumption funnels, and use these consumption funnels in your own business.

Speaker 2:     12:08       Having an amazing day. Again, thank you so much for listening. I can't thank you enough. I know there's a whole bunch of other podcasts you could be listening to. There's a lot of things you could be doing with your own time. If you're liking the content that I'm putting out right now, I would love it if you wouldn't mind going out. Go to itunes rate, review this. I read all the reviews. I appreciate those reviews. I appreciate the ratings. If there's things you want me to be talking about her or topics that I'm not hitting that you think I should hit for you, by all means, send me a personal message on facebook. Email made data, click funnels. I want this podcast to be something where I'm dropping massive value bombs to you that you can implement in your business on a regular basis. Have an amazing day and best of luck in your business.

Jun 11, 2018

Most entrepreneurs hate sharing the "Journey" They would rather only share when they have made it. Dave Woodward details why you MUST document the journey and why you have a moral obligation to do so. The massive disconnect that occurs when you don't will prevent you from being able to serve those you really want to help.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Why it’s so important to document your journey NOW (3:25)
  • Dave talks about his wife’s struggle a few years back (5:25)
  • The importance of letting people know about your kryptonite (15:15)

Quotable Moments:

"What people buy into is emotion and feeling."

"Time has this way of defusing and simplifying and also making you forget the pain."

"You are one step ahead of somebody."

"Facts tell, stories sell."

Other Tidbits:

A lot of people have a problem selling because they can’t connect emotionally with other people.  By documenting your story as it happens, people can feel your emotions, because they are real and in the moment.  When you tell your story after the fact, it’s harder to sell because you’ve already disconnected from those emotions.



Speaker 1:   00:00     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody, welcome back.

Speaker 2:   00:18     I'm super, super excited to have you back on. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you spend time listening to this recently. It's been a crazy, crazy time. A month of May here is just been busy as can be and I've had probably 12 different interviews I've had to reschedule or postpone or cancel just due to a conflict as they were coming, but it's given me the opportunity to really do a lot of own my own personal thoughts and things and I appreciate you spending time listening to these. I know this isn't the typical thing and hopefully you're getting the value out of this for my own personal thoughts that you get out of of somebody interviews and things, but what I want to dive into right now is this whole idea as far as the after version disconnect. This is a principle that happens to so many of us when we start going for whatever our dream is and especially when we're trying to teach people how to do that.

Speaker 2:   01:03     What happens for a lot of us is known. We got to this situation as far as, Gosh, I hear it all the time. I don't want to publish. You know, I'm just not good enough. Oh Man, I'm just not ready yet. I just don't know enough and oh my gosh, there's so many other people know more than I do, and so the what I see happen quite a bit as so often people aren't willing to document the process and they keep saying, well, when I get to x point, then I'll be able to provide the value that I needed to my followers, my listeners, whoever it might be, and it's then. Then I'll start. This is probably one of the biggest problems pc happened, especially in any of the information products, but we're also seeing a lot of it in the coaching side and buy a ton of it.

Speaker 2:   01:45     Also, as far as consulting and what happens here is too often you want to get to the point to where you're at the other side and then you want to provide the help and the value. The issue you run up against is what people buy into his emotion and feeling and you have this emotional disconnect because you can't remember exactly what it was like when you were there. Time has this way of kind of diffusing and simplifying it and also making you forget the pain. It's probably the whole reason why women have more than one kid. They just forget how painful it was.

Speaker 2:   02:21     I can tell you that I see this a lot in my own personal life and that is one of my own personal struggles is really becoming extremely vulnerable and telling people my deepest, darkest feelings and emotions and I'm trying to be more of this on facebook live and I'm really going to try here in the next day, next two to three months. For you guys to find out a lot of the vulnerable things about my past. That has gotten me to the point where it out, but what I want to do is make sure you understand why each and every single one of us needs to make sure that we're out there publishing on a regular basis, that you're out there and connecting with people. So often I run up against is, you know, once I get there, that's when I'll do it. The biggest problem I find with that is you have.

Speaker 2:   03:07     This is again, first of all, if you haven't bought expert secrets, by all means, go right now. Stop this podcast, open up a browser, go to expert and buy expert secrets. You need to understand the whole idea about the epiphany bridge and the hero's two journeys. This is why most of us have such a hard time selling is you can't relate. You cannot connect emotionally with those people who you really deep down inside you want to serve, and what happens is you need to first and foremost, you've got to start documenting the process and you got to start today. No matter where you are, what you'll find is that you are already. You're one step ahead of somebody, someone out there you're already one step ahead of and what you'll find is that right now there's others who are looking to you for you for help, and yet you're preventing.

Speaker 2:   03:57     You're not out there allowing. You're not allowing the universe to serve you by you serving others, so I highly recommend right away. Then you start publishing, whether that's on a podcast, whether it's on a facebook live, whether it's through a youtube videos, if you're a writer, whether it's through blogs or whatever it is, you've got to get to a point where you start publishing on a regular basis. It's going to do a ton of different things for you. First of all, it's going to allow you to get out your emotions and to document them so that when you go back, you'll, and that's why again, I liked the podcast or video or audio because you can then connect emotionally. You can feel the tension in your voice. You can feel the pain that you're going through and as you share those, those moments with people, that's the emotion that people buy a.

Speaker 2:   04:44     again, you've heard it a million times, stories sell and facts are facts tell and stories sell. The reason for this is because people connect emotionally with the story and I. I'm going to get real vulnerable here, not on this podcast, but I'm probably one or two in the future here where I'm going to get real vulnerable on exactly what I've gone through to get to where I'm at currently, but I want to kind of share with you a couple of other stories. One is of my dear wife, Oh, I love more than anything in this world. Those of you guys who know me real well, you'll hear me refer to my wife. Her name is Carrie, but to me she's princess and there was a time, it's, Gosh, this September will be five years and five years ago in September she was just wasn't feeling good and she was struggling.

Speaker 2:   05:39     She was, you have to say, my wife is a world class runner and she literally was an elite marathon runner, sub three hour marathon runner. In other words, she was able to run 26 miles in under three hours and because of that she got a lot of recognition and she was used to pushing through a lot of pain while in September, five years ago. She was in a situation where she just wasn't feeling good. She was tired. She just, she's like, I just cannot. I don't know if I'm just getting older. I'm now 40 and it's just hit me and I just can't. I don't know. I just can't do it. I don't know what's going on. Well, after about two weeks of this, it got to the point one day where she was teaching a spinning class and she literally couldn't continue the spinning class where she stopped spinning and just talk to Dr Students through it.

Speaker 2:   06:32     He's like, Dave, something's going on and it's just. I just, I don't know what it is. So she went into the doctor and they did an ekg and they said, holy cow, this ekg isn't. Something's wrong with it. She needed to go get this checked. So she took them to a cardiologist. They looked at it and said, yeah, you've, we need you to come in right away. And so literally within 48 hours, uh, they're doing another ekg, and at that point they said, you know what we're going in, and they basically said we needed to do an ECO car. We need to basically go in and find out what's really going on. In other words, basically did this whole Catholic thing where they ended up putting a blown through and everything else. What as they started going in and they found out she basically had had three heart attacks within the week and to make matters worse, her left anterior descending artery, which is known as the widowmaker was 100 percent closed, occluded.

Speaker 2:   07:31     And because of that she was in. That was why she was having all this pain. Well, as we've gone in and basically the doctor not knowing what the end result was going to be, the doctor said, listen, Mr Woodward, I need you to come over here. I want to talk to you about a couple of things. She goes, listen, I don't know exactly what's going on here, but this is going to be real quick procedure because you know what? I think she's just got a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress going on in your wife. Just needs to learn how to deal with the stress of what's going on in her life. And I said that, that's not my wife. She deals with a lot of stress. She understands what's going on and she's a runner and she goes, well, let me say this will be a quick procedure.

Speaker 2:   08:05     Well, it wasn't. It was literally two hours later he came out and he apologized. He said, Mr Woodward, I am so sorry. I had no idea what was going on and we're so grateful she's in here and we got this thing taken care of and at first she was like, I just don't want to share this with anybody. I'm sure almost kinda went through this whole embarrassment thing of like, Gosh, I'm in this world class athlete, what's going on? And, and I just, I don't want to even know about this. And so it was kind of kept our close friends knew, but that was about it. It wasn't something she wanted to tell everyone around the world about what was going on. And as time went on, time being about a week or two other people started reaching out to her and heard what had happened. And so she thought, you know, I've got to put a facebook post out so people understand that I'm okay and everything else.

Speaker 2:   08:52     So she wrote up this long facebook post about her experience, about what had happened, the emotion she had gone through the symptoms as a woman for a heart attack, heart disease, actually the number one killer of women. And the problem is that the symptoms are different. It's basically the symptoms that any busy mom or busy woman's going to go through fatigue. It's, it's just feeling like you just can't continue going on. It's not the, my left arm is going, none. It's not the pounding in my chest. And so because of that, a lot of these things go unnoticed. Well, she ended up doing this massive, huge, long facebook posts telling her exact story. What she went through the emotions because at that point it was still really pure, really raw, and then continue to, to post about every month or so after that, what happened was amazing to me.

Speaker 2:   09:47     So many people started reaching out, um, it because after she was able to get back and she started running again, she got the situation to where lily, we were. She was getting facebook personal messages from athletes around the world who are going through the same. Can you really run again? Is there really an opportunity? It, can I get back to where I was? Am I in a city? Is this the end of my career? Is this the end of my. And because of her experience and her being so raw and so pure and so open, so many people reached out to the point where she literally was connecting with athletes in, in Europe, in Asia, in South America, all around, literally around the world. And got to the point where the American heart association reached out to her and said, you know, we've heard your story and we want to know more.

Speaker 2:   10:37     So they started talking more about what she was doing and the fact that she was coming back and you have to understand my wife at that point, he had ran Boston marathon twice, she'd read the New York Marathon, all marathons that you have to qualify for, you've got to be extremely fast to get into these types of marathons. And the American Heart Association was sponsoring the Chicago Marathon and it's because of her post that they basically said, you know what, we want to fly you out. We want you to, we want to sponsor you to run to run the Chicago marathon because we want to show people that there's life after this heart attack. There's, you actually can come back. That was the most fascinating experience for me to see as she was out there running. It was a tough race for um, and it wasn't world record setting the like she was hoping to get to.

Speaker 2:   11:26     But the coolest thing for me was to see how many people were so touched by her coming back. And it was her journey back. And yes it was, it was extremely emotional. It was extremely painful for me as as a husband where I was sitting there, I may have lost my wife and and going through all the emotion of it. I look back and it's been five years, seems like an eternity ago because of so much so many things have happened, but I'm so grateful that she spent the time to record it, to document it because she literally is blessed the lives of so many other people because she went through that process of documenting her journey and her journey wasn't easy. It never ever is, and yet at the same time, because she went through that, she literally became a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She was able to to help others around the world to come back and to be that person.

Speaker 2:   12:18     Was she back to where she was and wanted to be back? As for our for world class times? No, and that's what I want to make sure you understand is as you go through the setbacks, as you go through the trials, you have to document these things because you are literally, I believe that you're given these experiences to. Bless the lives of other people. If you take a look at expert secrets and some of the stuff that Russell's put out recently, if you go back to marketing your car marketing, your car was all because of Russell being at one of his lowest points and yet at the same time over for, Gosh, I think we're 400, 500 episodes now. It's now become marketing secrets, but because of those podcasts, it is given so many other entrepreneurs hope so many other entrepreneurs. The opportunity that you know what?

Speaker 2:   13:06     I can come back, I can make it through this. I can. And it's important for you to understand that you're giving these, these trials, these struggles, everything else to be the blessing in the lives of other people. So I'd encourage you, no matter where you are right now, start documenting, start documenting whatever the process is for you and you'll find that you then will have the ability to connect more people. Uh, we have an epiphany script in on page one, 14 of expert secrets that goes through really helping people understand and document their story. So if you're already kind of beyond where you want it to be and you haven't documented past, I'd encourage you to go get a copy of expert secrets. Go to expert Get expert secrets. Look at page one, 14, and start answering those questions. As you answer those different questions, it's going to bring back the emotion.

Speaker 2:   13:56     It's going to bring back the feelings that you were going through and then start publishing those, publish those questions, publish those answers, and you'll find that as you do that, you're going to draw other people into you. I'm going to be doing this exact same thing in a future podcast here about exactly how that happens. Now realize that I hear a lot of people don't want to have. I just don't want. I don't want to be that vulnerable. I don't want people to. I just, I'm afraid to do that. Please understand that superman is the absolute worst superhero in the world. Until you know his, the impact that Kryptonite has on him prior to that Superman. He's got actually a vision. He can fly faster than speed balling. Jump over building the guy literally is invincible and being that invincible as a superhero. It's just not even.

Speaker 2:   14:48     It's not believable and it's not even. You don't even really like to cheer for this guy until you know that he has a weakness and the fact that his weakness is a rock and a rock from some distant planet. You're like, really? He's a rock is what basically can destroy this man. Understand every single one of us have our own Kryptonite and it's important that you let others know about your Kryptonite. For some that Kryptonite is your backstory. For some that Kryptonite is other things that you struggle with currently and presently that you're going through. I take a look at some of the people in our inner circle who are out there helping others go through divorce or or recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction or other things is because they went through that. It's because of their story that they're on the other side.

Speaker 2:   15:42     Realize that whatever it is that you have to offer people wherever you are in your journey, you need to get that documented because that journey is going to be a blessing in the lives of so many other people. So at this point I really encourage you guys, get a copy of expert secrets. Go to expert If you already have experts secrets, go to page one, 14 and start answering that. The epiphany questions. Go through those and then publish those, whether you do it through audio, whether you do it through video, whether you do it through a written text, but make sure that you get the emotion. Make sure that you connect emotionally with people. It's one of the things that Russell is probably one of the best at, is the ability to get that, to elicit that kind of emotion because he's out there being that vulnerable and that pure in that raw himself.

Speaker 2:   16:33     I wish I had that strength. It's one of the things I'm personally working on a ton and as I mentioned before in the next few episodes here, I'm. I'm going to go through the same thing. I'm basically asking you to do, I'm going to go through those nine different questions and I'm going to publish to you some of the things that make me extremely vulnerable and I hope that you'll take the time right now. Again, expert Get a copy if you already got it. Page one, 14. Have an amazing, amazing day. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to listen. I know there's a ton of podcasts out there. I know you're extremely busy. If you've got a few minutes and you wouldn't mind, I would love if you'd go over to itunes rate review this podcast. I read every, every review that's out there. If you want to reach out to me personally and tell me how I'm doing, I have greatly appreciated those as well. Just personal message me on facebook or email me David, click funnels. Again, I, I'm going through this process myself and as I'm trying to share this with you, I hope that I hope you're feeling what I'm going through and that most importantly that it's a blessing in your life and helping you get through whatever it is you're going to wish you all the success in the world. Have an amazing day.

May 23, 2018

Dave Woodward was at the ClickFunnels semi-annual partner meeting and totally screwed up. He was explaining a critical concept and without any context or backstory ended up losing the attention of his partners. Russell Brunson came in to save the day by providing the backstory and context. The context brought things back around and unified the group. As embarrassing as this was for Dave it was a great lesson. A lesson he wants to make sure others do not have to learn on their own.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The importance of the backstory and context (2:00)
  • The Rembrandt in the attic rule – how it applies to businesses (4:43)

Quotable Moments:

“I get super excited about things, and forget to give people the backstory.”


May 22, 2018

The Avengers movies are some of the most popular viewed videos on iTunes right now. Super hero movies are guaranteed blockbusters. Everyone wants to relate to being super human. Dave Woodward reveals how you can find out your super powers. How you can use your super powers to create a mass movement of people. He also cautions you to be careful of your own Kryptonite and how you can make sure to defeat the villains every time.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The use of swag (3:39)
  • Identifying your super power (5:30)
  • Identifying your kryptonyte (11:55)

Quotable Moments:

“Everyone relates to superheros.”

Other Tidbits:

It’s important to learn about yourself as you grow as a person and entrepreneur. Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses are the foundation of your growth.


May 17, 2018

Molly Bloom is known as the “Poker Princess” Dave Woodward had the opportunity of being with her in Phoenix at Genius X. Dave details the 9 secrets he learned from Molly as she discussed her rise and fall and rise again. Molly recently had a movie produced by Aaron Sorkin portraying her story based on her book, Molly’s Game.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The importance of “the experience” (2:20)
  • Taking risks (4:30)
  • Knowing your numbers (6:18)
  • Your blind spots (10:17)

Quotable Moments:

“In life, there is nothing more important than the relationships you have with others, and you have to spend the time to develop those relationships.”

Other Tidbits:

Find the time to be creative. Make time for “quiet time” when you can disconnect and really let your brain get creative and you will be surprised at how much problem solving you can get done.


May 15, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Sammy:

Sammy “Shoebox Moses” or SB Moses (for those in the know) has played music around the world with leading chart breaking musicians. He also has a gift for laying down the perfect track to connect with anyone. He is an award winning musician and DJ who uses funnels to teach others how to connect with music and to become a “party hero” or a record breaking artist. He reveals how musicians can use funnels to market their latest songs and build a list of raving fans. He shows how funnels can work for any business even a DJ…

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How Sammy got his nickname and what it has done for his business marketing (4:21)
  • Sammy walks you through his funnel (9:57)

Quotable Moments:

“The more you give, the more you really do get back in your life.”

“If you are going to do something at all, do it well.”


May 10, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Todd:

ClickFunnels Co-founder, Todd Dickerson reveals what it really takes to get into the 2 Comma Club ($1 million in a funnel) or into the 8 Figure Club ($10 Million in a funnel). We get this question all of the time. Where should I start? What does it really take to have record breaking success. Todd breaks it down to one simple thing everyone can master to get the success they want.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The simple answer to result in the success of scaling (2:53)
  • The three types of funnels and offers that have created the vast majority of funnels in our system (3:22)
  • The perfect webinar (3:45)

Quotable Moments:

“You need to create an offer with more value than you are actually charging.”


May 9, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Kolby:

Yahoo and other Fortune 500 companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to consult with him on exactly what he reveals in this episode. Kolby Kolibas details his “Digital Distribution” system for taking 1 video and creating 23 unique pieces of content for the 5 major social platforms.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The four pillars of business (8:28)
  • The three major things in life that can change our mindset (11:35)
  • Kolby walks us through a video and how he created 23 unique pieces of content (21:28)

Quotable Moments:

“It is your duty to share what you are going through right now.”

“The highest level of respect anybody can ever pay you is giving you a dollar for anything you give.”

Other Tidbits:

Everyone’s life story is unique. If your journey can help one single person, is it worth sharing?


May 8, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Colin:

Colin Wayne has built a $30 Million business in the last 21 months. The crazy part is he is selling Steel pieces of art for different niches. 98% of his business comes from his use of funnels.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Colin talks about how he scaled his business from 5,000 sq feet to over 100,000 sq ft in less than 24 months (16:00)
  • The importance of retargeting (26:23)

Other Tidbits:

You can make money in a very select niche market as long as your marketing is on point.


May 3, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Cowboy Ryan:

Cowboy Ryan reveals what it took to get on Shark Tank but more importantly how he sold his product to Daymond John after all 5 Sharks had said NO and the producer asked him to leave. He also talks about what he has learned working with Billionaire, Daymond John. He breaks everything down to the 1 secret he has learned and now implements everywhere he goes that is launching his new franchise. He also explains how to do all of it without any tech skills.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Cowboy Ryan talks about his journey on Shark Tank and what his end goal was (5:20)
  • The Value of friendship (10:58)
  • How Cowboy Ryan created his franchise (14:52)

Quotable Moments:

“The most valuable thing in business is friendship.”

“Your net worth is your network.”

Other Tidbits:

If your customers become your friends, the “know like and trust” is there. The foundation to a successful business is to become friends with the people you want to work with.


May 2, 2018

Myles Clifford and Dave Woodward were in Phoenix and had 7 different Uber drivers in 24 hours. The lessons they learned apply to all businesses. You can use them in your business and also see the other business lessons you run into every day.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Go through 7 lessons for Uber Drivers and apply it to your business.

Quotable Moments:

“If somebody insults you and your business, don’t go back and attack them – help them understand how they can use it correctly.”

“Understand the numbers in your business.”

Other Tidbits:

Knowing your business and the numbers in your business are very important to success. Utilize tools specifically designed for your industry to help.


May 1, 2018

ClickFunnels has had affiliate managers in the past but it was never a full time job. While your company is growing many people wear a lot of different hats. The key to growth is continuing to build and foster the relationships that got you where you are while simultaneously reaching out to create new ones. This has been one of the keys to our success, Russell calls it the Dream 100. Recently we found just the right person we could bring on to nurture and build relationships as a full time position. Join Dave and Miles as they detail what to look for in a relationship manager.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What a relationship manager can do for you and your business (5:50)
  • Dave gives an example of how marketing integration (8:14)

Quotable Moments:

“Long term growth comes from marketing integration partners.”

“How do you establish deeper relationships?”

Other Tidbits:

Culture is built on relationships and is the key to helping grow your business.


Apr 26, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to Sean:

Sean Briscombe learned as an Olympic diver for the US team the importance of modeling. As a “Dellionaire” he saw fortunes created and lost in a short period of time. He now uses his skills to help others understand the rule of 97 and the importance it plays in helping them fund their passions.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Tips to use their tax dollars legally to fund passion projects (17:13)
  • The Rule of 97 (18:00)
  • Examples of people who give back through their business in a meaningful way (20:45)
  • Ways to use ClickFunnels as a financial planner (23:00)

Quotable Moments:

“What I learned through that whole life of being an athlete at that level was how to model people.”

“You almost have to make a commitment first just to get enough courage just to take the first step.”

Other Tidbits:

Passion is so important in life. Utilizing tax laws to reinvest into things we are passionate about is a great way to give back to the community.


Apr 25, 2018

Why Dave Decided to talk to AJ:

AJ has ridden the entrepreneurial roller coaster through a couple of different industries. He found drop shipping in 2014 to be a saving grace to get him out of a terrible situation. Since then he has gone on to become one of ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Winners. He did it in less than 5 months. Now with a business having done over 1 million dollars he is faced with new challenges. He details what he is doing now and how he is scaling his high ticket sales. He shows how he turned what appeared to be a webinar gone bad into a 6 figure webinar with only 5 sales.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • AJ talks about building his A Team (8:15)
  • Tips on scaling your business (12:30)
  • Price points that work (15:18)
  • Tips on selling high tickets (23:52)

Quotable Moments:

“More money more problems.”

“As an entrepreneur you expect people to have the same drive and ambition as you do.”

“People respond to the price point positively, only if they like you.”

Other Tidbits:

If there is no emotional connection, they aren’t going to buy. You always have to give 100 percent, even if you only have one person on your webinar. Having different webinars for core products and high ticket products is important.


Apr 24, 2018

Dave Woodward details what he learned recently from a conversation with Russell Brunson about what Dave calls the “Marketing Trifecta” The first piece is the hook. This critical piece is frequently overlooked. Yet it can make up for a lot of other weaknesses in your marketing. Dave gives examples of great hooks and those that don’t work. As you implement the “trifecta” into your business you can go from startup to 6, 7 and even 8 figures if you get this done right.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business

  • The Marketing Trifecta’s components (1:00)
  • The Hook (4:43)

Quotable Moments:

“Sometimes, the hook is the journey – what you are going through.”

Other Tidbits:

Price doesn’t matter as long as you have the marketing trifecta correct. You can make a lot more money on the same product someone else has as long as it is done correctly.


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